ABSA Bank / claim no. 3179389

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ABSA this note to THANK YOU for taking action and make work of our complaint!

JBC Contractors and Temba came to view the endless problems we have had with our roof. The aforementioned were very professional and it was clear they were experienced in roof damages!!

Once again many thanks. You have no idea what stress relieve we now have as well as piece of mind and also changed our views of going to Standard Bank Insurance.

Will you now be kind enough to send out an EXPERIENCED ELECTRICIAN. The ABSA APPROVED Electrician that came out in December 2016 wanted to repair immediately - he had no idea or could not understand the roof had to be repaired FIRST - please, we trust ABSA understand we do not want anymore of this- just and electrician that can come out and give ABSA a quote so repairs can be done AFTER the roof had been fixed.

A SPECIAL sincere gratitude to ABSA staff members, Val Fourie, Christel Cloete and Monica Lourens for the ENDLESS support, patience and kind words at ALL times whilst we were going through this dreadful time! They got countless calls from us (taking the brunt for ABSA's at the time uselessness) . Keep the good work going, girls!!!

Kind regards,
H.B. and E.M. Wolters

Mar 13, 2017

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