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We have a bedroom set and a couch that we are paying on...Our payments are almost all paid so we have been putting a lot towards it to pay it of quicker...I went in and paid $400 on our account...Now they say that i didn't pay and that they cant do anything about it...Well WTF that’s a lot of money out the door...and out of our pockets...someone knows where it is...All i have to say about Aarons is I’ve learned my lesson...Always just save your money and pay straight out the door!!! And don't go to Aarons!!!

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  • Do
      Sep 29, 2008

    Aarons should have signs on their buildings saying Aarons cheat and steal. Not Aarons sales and lease ownership. The general managers are only concerned with their bonus not the customer. After being a long time customer of Aarons with several paid out contracts I had a heart attack and open heart surgery.
    I have a car loan with one of the major banks so my credit was not bad Aarons was quick and easy so I would deal with them.
    After being released from the hospital the Bank with a car loan of over $20000. Gave me a 120 day extension to get well enough to work then resume payments. Aarons refused and took me to court to recover the furniture. Three of the contracts with them had only 5 payments to go for ownership. They say lifetime renewal. Bull They refused and want the furniture. It’s must be some there wants my furniture so they want it back WITH ONLY 5 PAYMENTS TO GO.
    Aarons is composed of thieves’ not real people. They have no feelings for people the United States Senate and house have bill that have been stalled by the rent to own industry to prevent the change of laws to protect the consumer. Everyone who reads this should write there senators and representatives and push them to think of the people they represent and get the legislation passed that was proposed to change the way rent to own companies do business.
    Aarons charges you for a service plan and charges tax on this you do not pay taxes on service. This is put on all contracts without a option to refuse this. This is a form of interest they charge and cover this up as a service agreement the consumer has no rights when you do business with Aarons. I did business with the Snellville Location in Georgia. GOING TO COURT IN Georgia is a waste as the courts are there to protect Georgia companies not the citizens of the state. If there is an attorney with Balls out there look at these violations of title 15 and state USURY LAWS FOR THESE TYPES OF COMPANIES. Several states have found these contracts are sales contracts the Courts in Georgia refuse to look at the decisions of other states As Aarons is a Georgia company therefore protected. The Governors consumers’ protection group with the state attorney general will do nothing as this is again a Ga. Company therefore protected under the good o boy plan. I contacted several civil contract attorneys who declined to represent me as they did not want to ruffle the feathers of this company who did so much for the people of Ga. Well I am one of the people of Georgia. What about Me.

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  • Pi
      Mar 14, 2010

    Being who I am and liking to purchase things up front, I had never even heard of Aaron's until I got a phone call one day while I was unemployed. They were looking for persons to enter the management training program within this company. I thought this made sense, since my last few jobs had been management. I went to the interview, where the process went very well. I was hired (I am not afraid of libel, since this is all 100% true) by Jason Mizrahi in Schenectady, NY. This gentleman sat with me and talked to me about the way things worked. I asked the following questions and was given the following answers:

    1. I am a full time college student. How will this work around my schedule? His answer was "If you tell me what your schedule is, we will work around it."
    This was a lie, the first schedule got posted as soon as I got hired, and he never even gave me the opportunity to tell him when my classes were going on. I asked him about it and he shrugged and said "Oh, well."

    2. What does the job entail? I was told by him that it was working the floor, managing the staff, and performing sales. I quickly discovered that this was mostly a collections job. I am sorry, but I have been on one end of collections in the past when I got injured and was out of work. I would never do that to someone. Then he told me about field visits, which is where you go and harass someone on their own property to get the money from them. If he had told me that, I would have refused the job. I don't think that is right, and I would kill someone if they ever did that to me!

    3. When would I get a store? Once you complete the program (18 months) you will be offered something. I find out later that you might get called, there is no guarantee. Also, if the offer is somewhere else and you are not or cannot move, you are likely to never get another opportunity. That sounds like its just a little predatory to me.

    4. I see the store closes at 7 pm. What time are we out of here? (I am a morning person, I am up at 4-5 am and don't function at night.) I was told "within a reasonable time after store closing. Another lie. Most nights had you there until somewhere from 9 pm to 10 pm. Hell no!

