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A and E Factory Service / they clearly don't care about new york customers!

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On 6/4, while I had my Kitchenaid range on the self clean cycle, the oven stopped working. The fuse blew and the timer on the oven went out. When I replaced the fuse the range top worked, but the timer remained out on the oven and the oven door remained locked. I sent Kitchenaid an email that day and followed up with a call the next day. I received a call back later that day. Service was set up with A and E Factory service for Saturday 6/10. I work 6 days per week, so I had to cancel patients for this service call. The tech showed up at 4:15 (I had been waiting since 1 pm). After he made several disparaging comments about the oven, he stated that he would have to order parts and would return next Saturday (6/17) to repair the oven. I was led to believe he would return with the parts. In fact, without telling me he ordered the parts to come to my home address. I work and I am not at home for deliveries. Thankfully one of my neighbors was nice enough to accept the packages. On Saturday 6/17 no one showed up. I had again canceled my afternoon patients. When I called A and E factory service I was told that the tech was over booked and that he had in fact made my appointment for 6/24. Today I again canceled my afternoon patients and sat home waiting for the tech. The tech called at 3 pm to say he was on his way. When he did not show up by 4:00 I again called A and E Factory service, who told me the tech had gone home sick! No one from A and E ever called to advise me of this. I am now waiting for a service appointment for July 3rd. Furthermore A and E won't guarantee that anyone will actually service the oven on 7/3, according to there manager "things happen, we may have several difficult repairs, or not enough techs, or a tech may go home sick". Needless to say I am very dissatisfied with both A and E Factory Service and Kitchenaid. A and E factory service is located in Texas and they clearly don't care about New York customers. With delivery and installation I paid well over $2,000 for this range. It is less than 1 year old and I have now been without an oven for 4 weeks, with at least another 10 days before A and E Factory service is scheduled to repair it. As large a company as Kitchenaid is I would expect that they would have a reliable repair sub contractor in the New York area. I really can't afford to keep giving up income waiting for a repair tech to show up. I am self employed. When I can't work I don't get paid. Maybe I need to start charging A and E Factory Service my hourly rate for their missed service calls.

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  • Br
      3rd of May, 2007
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    Unfortunately I had a very similar experience with A & E repair service regarding my whirlpool washer and dryer. I experienced a problem with my dryer within only a couple months of the purchase date. I called whirlpool and they scheduled an appointment with A&E. I called the evening before to confirm my appointment and called the morning of my appointment to find out if service would be in the morning or afternoon. I was told I was in the middle of the list and a specific time could not be confirmed because it would depend on other repair times. No technician ever came to my house on that date and no one from A & E called to cancel or change my appointment. I called several times throughout the day & was told a technician was "on the way."

    I issued a complaint with Whirlpool and with the customer relations department of A & E. My dryer was repaired by an independent person not associated with whirlpool or A & E.

    Last week my whirlpool washing machine broke. This appliance is less than a year old. I called whirlpool to set up an appointment for service. Unfortunately, they again arranged an appointment with A& E. I called the night before to confirm the appointment as I was told to do. I called the day of the appointment to get a time estimate. No technician ever showed up to my residence and no one from A& E called to cancel or change my appointment. I made several phone calls throughout the day and was told I would definitely have my washer serviced some time that day. I called at 6pm after waiting home all day and was still told I was on the service list for that evening.

    I took two full days off of work and was not compensated in anyway. I am a health care professional and simply cannot justify sitting home all day waiting for repairs that never happen when I could be helping my patients. My washing machine is still broken and I cannot take another day off of work. I work long days 5-6 days per week. I will be reporting A& E to the better business bureau and filing a complaint.

  • Ma
      21st of May, 2007
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    I wish I had checked out this site before I booked with A & E Service. When I googled them, all I could find were these complaints!

    I am currently waiting for a technician to arrive. I was told they would arrive between 8 am and 12pm. I rushed to be back in my house by 8am. (from walking the dog. ) Now, I am told that I am #5 on the list and he is just getting to #2. It is 10:20. I see from the complaint board that this is normal!! The thing is, I booked this appointment many days ago, and I must leave the house by 12:30. All this I explained when I booked the appointment. Now they say, we tell you it can be any time during the day and just "suggest' that it might be morning or afternoon. I called on Friday and on Sunday to reconfirm my situation Only this morning did the bored customer service representative tell me that they do not guarantee am or pm.
    The A and E computer phone called my house twice to confirm that I would be here. Why does Kitchenaid recommend this company? I live in New York City and they are definitely not local.

    I know the drill with service people, and often I can spend a day waiting around. Not today, however. I would have booked a local repair service if I had been given the real information originally.

    Kitchnaid and A & E, shame on YOU!


