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ABSA / credit card

1 Johannesburg, South Africa
Contact information:

From: Ronel Nachtmann
Sent: 09 November 2016 09:06 AM
To: 'Masemola, Linda: Absa'
Cc: Busby, Tevinese: Absa; [protected]; Absa Credit Card Account ([protected]
Subject: absa credit card - ITC update - t[#671474]
Importance: High

Good Morning Mrs Masemola

I am not very happy with the status of my credit report due to this credit card I had with ABSA bank    
As I explained to Ida last week (Query reference dvrierj020)

1. I haven’t ever used this credit card – you can go and check on the history of this card. I’ve never ever purchased anything on this credit card in YEARS!
3. I never got statements and reminders from ABSA
4. Every time I pay this account and I think it’s up to date than I get a call from collections that my credit card payments are due
5. And I ask myself for what? I don’t buy anything on this card
6. So does this mean I have been donating A R1000 all to time to ABSA for the entire time I had the card? That’s not fair
7. I did not know that I was supposed to go in the bank and close the account
8. I was only advised when I got a call from collections that my account is overdue? And if I want to close it I must go and make a cash payment at the bank., I was assisted my a very friendly Floor manager at the ABSA Sea Point branch.
9. If I knew years ago that this is what I should have done….. I would have closed this account a long time ago as it seriously doesn’t benefit me in any way! Now not only is my credit profile adversely affected because of the 60 day arrears on a balance of a R1000 (hahahahahaha THIS IS SO FUNNY because I paid off a car with you guys well for which I owed over R200 000. Why wont I pay off a R1000? Why wont I pay the credit card)
Please I am begging ABSA …. Can you please remove the status on my credit report below and also please take away the 60 days in arrears?

I need another car as a matter of urgency and because of this its affecting my credit score.

Please, please, please, please can I have this matter attended to? I have been battling with it since the 2nd of November   
Its stressing me out!

Nov 8, 2016

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