ABC Warehouse / scam

United States

Price will bring a customer into a business but it is good customer service that will bring them back.

This is the second time we have been dissappointed in ABC Warehouse service. Both times regarding installation of remote start on a vechile.

The first time (a few years back) we were scheduled for an installation, arrived to be told it was impossible as their service guy NEVER works on the day we thought we were scheduled. We insisted they check the appointment book, and there we were - right where we told them we were scheduled. They back peddled, said it was a new person, etc. We demanded a refund.

We decided to give them another chance at a recently opened new location. Bought and paid for in advance the remote start and installation. Called the day before like we were asked to do. Was told to be there at 10:00am, first come first served, but would be no problem as there would be 2 technicicans working that day. Arrived early, waited outside the door for them to open - was the first one in the department and was told they would not have time. We drove 2 vechiles (so we could leave my car) wasting gas at 3.00 a gallon, and our time. They said that people were waiting that dropped off yesterday...excuse me - they do not use an appointment book and we were told - it would be no problem. I expressed how unhappy I was and that this was not the first time this had happened to us. Our salesman, (who was very nice to us - not his fault) tried to get the service tech to do our car as we were willing to leave it until the close of business...and no go - service guy said he had to leave early that day!!!11

What kind of service is this?? I will return to have my remote installed, but I will never go back and I will tell anyone that listens how unhappy I am with this company.

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