Acai Berry Detox, Acai X, Life Cleanse, various others15 Day Free Trial Products


Free trials ordered. Did not even receive them during the 15 day trail time period. I thought the order had not processed at since so much time had gone by and nothing received. Free trial products finally arrived after 16 days (shipment was to have taken place in 3 - 5 days per their Terms & Conditions!) and I immediately called the customer service number to cancel any further shipments besides the free trial. I was given cancellations numbers and assured that nothing further had been or would be shipped. Nothing further has been received but my credit card has been billed for two products at over $80 each along w/Foreign Transaction fees. I am disputing in writing w/my credit card company and will pursue whatever is necessary to help stop this company and these apparently fraudulent business practices from continuing!

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