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Acer Australia / PD113P Data Projector / unsaleable pd113p data projector

1 Australia Review updated:

Acer Australia and their wonderfully effective repair company
Highpoint Australia
Unit 7 & 8
145 Arthur st
NSW 2140 Australia

Why not stop by and say Hi from me!

Grab a cuppa and read all about my long painful saga detailing my worst experience of customer “service” I have experienced in 17 years of being a consumer:

19/4/2005 Acer PD113P Data projector Unit purchased from Officeworks Fyshwick for $999.00 on 19/4/2005.

12/5/2005 Unit failure #1 (powers up briefly then back to standby mode). Returned to Officeworks. Unit exchanged. Bulb exchanged.

4/4/2007 unit failure #2 (same problem). Returned to Officeworks. Officeworks staff advised to take to Acer repair centre. Unit taken directly to TechFlex, Fyshwick who sent the unit to Acer’s repair centre - Highpoint in Sydney.

16/4/2007 Contacted by Highpoint Sydney. Fax received advising bulb was blown out of warranty and requires replacement. I approved and paid for a new bulb for $231.34.

16/5/2007 After many phone calls to Highpoint and Acer Sydney and two visits to Acer Deakin the unit was returned to Highpoint Deakin for me to pick up. No phone calls received to advise of the whereabouts of my projector or that it had arrived. Repaired unit picked up from highpoint Deakin.

18/5/2007 Unit failure #3 with same problem. Returned to Highpoint Deakin. Sent to Highpoint Sydney. No contact from any highpoint or Acer store. Several calls to Acer support FINALLY got someone who knew what they were doing and sent it repaired overnight to me at Canberra.

1/6/2007 Repaired unit Received.

6/6/2007 Unit failure #4 (same problem).

7/6/2007 Sent email with ridiculous amount of problems to acer customer support.

9/6/2007 Email received from /Name removed/ (Highpoint Customer “Service”) offering me to send my projector back for a fourth time to have the same thing addressed (or not)... again. He reminded me of the warranty terms of my projector and also advised Acer were not interested in honoring their warranty to sell me a projector of merchantable quality and I should pursue the issue with the ACCC (Australian Consumer Complaints Commission) or send the unit back for them to have another go.

12/6/2007 I agreed to have the unit picked up to go back for another round.

14/6/2007 unit is picked up from my work address.

25/06/07 After no contact from Acer or highpoint 11 days after it was sent an email is sent to Acer Customer “service” asking for an update. Email received from Acer customer support saying the bulb is dead after only 36 hours use and they require authorization for a repair cost of $231.34. I replied advising I had already paid for one bulb which died again shortly after and was not paying a cent more and to return he unit as is. ACCC Complaint lodged online.

29/06/07 Email received from Patricia at ACCC Infocentre. No liaison with Acer since last email and projector is still in their possession.

10/07/07 email sent to highpoint asking where my projector is.
Email sent to ACCC asking if there is anything else they can do.
Email received from Patricia – ACCC Infocentre advising to contact ACT Fair Trading

11/07/07 email from /Name removed/– Highpoint advising it was sent via Couriers Please. Couriers Please online tracking for the parcel shows it was picked up from the Canberra Depot on the 26 Jun by Truc Linh & Anne Dam. Called couriers please and waited 20 mins to speak to an operator who advised it was a missed delivery. Driver will retry delivery tomorrow (12/7). email sent to ACT Fair Trading regarding the matter.

12/7/07 Call from Highpoint Sydney saying my projector had been returned to them by the courier. I advised the courier had never rang, left voicemail or a calling card of any sort. Highpoint will send it again to me. This contradicts what the operator at Courier’s Please advised yesterday that the driver had visited and would try again today.

13/7/07 Projector received via courier. LED Blue status light no longer even flashes when plugged in. Probably the simplest most non confusing example of a problem which is not SIMPLY A BLOWN BULB.

Total time with a non working projector = 93 days as @ 13/7/07... and climbing. I’m shopping for a new projector now... needless to say it definitely won’t be an Acer!!

