ABC Warehouse / warranty fraud

I purchased a 50" Hitachi TV 11-22-05 along with a 5 year extended warranty. It quit working Feb. 2008. It's been in the shop twice & returned twice, without being fixed. After a year of phone calls, it's getting picked up a third time. It hasn't powered-up in over 18 months, and ABC insists they can continue providing service calls for as long as they wish, until a Repair shop submits in writing that it's "unfixable". The last shop, Universal TV, refused to do it...saying "it's a cash-cow job" and would continue to work on it for as long as ABC pays them to. It's now going to ABL Electronics to see if they can fix it. ABC has now put over $1, 450. in repairs into this TV, that cost me over $2, 800 with tax & warranty, and now they're dumping more into it. My guess is they're hoping to keep running this scenerio until the warranty expires in November 2010. What idiots! At their cost, they could have replaced/refunded the TV twice over by now. I've submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and plan to file a small claims lawsuit next month if it is not resolved. I've spent over $30, 000. in the Waterford ABC store, over the years, and would never step foot in one of their stores again. TERRIBLE SERVICE!!! Run, don't walk, to another appliance/electronics store.


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