    Finally, this is what tipped things over. Mind you, this was only a week and change into the job. A woman came in and said she wanted a big screen TV. After taking all the paperwork, I sat with Jason as he did the close. He asked her for income, she said she didn't have anything. He asked again, "Are you sure? Nothing?" Her reply was that she got $667 a month for SSI for her DISABLED CHILD! This TV was not a need, and ran nearly $200 a month. He said "That will work" and approved her. I asked him about the moral implications and stated that I had an issue with this approval. I was told that if I didn't want to make money and didn't want a store then I could quit, or I would be fired.

    Jason is the ### of the earth. Mother's don't let your babies be Aaron's managers!

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  • Do
      Jul 05, 2010

    I totally agree with you about staying away from Aaron's I got a couple of 52 inch televisions that I was renting I paid for one of them but shortly after I had it paid the televison wouldn't work, and the other one was still being paid on. I had to have both televisons repaired for just about the same problem. I am usually a pretty patient man, and willing to work things out, so the televison that I paid for came back from the shop we got it all hooked back up and it still had the problems even after supposedly being fixed. For a whole seven I made payments on one of televisons. The one I paid for they owed me and the one I was still paying on they owed me. I had to wait seven months just for them to give me the replacements for the televisions, and I made several calls trying to find out what was taking so long. I can say Aaron's company is quite rip off, so to anybody out there I wouldn't use Aaon's I would use somewhere else. The Aaon's at 260 Mamouth Road Manchester, NH is the worst!

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  • Al
      Aug 19, 2010

    I have to agree. Though no one has been rude to us, they definitely have predatory lending practices. We leased a bedroom set from Aarons due to an ailing relative living with us for several months as she recuperated. We were not able to get financed through a traditional store and did not have the immediate cash to purchase the furniture outright. We reasoned that we could give the set to one of our daughters afterward. Payments were to be $119.05 a month for 24 mos. That was in May, 2009. Everything seemed fine as we usually paid online until about May. We were having some hard times and did not have the full payment. I called the company and explained that I had half and could I pay that. I was told "sure no problem" we set up a date that I would pay the other half, which would be my next payday that would be in about three weeks (I get paid on the 1st and 15th and that was a five week month) . He told me that I could pay online or I could come in. Well, I chose the convenience of paying online and did so the same day. That's when we started getting the phone calls asking when we were coming in to pay as we are late. I explained to them what was told to me by the named individual and was then told that because we did not pay the full payment on-line, the system does not recognize it as a monthly payment and it becomes semi-monthly; so now we have to pay an additional $90 dollars over our monthly payment to catch up. I told him that makes no sense, explain it. He said the system just suspends it until it equals a full payment, so we had a credit of $38, but need $150 to resume to a monthly status, so in essence I would pay almost $190 to "catch" up on my lease. I replied that I respectfully disagree and will be in there to discuss. We negotiated and we settled with me paying $120 to catch up (mind you I still paid over the amount by about $50, but I did not want the drama. Got it anyway. The next month, I paid the usually $119.05 on line and a couple of weeks later, I received another phone call that I need to pay $67 as I am short from a bi-weekly payment from May. I said this is ridiculous, I am not a bi-weekly customer, and I am not paying anything else. We continued to get the calls and I just kept paying the monthly amount. Here were are in August. Now we got a call threatening to take the furniture. Now I am pi----d. I made an appointment to go in there tomorrow; armed with my lease agreement and will bring a notarized letter disputing the validity of the debt and based on the Consumer Leasing Act of 1976, I am exercising my right that they refrain all collection practices until the dispute is resolved and let them know that they just violated the truth in Lending Act because my lease says nothing about paying bi-weekly instead of monthly nor suspending payments and that they could have charge no more than $10 as a late fee, as there are no stipulations that I would be switched to bi-weekly and that they owe me money as I have overpaid by approximately $200. I do intend to sue and take it to TX Attorney General's ofc it is not resolved. I will let you know how this turns out. At any rate, always look at your written agreement as that holds more validity than any verbal agreement. I am going to get them with their own written agreement. This is predatory and just plain ridiculous!

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