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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved cd/dvd drive failures

Within 5 months I have experienced two complete CD/DVD drive read/write failures; one was supposed repaired and last for less than 2 months. I refuse to send it back for the second repair since on www.my3cents.com I found a fellow complainer who sent it back 3 times for the same problem. Sorry to mention your competitor but we are all in this to help I am sure you agree.

Hope this helps you and your readers.

I am a reasonable person but it looks like I may have to sue them for loss of income as I am small and my computer is my sole tool for my business. If you have readers who could help me with this process (without condoning my action on your part), I would appreciate it.

Best Regards,

Dean L. Ritchhart - Principal

Ritchhart & Associates

P.S. Keep up the good work. I am a retired auditor and I love to see some justice especially for those who can't defend themselves. As a footnote I do have all of the documentation to support my claim and request for a replacement (maybe a Dell... you think?) in the event that I choose to sue or can find others to join in a class action suit if the complaints keep growing.

I will never buy another acer product!

Purchased an Acer Aspire 5100 series laptop end of May 2007 from Simply Acer. Mid August lost CD/DVD drive...

unsaleable pd113p data projector

Acer Australia and their wonderfully effective repair company Highpoint Australia Unit 7 & 8 145 Arthur...

problems during the work, poor after sales service!

I want to state u that my cousin has gifted me a acer notebook and he have purchased it from malaysia near about 2 months have passed for this note book, but when i start using it, it shows some sort of problem n automatically their is blue screen displayed in it when some program is running on, but i m 4rm India n i want to make it repair the problem is due to hard disk in it and it is still under international travelers warranty.

I have all the documents except the bill that have been misplaced some where else. Had the service center's r not accepting my notebook due to this reason only, but i have bought a genuine product from Acer and might be if the bill is not their Acer have all the data bases in our computer and Acer can view it so, why all this going on i trusted with Acer product on Acer company is not accepting my notebook without BILL.

  • Te
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Ga
    Gail Waligora Aug 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been waiting for days for reimbursement of funds taken out of my bank account for this so-called ID THEFT program. I f it was ordered, itwas totally by mistake. I would appreciate this matter be taken care of asap.

    Thank you

    Gail Waligora

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repair problems

I am writing to complain about Acer America . I purchased this laptop from Tiger Direct 3 months ago and as you can see from the following letters what it took to get the machine fixed. It is finally working. Yesterday, March 8th, I received a call from Mark at Acer in Texas (he was not rude at least) telling me that they simple could not reimburse me for all the out of pocket expenses I have incurred because of this lemon???. However they have just NOW located my original hard drive (admitting that the one they sent to me was NOT mine) and would I like any data retrieved from it? Just about 2 months too late. Already lost one client and paid to get data retrieved from my business 1400 miles away.

I have still never heard a word from Acer Headquarters or Tiger Direct regarding any of this.

They are still not offering to reimburse me for all the cash I had to spend to get this thing fixed.

Any suggestions on how I can get this spread around the world so that others do not buy Acer products and get into a problem like this?

February 8, 2007

Acer America
2641 Orchard Parkway
San Jose, CA 95134

Attn: Customer Service

Re: SR 1-2NL4IP
S/N: LXAB10J005629039062500

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to express my great dismay at the service that I have been provided (or not) by your company. I purchased my Acer from Tiger Direct on December 11, 2006. I loaded all my business programs and my client data onto the machine and took my business off to Florida for four months. Upon arrival, I opened my machine and readied myself to make an image backup of the drive (standard monthly procedure for me). The machine opened windows. I walked away to retrieve my True Image software and when I returned the machine had frozen. I waited a respectable amount of time to see if it would recover itself then shut it down manually. When I tried to reboot it just cycled the hard drive again and again. Even the Acer recover disk that I made at initial setup did not boot.

I called repair. The technician was sympathetic and helpful, explained my options as to the hard drive with the data on it and read me an agreement (copy enclosed) which he had me disagree to. The disagreement, he informed me, would mean that I wanted to recover the data ion the hard drive and that if the problem was in fact a faulty drive I would be shipped back my old drive, which I would then take to a local person to have the data recovered. Okay, I unhappily packed, insured and shipped the laptop to Texas for the warranty repair. I was worried but he had assured me that I probably could get this accomplished. Bad hard drives do happen and Acer is a reputable company.

