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A & E Factory Service / non-contract compliance!

1 1300 Louis Henna BlvdRound Rock, TX, United States Review updated:

My Maytag Plus side-by-side refrigerator died 6 months ago - pathetic as it is only 5 years old - and I called A & E Factory Service who was recommended by Maytag to come and fix the fridge. The cost to fix it was over $300 and the tech told me I could purchase an extended warranty with it. Lesson learned, never do this, but I foolishly loved the fridge and bought the warranty. 3 month later the fridge died again. Called A&E and it took them 3 days to get a tech out and another 2 weeks to finish the repair. Another 3 months later the same parts died again on the fridge; bare in mind this will be the 3rd time these idiots have replaced the same parts. Tech came out and once again said parts wouldn't be available for 10 days. Considering I can ship anything to anywhere in the world in 24-48 hours I find this utter lack of customer service horrid. The night before the tech was suppose to come back I get a call saying they have to cancel the appointment because one of the parts is on back order. Again, a simple and common part for ALL refrigerators can not be found anywhere on the face of the planet - yea right. 8 days later the part finally comes and I have to call to get the tech rescheduled. Supposedly he is to show up between 8-12 am. Again I get 2 calls the night before, one confirming the appointment and the other; 10 minutes later; saying it needed to be changed to 1-5 pm. I decline the appointment change due to the fact I had a doctors appointment that afternoon. The "customer service" agent said she would leave the appointment and figure something else out. The day the tech was suppose to arrive I take a vacation day from work and wait. 12:00 o'clock comes and goes and I call the service center only to find that they changed the appointment on me and never told me. I talk to Nancy, a supervisor who sees the notes about the doctor appointment and says the appointment never should have been changed - DUH! She then tells me the tech is finishing a call and that I would be next. I say I can live with that as long as he arrives before 2:30 pm. At 3 pm I haven't seen the tech so I call back to learn that he was re-routed to a different call. Apparently waiting 4 weeks to get a fridge repaired doesn't put one as a high priority in their book. After discussing the utter lack of customer service with another supervisor I'm told the tech can't come back out until Tuesday. At this point I got the name of the CEO Dale Reader and the address. As soon as I find his phone number he will be getting a call.

I can only recommend in the strongest possible way to NEVER, EVER, EVER use A & E Factory Service for ANYTHING, EVER! They are without a doubt the absolute WORST company I have ever dealt with! How do they expect people to live with out a fridge for 10 days, let alone a month? In addition to NEVER dealing with A & E I would also strongly advise to NEVER purchase any Maytag product EVER! They do not last and the service repair companies are beyond horrid.

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  • An
      4th of Jun, 2008
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    I am dealing with my own A&E nightmare as well.
    Could not agree more with this comment at how wretched a company this is to deal with. Sarcastic, apathetic, incompetent, conspiratorial -- all ways of describing the phone agents I have dealt with throughout my ordeal of repairing a Jenn-Air cooktop. Tech was called to install/replace a coil burner. Man showed up asking me to hold the unit while he tried to open it -- I've never been asked to help a technician while they service something in my house! Tech did not even know how to open the cooktop -- He consulted the installation documents that I happened to still have; He phoned someone in his office. This is a 5 year old cooktop! He should know how to open this, right? He then proceeded to shatter the glass cooktop, placed it back into the counter, told me not to use it, and he left. No joke! That was 3 weeks ago and A&E could not have been less sympathetic to the fact that their own technician had broken our appliance. It took them over 2 weeks to send us the replacement glass top, and on the day of our follow-up repair, the technician (the very same man who broke it -- And I had specifically requested that they send someone else!!) failed to show up ALL DAY!!! I wish there was some way to sue this company, but they are a faceless, nameless company which hides behind its bureaucracy.

  • Pa
      1st of Oct, 2009
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    I had the worst experience today, October 1, 2009 with A & E Factory service. It has been a two day nightmare. Our repair policy is the Maytag Extended Service Plan and it is managed by Assurant Solutions Company of Oklahoma. They selected A & E Factory Service of El Cajon California to fix our dryer in La Quinta Ca. even though two other vendors of theirs, J & M Appliance and Prime Master Services are located much closer and also service our zip code under Assurant Solutions.

    Sam at Assurant Solutions says it's not their fault, it's the technicians fault for not returning any of our 7 telephone calls to A & E over the last two days.

    A & E does terrible work, the techs have very poor work ethic and there is no customer support or solutions given for work not done properly or not done at all. They just don't care whether you're happy or mad, its all in a days work. I must have gotten a dozen insincere apologies from A&E or from Ray at Assurant Solutions today. I did not want any number of apologies; I just want the work done to my satisfaction in a timely manner.

    We spoke to several "routers", including Danielle who promised the return of the tech and even heard her talk to him (ID # 0100263) and that he would return by 4pm. At 4:22pm, we called wanting to know where he was and we were told he had gone home for the day and we were out of luck!!! I would again be put on a list for tomorrow but had no priority of time or any concern that we had an incontinent person we needed to wash and dry clothes for. THEY JUST DID NOT CARE!!!

    WHAT REALLY BOTHERS ME IS THAT A WARRANTY COMPANY WOULD USE A COMPANY LIKE A & E FACTORY SERVICE AT ALL. All they have to do is look up all the hundreds of complaints against them listed on the internet. MAYTAG SHOULD BE ASHAMED! They should put their foot down and refuse to let them service their equipment.

    I am going to contact Maytag and let them know. I also demanded a return call from corporate of Assurant Solutions to find out why they are not protecting us from such shiesterous practices.

    I am going to do what it takes to publicly expose this company.

    FYI: I spoke today with these persons at A & E who promised me service so beware if you get them. Kevin (said he was a supervisor), Raymond, Patricia, Adrian (male, said he was a Manager), Jennifer and three others before I started writing down names. Each time I called, the person I was speaking to would read me the other person's notes. The best part is now they suddenly have only record of 2 telephone calls.


    Pamela D
    La Quinta Ca.

  • Na
      5th of Apr, 2010
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    It is April 5 and I've been without a refrigerator since March 25. My husband and I have called A&E three times trying to get service.

    My husband called on April 2 and was promised a phone call the next day. It didn't happen - no phone call.

    Today I was told they would send a tech out on April 12. Totally unacceptable! When I asked for a phone call to make a complaint, I was told they did not have a phone number; that I could write a letter of complaint to Dale Reader.

  • Ti
      6th of May, 2011
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    Warning do not use this company unless you wanted to get ripped off.
    I wish I would of investaged A&E service or shall I say "no service" before I called. I do not recommend this repair service to anyone ever. I have been with out an oven for over 2 month and they have been paid. I am having to fight like hell to get my 625.00 back. The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. I cannot belive they are even in business. They told me for a month the part could not be ordered. Then they said it needes to be refurbused.When I called them to find out why they have not come to get the part they said the call was closed and servises renderedaccording to the tech.

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