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  • Mc
      12th of Jul, 2007
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    I agree with you about Couriers Please - they did EXACTLY the same thing to me.
    ACER I thought knew better - I am wrong.

  • Al
      17th of Jul, 2007
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    Hi Gordon,

    Your story sounds very similar to my repair on an ACER laptop which began on 4/6/07 and only finished today (18/7/07) when I went there to pick it up.

    I don't think ACER or Highpoint understand the meaning of customer service. I, like you, have documented the numerous attempts to contact them to find out the current status of the computer to be advised by the technical support line which generally takes over 20 minutes to get through to that they are not sure and will send an email down to the repair center to find out the status!

    Anyhow, just a quick note to let you know I feel you pain and agree that I will never choose ACER products again. Plus so far have advised all my colleagues of my story.

    One last gem though was when I tried to get the quote to repair. I was advised that it had been done and would fax to me. However as I like many other individuals in this world do not own a fax machine, I requested it to be emailed to me. This I was told was not able to be done!!

    Wake up ACER and Highpoint... you are a technology company not a steel foundry!

    Good luck with your endevours with ACER.


  • Mu
      20th of Jul, 2007
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    I had an issue with Highpoint. The harddrive in my Acer laptop failed under warranty, and it was sent it to Highpoint for replacement. The laptop came back with a working harddrive, and loaded with viruses! I couldn't believe it. My Acer laptop is failing again, and I'm loathe to take it back to Highpoint for servicing. The Highpoint woman at the front desk was so brisk and rude both times I met with her ~ she really shouldn't have been working at the front desk. I guess she may have been more polite to a person who had an expired warranty (and had to pay for service).

    Acer also provided me with a faulty system CD from the very beginning, and wanted me to "purchase" a new one. I'm not too happy with that ~ it's never worked properly. I've been quite happy with my Acer laptop, but terribly put-off by the service. I won't be in a hurry to purchase an Acer product again.

  • Ry
      30th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes

    Wow, out of the millions of unit's they have sold in Australia ranging from LCD TV's, Laptop's and Desktop computers... only 4 people who are unhappy about there service.

    Why don't you have a look at other major companies where the same issue will arise. GOOD LUCK WITH SERVICE THERE and hopefully since your shopping for a new Projector don't cheap out on your projector and buy one that costs only $999.

  • Bo
      1st of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    I had to have an Acer machine sent back to Highpoint Sydey. The Hard Drive and the Mainboard had to be replaced. Since I purchased my machine in Ireland the parts had to be shipped in from there. They were in within a week... you want to know why???

    I WAS NICE!!!

  • Jo
      2nd of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    I agree with Ryan and Bobby. Have you ever considered that the people you are talking to are real people. Also considering that you are speaking to real people who happen to be in CALL CENTER, not a REPAIR CENTER.

    Also at least they have a Call Center in Australia not offshore. Imagine calling Pakistan or India for a unit that was shipped to Taiwan to be repaired while your stuck in WA.

    Give the guys a chance, unless your a total idiot and want everything in the world.

    Bobby, love the comment mate.

  • Da
      2nd of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    I purchased a top of the range ACER laptop 7 months ago and the complaint above sounds so familiar. Highpoint have had it for warranty repairs for nearly 50% of the time over 2 occasions. And yes I have been nice about, understood that they are human beings and focused on the problem not the person. But the bottom line is that the service is crap to put it bluntly, and if people think that there are only now 5 people unhappy, then you may need a reality check because MOST people don't complain and statistics show that the real numbers are a considerable percentage of sales. But the bottom line for me is that I just want the laptop back in working order, but Highpoint won't even contact me!

  • Go
      5th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    "they" (obviously those lone 4 people who have been aced) have even helped create content for a website trying to highlight this single-celled "company" that shares the same consideration for consumers rights as many successful Nigerian scammers...