Now, it got a bit ugly. The machine returned almost 2 weeks later with a new blank hard drive in it. No old hard drive was in the box. I called immediately and held for another 20 minutes. Then I was put on hold by Sherman for 10-20 minutes while he “found” the tech who had worked on my machine and located my hard drive. He came back on the line and said he was having trouble “finding” the tech and would call me back in 10 minutes. He never called. I waited an hour and called back. I talked to Dusty. He said quickly that “Oh yes, of course they had located my hard drive”. I was a bit irritated by this time and he Dusty was mocking and rude telling me it was NOT Acer policy…I had been given bad information…not HIS fault…he didn’t HAVE to send the drive, the agreement I declined was NOT as stated, and just for my guru was actually pronounced Gooru, etc. etc. Lovely attitude.

I gave him my credit card number and he assured me the drive would be delivered on Monday or Tuesday morning at the latest. The new drive finally arrived about 1:00 on Wednesday. I opened the box and looked at the package. Right away I noticed the package had a different SR number on it…NOT MY SR number. But I took it to my computer tech anyway. When we took the drive out of the bag we noticed that the drive itself says “Certified Repaired HDD”. Well now, either this if NOT my original hard drive…or Acer sold me a brand new machine with a certified hard drive in it. The tech is very suspicious and shocked at Acer. We of course tried to find data on the drive but, not surprisingly, the drive was completely empty.

I purchased an Acer because of the companies reputation. Acer was supposedly one of the best. I am extremely unhappy at this point and very disappointed in Acer. I have lost weeks of client work due to the brand new machine’s malfunction and quite possible lost one client. I have paid my local tech and I paid postage on the original repair shipment (copies enclosed). I feel that the least Acer could do would be to refund these expenses that I had to incur from the failure of this brand new system. I will be expecting a reply to this complaint.

Bethany B. Bomar

Bethany B. Bomar
60 Englewood Heights Road
Englewood, FL 34223

cc: Acer America Repairs
Tiger Direct Customer Service

Letter #2

February 25, 2007

Acer America
2641 Orchard Parkway
San Jose, CA 95134

Attn: Customer Service

Re: SR 1-2NL4IP
S/N: LXAB10J005629039062500

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to yet another letter concerning the problems with my Acer laptop. I am attaching a copy of my February 8, 2007 letter which explains the problems that occurred with my brand new laptop. Since that time, I have had more problems. I went through another week of trying to retrieve my work documents from my company 1400 miles away so that I could get back to work. However, my brand new refurbished laptop simply would not run properly. It was slow and sounded like a croaking toad when I opened it. I called in my local computer tech once again. He spent time running some more tests and found that the memory was bad. HE contacted Acer (and was treated quite efficiently) and procured some new memory for the machine. He then spent more time and got me up and running.

I purchased an Acer because of the company’s reputation. Acer was supposedly one of the best. I am extremely unhappy at this point and very disappointed in Acer. I have lost weeks of client work due to the brand new machine’s malfunction and quite possibly lost one client. I have paid my local tech more and I paid postage on the original repair shipment and am enclosing copies of all my receipts.

Original hard drive return shipping 30.12
Englewood Technology #2647 60.00
Englewood Technology #2696 80.00

In light of all that has happened to me with this brand new Acer Inspire laptop I feel that Acer should at least offer to refund me the costs I have incurred in trying to repair this machine. I will be expecting a reply to this complaint.


Bethany B. Bomar

Bethany B. Bomar
60 Englewood Heights Road
Englewood, FL 34223
cc: Acer America Repairs
Tiger Direct Customer Service

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problems with my acer laptop

To the manager of Acer,

I’m writing this letter to make a formal complaint about a business named Lake Macquarie Computer Services work on my acer Aspire 3630 on 15th to 22nd November 2006 to debug a virus which I thought was a small problem. My father took my laptop which he bought for me from Retravision Belmont which he purchased on 2nd August 2006 to Lake Macquarie Computer Services to get the virus out of the laptop while I was interstate working. This Lake Macquarie computer services roger, had my acer laptop for 7 days to fix this problem which I thought should only take 2 days at the most to fix.

When I received my laptop it seemed to be in good working order as I don’t use my laptop to do much work on It seem to be o.k. but as time went on, I’m spending a lot more time on my laptop its seems to be very slow and noisy making shutting noises from keyboard and disc drive seems to open up all the time automatically.

So I decided to look at the systems hardware and found that I only have 256mb ram which I thought I should have 512 mb ram. I’m not sure what is missing and what I should have on this system. I believe the work done by this computer consultant is effectively ruining the reputation of acer by leaving my laptop in this working condition. It makes you wonder how many computers that are left in this condition. Being a professional outfit, do you think you could take the appropriate action in relation to this matter. I would greatly appreciate if we could fix this problem.

Yours sincerely,

Belinda McCann
Contact information:
My home phone: [protected]
Mobile no: [protected]

  • Sh
    shivakumar Oct 25, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have purchased a new laptop and I need to register it... so I needed some guidance...

