ABSA Bank / cloned card

Germiston, South Africa

Case number: 3343356. On the 16th January 2017 was in Germiston Station Bazzar at Absa ATM trying to withdraw money around 05:46am
I had inserted my card and pin code; your machine froze and my card was swallowed by the ATM. Few minutes later (05:48) while I was at the very same ATM busy with the consultant on the phone trying to stop the card, it was too late, two transactions had gone through: R2000 and R400 .Then I went to the Branch to lodge a cloned card and missing money, to date I have not received any positive feedback form your staff.Why should people save their monies with Absa Bank when there is no security? I have since waited for the investigations and the refund of my money since the 16th Jan 2017

Jan 26, 2017

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