  • Ir
      21st of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    I would say lets burn it down... to the ground

    I wainting for my Acer Aspire 5920 (gemstone) for over 6 weeks now. This laptop is top range of acer laptops with geoforce 8600M GT and Santa rosa centrino chipset (dosnt get anny better under 2000$ US). I had issue with sound (the sound card most likely burned, because it is integrated the whole motherboard must be replaced).
    *First of all i had to send them a fax :)
    *then i bring it in (i heard that it is a great buy and its gonna be fixed within 3-5 days)
    *no call for week. when i called them they said that they trying to fix motherboard and there is no need to put new one
    *week after i rang again and heard that they failed to fix it and gonna order new one
    *after another week i get phone call that mother board have arrived and the commence repair now
    *next week i called them and heard that the order wrong motherboard (wtf are they ordering parts for first time in life)
    *week after i called them and heard that they wainting for new motherboard
    *after fev days i went to speak to them in person: I heard that they doing their best to resolve the problem but they are unable to locate spare parts (for laptop which is selling worldwide also in sydney and has been released not even year ago :)) Soo.... they said that they cannot resolve the problem and will suply me with new unit within next 2 weeks.
    *Right now im waiting for their call but i had already fill up aplication to court (we see what will happend :))

  • Go
      5th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    Regarding previous comments about "being nice" bringing favorable customer service in this saga...

    The reason these peons are still in business is that people like me DO give everyone the benefit of the doubt and exhaust all possible remedial avenues before raking up and complaining on boards like this.

    In this case I got burnt by a disreputable company with no customer care policy worthy of lining a budgie cage.

    As far as "not cheeping out" on a $1000 projector that no longer works after a year of ownership perhaps Mr Gates you should put one of your spare gold ingots through the screen of a similarly priced electronic appliance you're particularly fond of after one year of use.

    You will wind up with exactly what I now have - a great example of what "nice" customers get for buying from people who deserve to get some of their own. Luckily for the people who are responsible for these shady business practices their $100K Mercedes' don't use $1K lowest bidder brake components.

    And "..only 4 people unhappy out of millions of customers"..please Mr ENIAC... they're just four of the MANY that found this particular board and felt ripped off enough and compelled enough to warn others.

    Google for the many others that got just as aced I did... you may be surprised.

  • Pi
      9th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    Hard to believe Bobby and Ryan's comments here. Why are you defending indefensible service and shooting the messenger, guys? These people deserve to be exposed, dealt with and either cleaned up or put out of business. Not defended by people who allege that the poster wasn't 'Nice'. I can only guess that you work for the crooked firm in question.

  • Vi
      25th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I am very disappointed with the service of acer technical support. I sent my laptop to repair for same problems and still its there. this service people i tell you not suggest anything about the problems with computer. please acer people listen my request and contect me i just want my laptop working nice as i all have to do work with my laptop so its not easy to send you my laptop evey few months for one or two week. thank you

  • Ar
      4th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    ACER is a joke.. its a joke because they choose idiots like highpoint to take care of their crap... and highpoint is a whole load of crap so all that crap adds up to make everything very smelly... I took a laptop I purchased in Bangkok to highpoint it had a software error, and they managed to replace the hardrive ram, cpu, and every other hardware component.. then they sent me a lapotop without an operating system, and still not wroking back... after speaking to more than one idiot i decided to go into their head office... after some screaming yelling and talking to more idiots i managed to find a decent guy who understood my problem... he helped me solve it after 3 months... it took that long to fix a problem.. Its obvious highpoint does not work on SLAs and how sad is ACER ... to allow this... acer is the jaguar of the personal pc world... all bling and no ding...

  • Da
      19th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    Acer are sooooooooo bad, it takes them minimum of 7days to replay to emails, i've been trying to contact them but, has been down for days... WTF, how does a massive computer company, not know how to run a webpage.
    I opened my laptop earlier to upgrade the ram... The original brand used was the Biggest Piece of crap ever, some brand which is completely unheard off... Bottom Line: Pay the little bit extra to get an HP, or any other brand that doesnt say ACER on it...

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