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i am feel unfairly treated by ABSA, i bought a car via car finance via absa, the police finds that the car is a stolen car, i reported the matter to absa, we had a meeting last month with absa sale manager Aysha Missi and the dealer, we agreed on that i must get dockets from police which confirm confirms that the car is stolen, i got the dockets and i send them to absa and dealer, as per absa the client agreed that he did sell me the stolen car however no meeting requested so that we finalize the matter, aysha last week she send me e-mail that the dealer advise that he needs until december to settle my account, i want to buy car i can't wait for december and for mean time who must pay monthly installments and absa what are you waiting for to make the dealer to pay the money, and what i am seeing that my complain is not refereed to people who deal with dealer dispute, what must i do as a client this is how you treat your clients? that car i was using it for business my two business closed because of i don't have car anymore and now i must wait for December, i need this matter to be resolved this week otherwise i will take both absa and dealer to court. my account number [protected].

Nov 25, 2018

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