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acai berry and Effective Cleansing Antioxidant / Fraud - taking more money than stated

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Can anyone please give me a valid email address of Trading Planet or VIV3 Labs?

I ordered what I was a free trial of both Acai Berry and Effective Cleanse Antioxidant, when going through the details on line, after putting in a promotional code on each the price showed as £1.00 each for shipping and handling. However, the confirmation came back as being £3.95 each. I phoned the company, Trading Planet, to query this, and was told I cannot cancel this. I then phoned my Credit Card company and they put me through to VIV3 Labs which I was told is the same company. The lady I spoke to assured me the order was cancelled and it's a good job too because if I don't send the products back within a time limit, I will be charged £80.00 each!!! I felt reassured, but took a telephone number just in case.

Today 2 packets arrived at my Post Office, so I phoned them and told them I don't want them its a mistake. They will keep for 3 weeks and then return them. Now I'm really worried again how much will the company take from me, as obviously the orders weren't cancelled. None of the numbers I was given have worked now, and the only Trading Planet email, has come back as undelivered. Please can someone give me a valid email address and number to ring? Thanks Ellie

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  • Li
      29th of Aug, 2009
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    They did right by me. I ordered it and had a friend order, too, because it was a good deal and I liked what I got. Both of us had good experiences and called to cancel and were treated professionally. This is the number I called +44 203 139 9104 but I also found this one which was a free number 080-823-89-830. Lots of grousers on this site...or maybe some of you guys are their competitors?? Who knows. Anyway, I can only speak from my experience which was positive.
    Lisa Cotton

  • Ab
      3rd of Nov, 2009
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    ive also fallen for this scam, i applied for the free trials and then after read some negative reviews and then quickly tried to cancel, im from australia and ive tried ringing the number given to the people outside the uk or where ever it is, and the number doesn't work i even rang the international telephone directory assistant to ask if i'm dialing the right number after telling the lady on the line the number straight away she was like ' is that for some colon cleansing pills, if it is we get people ringing all the time trying to find them, there a hoax company you should cancel your credit card",
    my trial period is not finished so i haven't been charged with anything besides shipping and handling, but ive blocked my credit card so no more charges can be made. oh and ihaven't got the product yet either but after reading some reviews of internal bleeding i dont think i want to try it!!

    has anyone from australia been able to contact them?

  • Rm
      9th of Nov, 2009
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    Hi, I have found this number that you may like to try ( I am from Australia too ). I tried it today and got a voice message due to the time difference in the UK but will try again this evening which will be business hours over there. See how you go and if I have any luck I will post on here also.

    » Contact Details: VIV3
    » Phone Number: 080 8238 9891 or (+44) 2031399027 outside of the UK

  • Ky
      20th of Dec, 2009
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    I have also tried to order the free trials. all i wanted to do was change my life for my futer children to be thiner and fitter and it has been since the 5th of december since i paid the postage and now i am wondering where it is. i am not very happy that this is happening to people like us and if they have taken any more than 97p out of my bank account i shall take them to court and then get them arrested because this is not on, taking advantage of people who want to make there lives easier than it is now!!!

  • Ky
      20th of Dec, 2009
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    Also that so called free number is not free i have just tried to call it has told me that the number i am calling is chargable so that will not work!!

  • Rl
      6th of Jan, 2010
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    Does the products Acai Berry and Effective Cleanse really do what it said it does and can it be obtain through a different source or is the products itself also just a scam...?
    Seeing this is something that you put into your body it seem all to risky and would prefer know that it is not just some poison that these scammers are trying to sell!


  • Ba
      22nd of Feb, 2010
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    I ordered 2 products which I received then was charged on my credit card £152 because I had not cancelled my membership. I dont remember joining a membership but apparently if you dont cancel within 14 days you are charged £76 per order. Cant say I can remember seeing on the website any such WARNING but was probably on there in very miniscule lettering. STAY CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY.

  • Ki
      10th of Mar, 2010
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    ive also had problems, i ordered one free trial of effective cleanse antioxident and today i was charged £59.85 its not the only company that has done this to me, my only solution is when my bank takes their £8 charge next week is close that account, its very annoying to think these people can get away with this. the product never work at all.

  • Ki
      10th of Mar, 2010
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    also i read somewhere that a woman had been taking so called weight supplements and diet pills for fife years before ending up with internal cancer thought to be caused by all those diet pills she took over the years

  • Li
      11th of Mar, 2010
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    I have today been charged £60.58 for these so called FREE products and I am off to my bank to cancel my account. This was all the money I had to last me for the next week. I will be seeking legal advice.

    Linda P - Tyne & Wear

  • Ho
      26th of Mar, 2010
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    My firend 's credit card was also charged with a huge amount of money, once she revieved her free trial tables for AcaiBerry Detox, Colon Gleanse & Effective Cleanse

    First thing you need to do is ring your credit card company and block them.

    Then ring or e-mail them and cancel your account!!!

    This is their web site with a list of numbers around the world :

    Just incase they remove the web site..


    Australia: +61 - 731234400 (In Australia (07 3123 4400)

    Belgium +32-28084355

    Bulgaria +359-24917007

    Canada (English) 1-778-785-0966

    Canada (French) 1-800-590-0812

    Chile +56-25814933

    Colombia +52-5536869788

    Cyprus +357-22030640

    Czech Republic +420-246019987

    Denmark +45-69960212

    El Salvador +503-21131855

    Finland +358-942419011

    France +33-975181300

    Germany 0800-184-4992

    Greece +30-2111980644

    Ireland +353-14845610

    Italy +39-0662291766

    Mexico +52-5536869788

    Netherlands +31-858880400

    New Zealand +64-99097850

    Peru +51-17085352

    Poland - Warsaw +48-223009194

    Portugal +34-931816799

    Spain +34-931816799

    Sweden +46-852500705

    Switzerland +41-615452133

    United Kingdom +44 870 820 0066

    USA +1-415-368-0115

    USA +1-800-951-6176


    HOURS OF OPERATION: 24 Hours (Monday through Saturday)

  • Ak
      2nd of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    they ARE scams i didn't agree to any charges. i just order a free sample and they charge me twice!!! i have the products "ACAI" and thanks God i didnt took it coz i think its just coffee. does anyone made a test of this product or test in to the food adm.???


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