Aaron'ssofa set / poor services

Hi my name is keisha pysadee I have a complaint about aarons services located in mississauga on. They have delievered me an sectional sofa which is woodhaven jasper 2 piece set. The 2 guys that delivered the sofa reccomended that I took off the staples underneath the sofa incase I need to lift the sofa that I dont poke myself. Just to be safe I have asked my pastor mr. Don garrison to help me flip the sofa over to do so. As we turn over the sofa there was a hole at the bottom. Ive called the store to notify them and I felt like I was being aaccused by rob who works at the store located in mississauga for commiting that hole under the sectional sofa.. I was scheduled today for the sofa to be fixed at 2pm today. No on showed up. I called the store and the women told me all the deliever people was out and busy. When I told her I was schedule for today january 19 for 2pm. She told me no one was coming. That I have to arrange another date. Which I think was very upsetting my 8 month daughter had an appointment today and I had to re schedule because they were suppose to come to fix the sofa. It would have been respectful if an employee called me to let me know someone couldnt make it. They wasted my day and time. And I am very dissapointed in these services. If this is the services I will be getting. I will return the item. My family has ordered from aarons located in 1921 eglinton ave w, toronto, on and gets the best service and respect from shamba & the employees. I would apperciate if someone on your customer service team can give me a shout.

Thank you for taking time on reading my message.

Jan 19, 2017

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