ABSA Bank / poor and hurting service

Please help me

Joe from Greytown bank took my card and broke it just because the clients said i am jumping the line.What i would like to ask is that was there a need for him to broke my card even though i was jumping the line?

And who is suppossed to cover for my expenses because i stayed very far the town, and the card was not mine it was for my mother who is on wheelchair .that card was from SASSA it means my mother have to apply for a new card because Joe Broke it and my mother can not walk she had a stroke 2 years back...

What Joe was done was raisist...i need him to pay for the expenses coz we need to hire a car and take my mother to SASSA to apply for a new card ..., and he need to apologise to me and to my mother for what he did...My mother is very old she almost admitted to hospital her BP was very high coz she needed to withdraw money and buy food for her grandchildren because it was her pension day...

I am really very hurt about what Joe was done even if i was wrong there is no law which says he supposed to broke the clients card when they jumped the queue..

My email is beneh.[protected]
Thank you

I would look foward for your response...
Confused and Hurt client

Jun 01, 2018

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