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Acai Berry & Bromolite / Acai Berry and Bromolite Online Ad

1 NC, United States Review updated:

I too fell victim to the online ad last month. Read the customer blog and ordered a bottle of the Acai Berry and one bottl of Bromolite from 2 different sites for FREE (supposidely) - just pay shipping and handling. I was veru careful to read the fine print and said no to any extra offers. I received my Acai Berry within a week - and the Bromolite within a week and a half. The only stipulation was that the Bromolite had to be canceled within 14 days so no auto ship would ensue. I did so before 14 days. I did notice though that there was a foreign currency charge on my credit card and when I called the bank they said it was associated with the Acai Berry Company - was the shipment coming from another state? When I called the company they flatly deinied the charge was from them and that my bank was incorrect. I also notieced that the Bromolite was mostly Lactobacillus in ingredient - which I know from personal purchase should be refrigerated and it was not. About 3 weeks later, there was an additional $78 dollar charge for Acai Berry - when I called the company they said that there was NO FREE sample and that if I read the fine print I would have known I would be charged $78 after 14 days if I did not cancel my order. I was enraged and demanded a refund - when they asked me to return the product. Luckily I had not opened the bottle or I would have not gotten my money back. I consequently had to pay for return shipment. They refunded me my money and oddly enough 1/2 foreign currency fees that they had previously said was not associated with them! To add insult to injury - this week I found an unauthorized $29.9f charge from - charged the night before when I was sleeping! When I went to the website it was a couples personal body building webiste. Calling the number on my bank transaction I found out like the others that it was for enrolloment in Fit Factory - again in the fine print that no one sees! The refused a refund until I threatened to turn them into the Better Business Bureau - they then came back and said he was able to grant me a one time courtesy refund - and that it would post by the end of the month!!! Tonight I saw the same ad online and clicked on it and it was the same blog setup with another person's picture. It is obvious this is a scam and a way to rip off people who they hope will never fight to get their money back like me. I still do not know if the fiasco is over and check my online back statement daily. I wish I had read this site before purchasing. It would have saved me a lot of grief. Buyer beware! Go to a reputable health food store instead. Pass this on to all who will listen - DON'T trust this scam!!! As seen on Oprah and Dr. Oz endorses ... my ###!

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  • Ju
      13th of Feb, 2009
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    Most of these Acai Berry sites that sell a "free trial, " of their product, do say that you have X amount of days to call and cancel from the date you gave them your card number. Whether you've recieved the product or not, by then, they WILL CHARGE YOU, since they do not show you called to cancel within the X amount of days. These sites/companies pretty much count on people NOT to read the "fine print." They hope you will just keep clicking submit, continue, and OK all the way to the end without reading much more, than those buttons. If you go to a site that says "FREE TRIAL, " and then a page or two later they're asking for a card number, checking acct number, and a routing number, DON'T TYPE A THING... THEY WILL MORE THAN LIKELY CHARGE YOU SOMEWHERE DOWN THE LINE. Read the fine print, print the fine print for your records BEFORE YOU GIVE THEM ANY FORM OF PAYMENT. If you cancel BEFORE the trial period ends, be sure to get a cancel confirmation number, take note of the date, and get the name of the person you spoke to, this will help your financial institution if they will try to dispute your charge. If the merchant has all of their terms posted out there and you the consumer are in too much of a rush to receive your "free trial" of the world's latest/greatest product and you DON'T READ THE FINE PRINT... YOU SHOULD BE CHARGED EVERY PENNY.

  • Am
      5th of Dec, 2009
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    I too fell for the combo AcaiBerry Detox and Bromolite. Must say the first day showed "results" after that NOTHING other than headaches. I was billed a rediculous amount and had to contact my bank to cancel the transaction. Also called the company for AcaiBerry and received a confiirmation number of cancellation. Guess the bottom line is beware of "specials" offered On Line.

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