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Acai Burn / fraudulent credit charges

1 Albany, NY, United States Review updated:

We made the mistake of ordering four (4) supplements online related to acai berry ffor "free trial offers", "just pay shipping". should have been 2 charges for $3.95, another for $4.95 & a last for $5.95. roughly $19 bucks plus tax for free trial's. all this started 8/10/09. to date our debit card has been hit with $525 worth of charges from the following companies:
Ph. no. found yet... jvr-supplements
[protected] golden health
[protected] wellbhealth
[protected] esupplimentstores
[protected] easystores
[protected] ultimatehealth
[protected] onv/acaiburn
Plus bank overdraft / return fees of $38.50 each for 12 valid purchases that didn't clear because of these unauthorized charges ($462).
We're looking at just under $1, 000 in unauthorized charges & fees from this $19 free sample!!!
The "samples" are sent in some cases from china with no invoice or packing slip to give you a clue as to how to return them.
The bank so far has been working with us to reverse some of the charges, but these unexpected deductions have caused household bills to be in delayed in payment.
The phone #s were almost all voice mails & the hoops you need to jump thru to get return addresses is just crazy.
In a poorly written email reply we're being told you can only return the unused portion within 15 days of purchase (not receipt) and then you pay shipping, and a 20% re-stocking fee!

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  • Oo
      2nd of Oct, 2009
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    Looks like a big scam. I have been charged 4 times and for the same product with different names. GoldenHealth 978-842-4112, Dietpureburn 505-516-0072, Ultra-Tablets 575-267-2586. Also, two more charges intitally from PerfectHealthSup 303-325-3521 for shipping and handling. I have taken this matter with the local police and FBI.

  • Le
      2nd of Oct, 2009
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    I agree - This ACAIBURN IS A SCAM. These are the charges on my account. Phoned the toll-free number from the UK in this thread and I held on for such a long time.
    The answer message was an American voice. I am scared I have been charged for this call as well - who can trust these people. Went to this website and phoned the toll free number for the UK. Got through finally. He gave me a cancellation number and said no more money would be taken from my account.

    19Aug 24Aug 10252936 HEALTHMEMBER 888-779-5303 CYP 4.46
    19Aug 24Aug 10253578 VH ACCESS 888-332-2707 CYP 2.02
    23Aug 25Aug 10011785 NUTRITIONALSUPP 888-433-4416 CYP 36.84
    17Sep 21Sep 10109482 ezykit 8664371621 CYP 4.43
    17Sep 21Sep 10125385 elitepack 8663962729 CYP 1.87
    21Sep 23Sep 10105687 wellbhealth 8667967336 CYP 36.67

    I have contacted my bank to put a dispute through. I also told the company to change the webpage where you order the 15 day trial to make it more clear so as not to mislead people in future.

    Lee-Anne From Lancaster UK.

  • Fl
      20th of Sep, 2009
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    I too received fraudulent charges from this company. I noticed a pending charge of $79.95 from GoldenHealth9788424112. When I saw this on my statement I immediately went as far as to cancel my debit card - I had no idea who this company was and I had definitely made no requests to buy anything. I contacted the phone number and of course received only a recording. The recording simply stated that it was "billing" and did not provide any more information about the company.

    Since I could find out absolutely nothing about this company by phone, I searched the internet and the ONLY information I could find pertaining to the number (978) 842-4112 on the internet was this fraud complaints board. HMM.

    I have requested free samples in the past, but I have never ordered any type of "trial offer" in which I have the potential of being billed later. I avoid offers that require billing information for the exact fear of something like this happening. Also, although I do order free samples, I would not have ordered any type of sample about "burning weight fast." I have no idea how this company even got my information, but I will not pay their charges.

    To "Shalyn R." - what do you say to a person billed by your company who has never even requested a "subscription" or contacted you for a trial offer? Because that would be me. It's pretty clear that your subtext and what you advertise are two completely different things.

    And of course this would happen over the weekend - at a time when it would be extremely difficult not only to contact my bank, but to contact the very company that is charging me, since their "billing office is closed."

  • Pe
      13th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    The same thing happened to me. This jive company claim that they sent me a sample packagel. I live in Mississippi and the person who has the package lives in Kentucky. I have been looking for information so I can report this to the Better Business Bureau. They are refusing to give me my money. They claim I made the order but how can I make an order and they ship it to another state. This company needs to be stopped. My debit card has been canceled. I talked with customer service at Golden Health Products and they stated that this company is in Canada and is a SCAM.

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