Aarons Sales And Leaserude, dishonest and need to be closed!!!

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Let me just say that Aaron's sales and lease should not be in business to do business at all! They are most unprofessional, unpleasant company/people that I have dealt with in my entire life. I purchased a washer and dryer from Aaron's and I only owe like $80.00 bucks on it. Well, I made a payment at the end of June for my appliances and had not made one this month. Now granted the payment was late and I did receive a couple of calls from Danielle (that B*&$H) in reference to my account. Well, I go outside today to call her back to set up a payment arrangement but before I go, something told me to check my account. I did and to my surprise Aaron's has debited my account (by debit card) $75.74 and my account was overdrawn by $71.00. I immediately called the store and spoke with Danielle. She basically told me that I had called in and authorized Aaron's on the payment. Now, I know I am not crazy why would I authorize a $75.00 payment and only have $18.00 in the bank. I told her that was not true and that she ran my card without my authorization. Long story short, she was very rude telling me that she would send the Sheriff to my house for the merchandise and everything. Then on top of that she hung up the phone on me. I was like WOW this chick needs prayer. I didn't call back instead I said a quick prayer and called my bank (Bank of America) they immediately told me that once the charged posted they would credit it back to my account. Aaron's needs to be put out of business. The mangers are incompetent 2nd rate employees who couldn't make it in a real corporate setting. I hate the day I got the merchandise from them but like I said I only owe $80.00 on it. I will pray for Ms. Danielle because what she doesn't realize is that God is going to convict her for running my card without my consent and putting me in the hole leaving me with no money. So if there are any Aaron's employees are managers reading this comment...I feel sorry for all of you in that God will and is going to condemn your company for how you treat regular paying customers.

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  • Ma
      Aug 10, 2009

    Your payment was late. You were guilty for being a deadbeat. You gave them your credit card information. They didn't make up numbers that just so happened to be your's. You should pray that god gives you a better job. Pay your bill on or before the day they are due.

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