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  • Su
    suetl16 Apr 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have only had my laptop for a few months and one of the keys sticks(u) which is in my address and I cannot log on.

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  • Lb
    lbhoolai Apr 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Bought an Acer Aspire one yr and a month ago and the screen went out. I called their support line and they wouldn't fix the computer because it was technically one month out of warranty. So on their website they have that they will fix 1 issue for $99.00. So when i asked them about that they said that only applies to questions asked on software. When it clearly states software and hardware on the page. Who would pay $99.00 to ask a question? If your Screen in not working, you know it's broken. You don't need to ask a question about it. I have had nothing but problems with Acer. A one year old laptop should not need a new screen already and Acer should be willing to remedy that. It makes them and their product look bad. I will be posting this everywhere i can to get attention. And I'll never, ever by another Acer product. Buyer beware!!!

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  • Nj
    N.JANARDHANAN Sep 09, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    No.3B, Kavery Street,
    Leelanagar, East Tambaram, Chennai - 59

    I have purchased a ACER Aspire Laptop in the name of C.R.RAJASEHARAN from BIGG IT, a group of IT SHOPPEE PRIVATE LTD, Kumbakonam with the invoice no.933/09/10, date on 20.08.2010 for the amount of Rs.31000/- . Along with that ACER CARRY CASE was also given to me. After purchasing with in a month the problem raised in the key board of the Laptop and it was replaced by the Manager of BIGGIT, Kumbakonam.
    Original CARRY Case was taken by the BIGGIT persons and duplicate one was given to me. Few days after it become just like as Soriasis Skin and very ugly. In the mean wile my family is shifted to Chennai in the month of January 2011. I wanted for replacement, i went to BIGGIT, Kumbakonam but there was no BIGGIT shop. It was vecated from there. Then i caleed the Manager in the mobile number which was given in the bill. But the mobile numbers are also not working. At that time the Carry Case was in the Warranty period. So now i am sending my complaint regarding the defective Carry Case and it has to be replaced.
    So kindly arrange me immediately to replace the Carry Case and give me original one. Your authorised delar deceived me and has given me mental agony. Otherwise i have to go for litigation against BIGGIT and you also. Avoid my legal proceedings.
    My mobile No. is 9445627663.

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irresponsible behavior since last 10 months!

Today i am completed to lodge a complaint against the acer staff in Australia for not responding to my problem responsibly since i bought Acer 3627 in march 2006 from office work in Townsville. Within two months, i bought into notice the problem with my laptop to the customer care service staff of acer in Brisbane. i told them that there is some heating problem with my laptop and it is shutting down by itself because of which i lost lot of unsaved valuable data many times. i asked for the refund of my 1299 $ or a change of laptop. They advised me to deposit my laptop to some local computer repairing centre in Townsville. Even ofice works members did not replied to my problem with responsibility. They told me that they are not concerned with the defects in laptop. It is company who is responsible for it.

The local repairing centre returned my laptop in about 15 days during which i suffered a lot (being a university student, i do most of my work on laptop). I thought that mine problem has been solved but with in a month the problem again reappeared. i again called the Acer customer care service staff and they gave me the address of some other repairing centre in Townsville. But after keeping my laptop for about a week, they told me that there is no problem with laptop. This shows what kind of service acer is giving to customers. when that problem aggravated, i called brisbane office again and they asked me to send my laptop to brisbane repair centre. i did the same and they returned my laptop in a week. initially for a month it worked normally but now since last wo days, it is shutting down again. and i am now completely frustrated with the acer and acer services. i have spent 1299 $ but all in vain. i have never seen such a irresponsible behavior with any other company before. I suppose, Acer is selling defected pieces on the name of warranty. Once warranty is over, its customer who has to suffer. Acer got 1299 $ for 0 $ product. How smart are acer management people?

Gaurav Singhal

  • Sa
    Salin Kumar Oct 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I aply online for education loan in S.B.I My form has been accepted because I fullfil all condintions but when I contact with banks maneger & fild officer for loan they do not give me loan.They says we will give loan that person whose, s they like I belong from a VPL family . My family is not able to submit my nest semester college fee of B. Tech. & my study will stop due to this .Now I am helpless Please kindly take a necessary action. I will very thankfull for this kind ... .SALIN KUMAR ... .FATHER SH. PIRTHY SINGH .B.TECH. 1st YEAR(TEXTILE CHEMISTRY) COLLEGE= THE TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF TEXTILE & SCIENCES BHIWANI, HARYANA

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failure to honor warranty

Bought an Acer model Aspire 9500 laptop PC fully loaded for more than $1950.00USD in March of 2006. Came with 1 year warranty.

