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I have been dealing with Aarons sales and lease for a few years now bought things out right, rented to own a few things. (Paid in Full as agreed) I am now 13 months into a TV rental and after all these years I have been late maybe 2 times. My Brand new LG tv has some sound issues so I called to get a service call. They came to pick the tv up and gave me a USED loaner had my LG in repair for 3 months when they brought it back it was dusty and did not look like it had been touched. I hooked the tv up and guess what still didn't work Hmmm big shocker. The delivery man said the part cost 30.00 I asked him what the service center did and he said he didn't know so i asked what the 30.00 part was he said he didn't know. I then called the store to fill them in. They said the service center couldn't find anything wrong with the tv. (then what is this so called 30.00 part) And they asked if I was satified with the loaner tv. Well the loaner tv does work was my reply. They said they would roll over the money to the loaner tv. I said then I want it at the used price he said absoultley NOT. Because the 2 tv's were the same age. But the LG my first tv was brand new out of the box when I got it. The loaner JVC USED tv was in a crack house. He said it didn't matter because they were the same age. Now when you buy a NEW item from aarons it costs more then a USED. But what he's telling me was that it didn't matter if 5 people had this tv in their house before me it was still considered NEW because it was the same age as the brand NEW one in the box. This Guy I think is on CRACK!!! Does he think I am stupid. If I hadn't already paid 1600.00 dollars I would tell him where to shove it. Now i'm not one of these peoople who doesn't pay their bills. I have a Hummer I own a House I work hard for my money. I went to aarons because rather you pay by credit or rent to own your still gonna be paying out your ###. So my plan of action is going to be I'm going to aarons right now demanding the service and repair order. Showing them where it states that my product is under warrenty and under contract states they are to repair it. It seems to me we may have a breech of contract. I also want the price of both tv's new and old . I have already put a stop payment notice into my bank. I will NOT be paying them. I will be telling then not to call my cell phone there is a law and that is the TCPA (telephone consumer protection act). They can not call your CELL phone if you tell them not to. I will also tell them not to come to my house or step foot on MY property if they do i will call the police it's called trespassing. And I did clearify that with the police. I do have plenty of contacts They have messed with the wrong female. Now if they call my references they will tell them not to call again and if they do thats called harrassment . Now they might not be a 3rd party collection agency but there are still laws they must follow. And there is a law that is called rental theft in my state it goes by how much is left to be paid on the rental item. I'm in the process of printing all the complaints I can find against Aarons to take to my lawyer. Im not gonna give in to this piece of ### company they will not screw me over. I guess it's gonna be a case of who takes who to court first. If you have had a problem with this so called company please feel free to contact me. who knows maybe this will be a huge class action suit and everyone that's been ripped off will get revenge on AARONS.

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      6th of Feb, 2011

    Where to begin... We first replaced our broken refridgerator through Arrons in Nov of 09. Everything was fine until 2 weeks after we payed it off it died. We called arrons and they said there was a 60 day supplemental warranty and they would fix it. They brought us a used stainless LG that was much nicer than ours as a loaner while they were troubleshooting ours. After about a week they called and said corporate would not authorize them to purchase replacement parts and fix ours but there was a good chance we would be able to keep the used LG stainless fridge instead. They stated that they only had to replace ours with a better or like item. About five days later our old fridge shows up in good working order. When I asked the delivery guy how they fixed it he said "we have our own system." I am pretty sure my fridge was fixed with used parts. Fantastic.
    Next we made the mistake of using them to replace our outdated washer and dryer. Whoops. The set were delivered and because I did not have the old ones out yet I asked them to leave them in front of the garage. Apparently they dropped them off the truck because when I went to start the dryer it sounded horrible. THey Again brought us a loaner and replaced the broken motor mount on the dryer. The washer lasted about another week before we noticed it filled and drained continuously and would stay in the same cyle for hours. Long story short they had to pick it up and "fix" it three times before we got it back.
    02/06/11 I must be stupid for going back but here I sit on superbowl sunday with a newly installed LCD T.V. mount above my fireplace and no T.V. The sales staff wrote me in for yesterday to have my 47" delivered. I called at 445 last night and again they assured me I would have it last night. Guess what? If I ever get my T.V. I promise it will be my last purchase from this crooked company. Thanks

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  • Co
      6th of Feb, 2011

    No offense, OP, but it's well known that Aaron's is a shady company.
    Why are you doing business w/ them?
    Wouldn't saving your money and/or buying a used unit until you have saved enough to buy a new one be a better idea?

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  • Sa
      9th of May, 2011

    i agree we have had problems to here in north dakota..

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