Aaron'sliving room and tv

You people suck all you do is take advantage of people that can not afford to but what they need in cash so you sell crap as much money i had spent you need to fix what i bought at arrons on Fredrick rd in san Antonio texas you people should be investigated to show people how you do us you owe me a washer and dryer after i payed over two thousand a year later they broke then my living room broke and you say you dont have to fix it because is wear and tair [censored] and my smart tv is going out and you can not fix it or give me a new one and thats a lie aarons takes advantage of disability people and people that can not afford to pay in full cash your prouducs are not even name brand and all your furniture is all use and you charge 2 or 3 times it name is mr rodrigues ...

Dec 10, 2018

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