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Acai Burn / ripped off

1 United States Review updated:

This is a complete rip off. the trial offer is not free. you place your order through their website and all you have to pay is a minimal amount for postage and handling of $us4.95. the trick is that the fee is in us currency to be posted in the us not international. the order confirmation they sent me via email shows the following:
Summary of today’s charges:
Item description price quantity subtotal
Acaiburn capsules free 1 free
Free trial 30-day supply
subtotal $0.00
shipping & handling $24.95
priority upsell $0.00
grand total $24.95
Your shipment is estimated to arrive within 4-7 business days.
The capsules are not free!!!
Nz$59.95 has been deducted from my visa account. when I queried this I got this response on 23 february:
I would like to explain why we have charged you $ 24.95 for the shipping charges:
you have been charged $ 4.95 for the original shipping charges and $ 20.00 additional for the international shipping charges since you are in new zealand
I would like to inform you that we ship international shipments via best shipping order to secure your shipment and our acai berry pills we charge an extra $ 20 for international orders. I hope you can understand.
I queried this further and have been told that due to currency conversion the shipping and handling fee is nz$59.95 and that:
we ship one months supply but we offer 14 days to try our acai pills and after that if you wish to continue with the pills after your free trial period gets over then you get charged $ 59.95 for the one months supply.

We shipped one month supply with the 14 days free trial period if you decide to keep the acai pills after free trial gets over then you will be charged $ 59.95 for that.
Most people I know usually cant be bothered returning capsules once they have received them.
This is a scam, buyer beware!!
I placed my order on february 15 2008 and still haven't received these yet, today is march 3 2008!!


You have been removed from the autoship program and you will not be receiving any further shipments. as per the terms and conditions you agreed to before placing your order, your card will be charged the discounted rate of $59.95 for the full month’s supply of amazing pills after the completion of trial period.

You will not be charged the $59.95 for the free trial if we receive the package back before the 14 days trial period is over. if the package arrives after that, then you will still be refunded.

Please return the portions of pills you wish to be refunded for to:

Acai burn
Po box 10233
Des moines, ia 50381

Please send package back either ups, fedex, or if you prefer to ship via usps, please ask for "delivery confirmation". you will be provided with a tracking code - it is very important so please keep this tracking code.

Refunds are processed every two weeks; you will receive an email from us immediately after we have refunded you. please include correspondence in the package with your reason for return and write your rma (return merchandize authorization) number clearly on the outside of the package so that we can identify it as yours, which is: [protected]

What we have charged you is $24.95 only for shipping and handling in usd and shipping and handling charges are non refundable.

I can tell you that although it may not be for everyone, acai burn amazing capsules personally helped me to lose weight and gave me an incredible rush of new life. I hate to see you go but I do understand how difficult losing weight can be. i'd like to thank you for giving it an honest effort.

Have I addressed all of your concerns or is there something else that I can help you with today?


Acaiburn support team

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  • Hr
      2nd of Apr, 2009
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    This company has been taking money out off my account since Dec 08. I have only recieved the free trail. Nothing else. Now I am fighting with my credit card company to get all the payments they took out off me back.

    Beware Do Not touch this company. Apart from e-mails I was not given any contact details account number phone number Nothing!!!
    so contacting them is HARD.

  • Nl
      13th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I was also had by the too-good-to-be-true "Free" trial offer, only to find that unless I return the bottle within 14 days I'll be charged $58.76! They rubbed it in my face that I "agreed to these terms and conditions" although even their website clearly says "you pay only a small shipping fee" for a 30 day supply. SCAMMERS! The customer service people were rude and could care less who they work for. Now I not only don't get to try the product, but have to waste my $1.95 and time sending it back! And...the customer service rep told me that even though it's only been a week since I ordered it, he shows they already have two future payments set up for my debit account for the end of July and beginning of August. Talk about counting their chickens... horrible! I'm sending it back and will just continue with my 6-day 45 minute workouts thank you!

  • Ma
      29th of Jul, 2009
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    Below is a conversation I had with the company, as you can tell they have generic answers . I hope you have not lost money and time like me!
    29 July 2009

    Please wait for a site operator to respond.

    You are now chatting with 'Pam'

    Pam: Thank you for chatting with AcaiBurn. May I know, whom am I chatting with?

    you: carol

    you: i want to cancel my membership

    Pam: Could you please provide me your email address and phone number, you used to order our product. So that, I can pull up your details?

    Pam: Please wait for few moments, while I locate your transaction.

    Pam: You have been removed from the auto ship program and you will not be receiving any further shipments. As per the Terms and Conditions you agreed to before placing your order, your card will be charged the discounted rate of $58.76 for the first shipment of the amazing acai burn product after the completion of the trial period.

    Pam: Your cancellation # is

    Pam: 302222

    you: I have not recieved your product and therefore I have not had a trial perod.

    Pam: Your Trial package has already been shipped and you will receive it soon, it is on the way.

    you: How long is it meant to take? Your website said 2-3 days

    Pam: Orders placed in the United States will ship immediately and arrive in only 4-7 business days. International orders may take 1-3 weeks, depending how far the package has to go.

    Pam: It takes time of 12-18 business days to New Zealand.

    you: Right ok, and what guarantee do I have that I will recieve the product? What company are you using to deliver the goods?

    Pam: We have shipped via Australian Post.

    Pam: And you will be receiving the Acai burn pills.

    you: Would you mind providing the exact name of the delivery service as there is no such service called Australian Post.

    Pam: It is shipped via Australia Post.

    you: could I have the tracking number so that I can know when to expect the product?

