ABSA / took money out of my account

South Africa

I have returned a car to Bankfin 14 years ago. No letter of any correspondence was send to me regarding an amount still outstanding. I was in hospital for a week with a knee injury and my husband with a neck injury. When we returned from the hospital we have discovered that Absa took R 13 000 out of our bank account. No explanation was given and we had to wait until today. They refuse to give our monies back. They can not give us any proof that we were aware of the outstanding funds in 14 years. They violated the Credit Act and our confidence in them. We want our monies paid back into our account. We can not pay my rent know and we can not survive a month. No body wants to help us. I we were notified about the outstanding debt we would have made arrangements. We never gave Absa the authority to take any monies out of our account.

Apr 02, 2013

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