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Aaron's on 4127 Tamiami Trail S, Venice, FL 34293 is a mess. Please! I do not want anyone to go through what I am going through. I work in an Emergency Room, and find this store to be more stressful than my job.

I had two agreements in January when I moved here. One was due on the first, one on the 15th. The manager was great. Well, I went out of town, and prepaid from may15th to July 1st. When I came back to pay my 7/1 payment i was informed that I owed both agreements on the first. there was a new manager, and a new associate. Apparently, after an hour long discussion, it was discovered my due date for both had been accidently changed to the first. I went ahead and paid for both agreements, with the understanding, and paperwork to confirm, that the agreements would then go back to the 1st and 15th. I paid my 7/15 payment with no error. By 8/1/10 I place a check in the drop box for 25.00 over the amount owed. When I called to make sure they recieved the check, alas, there was a new manager that informed me that they did receive the check, but it was "short", as both agreements are due on the 1st. I could not believe it!!! I overpay, and they consider me delinquent? I inform the manager to look at the records. I wait for a call from the Regional manager...nothing. Then as i am ready to write my check for the 15th payment, I have a note on my door, saying they came by to "discuss" my account, ie "take my furniture". I also receive a letter stating I owe 157.00 to reinstate my account. I have always overpaid my account, not underpaid. i am so frustrated, I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau. Please beware of this store and Aaron's in general as I have not been able to find any help. It is so hard to pay your bills on time, and still be terrorized by one company. i am interested in hearing from anyone who is having a similiar problem. Thank you for reading this.

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      Mar 16, 2010

    Management, clerks they all suck.. The only one that did not is no longer with the company. To start they have no knowledge about what they offer. The worst is one lady that answers the phone is from another country and you can barely understand her.. I have been a "client" for about 9 months now and NOTHING has gone correctly.. All the way down to my new "NEVER" been used computer came with a power cord that had been spliced together!!! Then the really cheap bad that was provided for the pc broke and the pc went flying down a flight of concrete stairs.. REALLY?? Advice from me do not call and trust that they are documenting your information in any way. Double and triple check your contract before signing it.. They are responsible for more than they say they are.. I have been trying to get someone from the franchise to contact me for about 5 months... I think they may be ashamed of their actions.. They should be...!!!

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  • He
      May 03, 2010

    If you live in Reading Pa and have dealt with the Aaron's on 5th Street Highway and have gone in to by something cash no lease there is a 99.9% chance you have been ripped off!! Let's say you go in to buy a dryer and its work $200. They will charge you $400 pocket $200 and only show in the system that $200 was ran through. If you have done a cash sale there I would go in and DEMAND a computer generated reciept and if they can't demand the number to corporate. IF they tell you there is no number for corporate there lying because there *** sure is. The Reading location are nothing but scumballs!!!

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