    Pam: I apologize for the inconvenience, but we have not yet received updated tracking from the shipping company. We expect to have it shortly, and as soon as we do you will be sent your unique tracking code promptly.

    you: The original tracking code is what I would like. No need for an updated tracking code as it does not change.

    Pam: Your package has already been shipped to you and you will receive it with in few business days. But tracking number for your package not updated yet, you can contact us after 2-3 days to get your tracking number.

    Pam: It was shipped on July 14, 2009.

    you: whatt do you mean - you can contact us after 2-3 days to get your tracking number?

    Pam: Exactly, you can contact us after 2-3 days to get your tracking number.

    Pam: Ship to Address1 :

    Pam: Suite/Box # :

    Pam: City :

    Pam: Province : South Island

    Pam: Country : NZ

    Pam: Postal :

    you: Why 2-3 days? Why not now?

    Pam: You will receive the Trial package at the above shipping address.

    Pam: We have no Tracking number updated here now.

    you: just give me the original tracking number

    Pam: We don't have original tracking number updated as well.

    you: why not?

    Pam: I would like to inform you that this tracking number is a first class shipping and they do not give detailed tracking.

    Pam: We would like to request you to please have patience you will definitely receive it within 2-3 days

    you: ok Thank you. In regards to the canellation number you gave me, do I need to do anything with that or is that number confirmation that my membership is cancelled?

    Pam: Your order has been canceled and you will not be receiving the further shipments except the Trial package which is on its way.

    Pam: The cancellation number is just for the reference.

    Pam: I hope I was of assistance to you. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

    you: ok great

    you: In regards to the $58.76 I did not agree to this. I agreed to pay $4.95 for the postage for the "free trial"

    Pam: You will get the Trial period of 14 days and if you decided to keep the pills, then you will be charged $58.76 after the completion of 14 days, if not you can return it.

    Pam: Your two week trial period doesn't start until AFTER you have received your package in the mail.

    Pam: After receving the Trial package, If you don't wish to continue, you can return the unused pills and You will not be charged the $58.76 for the free trial if we receive the package back before the 14 days trial period is over. If the package arrives after that, then you will still be refunded.

    you: Why are you sending them to me if I did not agree to buying them?

    you: I ONLY agreed to the free trial @ $4.95

    you: Hello?

    Pam: It was clearly stated on our terms and conditions that you agreed to prior to ordering on page 3 (order confirmation page) that you will be charged $58.76 after the 14 days.

    Pam: You can return the package after getting the Trial package and You will not be charged the $58.76 for the free trial if we receive the package back before the 14 days trial period is over. If the package arrives after that, then you will still be refunded.

  • Dy
      27th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Healthmember-888-779-5303 just ripped me off for an unauthorized electronic debit from my bank account. Acaiburn did refund me 58.76 it was billed to my credit card but they charged me a 2% transaction fee of $1.18. The product was not worth it, it had additives that just didnt need to be added, terrible product! You have to beware, if any of these are outsourced out of the United States, there is a fee charged to your credit card and you don't know this till it hits your account. I tried the products for 2 days when I got my statement with all of these charges I called and canceled before my14 days were up, and there was no mention about the "Healthmember" found that out 2 mo later when the charge came through my bank account unexpectedly. It cost me $ 7.14. I called them from a number attached to the charge on the account. They didn't have my phone number correct, they didn't want to remove it right away! They had to fill out new paperwork due to my complaint. We'll see if I get it back. Others on the internet are stating that it was a non-refundable fee! I will contact the state generals office, and anyone else, along with blogs and complaints all over the internet!!! Times are hard, we don't need to get duped by these worthless companies!!!

  • Ju
      27th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hi there

    I agree that this is all a scam.I place my order and got the shock of my life when I got my visa statement that I was charged $34.95 for the acai and colon was $9.00.What happen to free trial and shipment of $4.95.It make me very angry.I would not recommend it to anyone.

  • Fu
      4th of Sep, 2009
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  • Mi
      17th of Nov, 2009
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    The company gives you 13 days to return the bogus product with a "False 30 Day Free Trial" promotion. I received the product on the 6th and returned it and they received it on the 14th and the still billed me $87.62 on the 16th. BOTTOM LINE: WORTHLESS AND DANGEROUS PRODUCT AND BOGUS COMPANY AND PROMOTION. FALSE ADVERTISING AND A DESIRE TO TAKE YOUR MONEY HERE !!!

  • Je
      18th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    they did the same thing to me

  • Jo
      8th of Jun, 2010
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    I also made the mistake of thinking that I would only pay the 4 dollars for the free trial and ended up seeing this website just a few hours after I ordered. I canceled my credit card I immediately jumped on the phone and told them I wanted to cancel, and they told me they would. A few days later, however, I still got the free trial in the mail. I immediately called and asked them if the bottle was mine to keep and everything was done or what. Some lady I spoke to said the free trial was just that, a free trial. So I hung up and was about to open the bottle when I looked at the website I ordered it from again. It said that if you didn't want to be charged more money, you had to send the bottle back within 14 days! That [censor] lied to me! I was so angry that I called right back to the company and told the guy who answered to give it to me straight and not lie to me about anything! I was so angry that I swore at him too. He told me to send the bottle back or I'd be charged the $58 dollars and more. He ended up being a really nice guy and helped me out completely, he even told me about the other 2 charges for the book or whatever that I didn't even know I was signed up for. So I called two other numbers after thanking him profusely and got them canceled as well. I'm just glad I got out of this mess and only lost the 4 dollars of the shipping and handling.
    My advice to anyone who is getting the run around is to get angry. Don't let them pull anything over on you. Or tell them you canceled your credit card and they won't get any money from you anyway. Good luck to everyone who is trying to get out of this terrible mess.

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