With better than 50% battery the unit died while I was using it on a recent plane flight, I had an isle seat, no one in seat next to me, unit was being used as per the Acer intended use instructions. Sent the laptop to repair facility. Received voice message on cell today by Acer 12/21/2006 that a gooey substance was found inside and I must pay $449.00USD for repair by tomorrow or else.

After many attempts and failures to reach Acer tech repair by phone, (their phone system is a real wonder), I had to call the selling dealer to report the complaint.

Finally Acer called and insisted I pay or else. I made 1 statement: "There was no gooey substance around when the unit failed." and 1 question: "Was there an engineer or something tangible Acer had that proved said gooey substance caused the failure and that this same unidentified substance they found got into the damaged unit before the failure?". This proved too much for the Acer rep. I was placed on hold for 10 minutes, presumably for them to get an answer to my question, but was promptly disconnected after the 10 minutes. Later today Acer calls once again demands money or else all the while completely oblivious to their earlier conversation with me, my response was they fix my laptop as their warranty requires.

Thank you,
Russell Divvens

  • Aa
    Aaron Washburn Apr 19, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought an Acer Aspire 5000 in February 2006 and the unit kept shutting down, even when plugged in. I have sent the computer back FIVE TIMES since, with the same "customer service" problems. It cost me $63.00 to sent it once.

    The first three times Acer sent it back and said no problem could be found. The fourth time it came back with a new screen and no explanation. The fifth time it came back with a battery and charger, still no explanation. Needless to say the unit still doesn't work.

    Now Acer tells me they won't fix it! I told them the unit was never repaired in the first place. No Answer.
    I am sick and tired of the run-around, should I seek legal action, or what? I'm already out $1263.00, I think I've spent enough on a defective computer. Don't buy an ACER.

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  • Sh
    SHAH JAHAN May 19, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought acer 3260 since jan 2007 and its hard disk got bad sectors on it. I send the unit to mdi for replacement. Now they have replaced it with other hard disk which has less capacity and also they have not loaded the software fully. Most software is missing. Moreover the have very bad telephonic contact no body can contact with mdi. Thousands of time i try to call them but failed. So it is strongly recommended that contract with mdi may be cancelled and they may be warned for this attitude. My code no with acer was (1875419s) during complaint process and phone no of mdi is (0030210-4804500). Moreover i visited three time to mdi to know about my unit and every time i lost 50 euro thus i lost 150.00 euro. In future we will not buy any acer product

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  • Lo
    Louise Deagle Nov 11, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought 2 acer laptops in Sept/06, both of which are crap. The mouse pad and keys quit working, one went on fire. I had also bought a 2 year extended warranty which is a big waste of money, because nothing seems to be covered.

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line in the middle of the screen!

I bought an aspire 9500 from circuit city for $840 with tax in march of this year. I has worked fine for what I paid for it. Until recently that is. I am now getting a line down the middle of the screen. When I called acer they said to send it in and it take 10 days for the repair. No loaners no nothing. I repair dells, gateways, Toshiba for a living and never had to repair an acer, now I know why. Only their desktops are techs allowed to go on site. They will not allow anyone outside the company to become certified or repair their laptops but they will for their desktops. So until it gets really bad I am dealing with it. Have the time I don't see it anyway.

acer wheres my faulty monitor

After much stress over many months now i am still yet to receive a replacement on my acer 19" widescreen monitor.

To cut an increasingly long story short, after a few weeks of using my new Acer monitor it failed to switch on. I gave Acer uk support a phone call, and after trying all things requested during the phone conversation the monitor was booked in for return to repair center.

Once the monitor was collected i was told that acer would call me after they had inspected the fault and then issue me with a new unit.

After 3-4 weeks still no call,i decided to phone them.

After waiting 20 minutes on the phone i finally managed to speak to someone human,they informed me that there was no monitor from me booked in for repair/replacement,as i was asking them who i could contact because there must be some mistake the phone line went dead.

I tryed calling back but was again left frustrated.

Then i decided to email Acer uk and was informed that they would be sending me a replacement as soon as they could find the monitor in there warehouse,and did i remember the courier who collected my unit......
All this from a company who took my monitor,lost my monitor,and 12 emails and 3 phone calls later have not replaced it.
It has been many months now that i have been working on an old 15 crt.......Thanks Acer.

I have decided to register my frustrations with the BBC Watchdog programme and i would advise any other unhappy Acer customer to do likewise.

I will also be taking this matter up with the county court this week.

Never have i had so much trouble before with a company when replacing faulty units,

I would advise anyone to be very careful when purchasing anything from Acer and it`s clueless customer serviceless.

surely the worst

I think the attached letter to Acer explains in detail of my concerns, disappointment and frustration in...