  • Jo
      1st of Jun, 2007
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    I am still in the process of having one of these terrible experiences. First off, I was given a time window of 8AM to 5PM. That's to say, I was told to take the day off from work, sit at home and wait around for my washing machine to be fixed. At first I thought it was comical how long of a time window I was given. Consider that I'm under a false assumption that with a window that big you can't miss it. Well, it turns out they are about to. I called Sears at 3PM to find out if the service person was on schedule. Naturally they said he's running behind, and I'm last on the list. They said they would "Send him a message" so he could call and give me an updated time frame. An hour and fifteen minutes later I decided to call again to see why I hadn't heard back. Now the Sears Repair Center told me that my time has been changed to 7:30 PM on a Friday!

    More interesting information is that Sears informed me that they plan for between 45 minutes and 1 hour at each location. It turns out that I am number 11 on this technician's list! That means that even though they anticipate 45 minutes to an hour, they truly base the list on everyone going for just 45 minutes. Their rationale is that "he was approved for overtime." This is a terrible service company and it seems consistent across many websites.

  • Ku
      3rd of Jul, 2007
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    Terrible SERVICE!!!

    I will never do business with A&E again. They play lots of games with their customers. They say one thing and do another; they fail to guarantee their service and they are happy to take your money. It's best to fix your own product than to risk the disruption to your home.

    A & E delivers poor service and could care less about quality. I am sorry that A &E treat their customer's badly.

  • Ka
      6th of Jul, 2007
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    I have had a horrible experience with A & E and Maytag Dependability Plus. It has been a month and my washer still does not work.

    Anyone interested in filing a class action lawsuit?

    I paid quite a bit of money for this "Extended Warranty." This has been a horrible experience.

  • Ju
      21st of Sep, 2007
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    I do not even know where to start. I too, have a KitchenAid Gas Range. It has been having recurring problems since February 2007 (was purchased in August 2004). I have spent my day waiting for A&E to come out because, according to KitchenAid, A&E is their preferred service provider unlike the last provider (A-Plus) who serviced my range. They believe that A-Plus just did not know what they were doing and that A&E will be able to fix my problem for good.

    I had a window of 8 to 5, when I confirmed last night I was told I was #3 on the list. At 11:25 AM was called and told tech was sick and went home(seems to happen often) and would I wait for another tech. I said sure, but to please let me know if they could find another tech. At 12:30 I called to see if another tech was found, was told they would send a message to let me know ASAP if I should continue to wait. At 1:40 called to see if there was any answer as to an actual tech and they said they would send another message. Ugh, it is 2:15 and still no response.

    I have been without a stove for 10 days!!!!!

  • Sh
      24th of Sep, 2007
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    I purchased a whirlpool dishwasher 7177 from Lowes. My kitchen floor was full of water. We was told to call A & E for a service repair call. The Techician came out on 8237 and said the dishwasher would cost over $700.00 to fix and it would be cheaper to replace the dishwasher. He called whirlpool to replace the unit but whirlpool said the techician did not call the tec line and give the right information needed to replace the unit. It has been over a month of phone call to A & E asking to fix or replace my dishwasher. Each time I call they said the were going to have the techican call whirlpool and give the correct information. I called A & E today and talked to another supervisor at the same time with whirlpool on the phone line. Whirlpool told A & E again the information they needed in order to replace my dishwasher. A & E Techinian called me instead of calling whirlpool. I asked to techinican WHY are you calling me ,you should be calling wirlpool with the information they need to fix or replace my dishwasher and he said to me. "That has been over a month ago and I don't have the paperwork anymore but whirlpool was supposed to replace the unit for you". I told the techician that whirlpool said he did not call into the tech line to report that the dishwasher needed to be replace and he was holding me up form haveing a dishwasher. I called A & E to let them know that their techician call me instead of whirlpool and they said that they could not do anything about my problem. I told the supervisor that I have been waiting for over a month to have my dishwasher fix or replaced and she said for me to make another appointment with A & E so that the techican can come back to my house and call it in again. " With a noncareing voice she said without another appointment you wiil wait another month". I am so hurt over what A & E has put me thru. Someone need to stop them from treating people this way. This is a brand new dishwasher that I never used before.

  • Jo
      26th of Sep, 2007
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    I have add the same problems with A&E. They just missed their fourth appointment and their supervisor seemed annoyed when I asked why I should believe they would show up for the fifth visit. In fact, when I was on the phone with Amana, complaining, the helpful Amana representative called A&E, and got a supervisor on the phone. When I asked her if I should believe the tech person would show up for the next visit, she said she couldn't guarantee that he would. I suggested to the Amana person that they should be using services who would guarantee that their repair people would show up. If you have any way to avoid using A&E, go for it.

  • Na
      14th of Dec, 2007
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    A and E factory service is the worste costumer service I have encountered. Their appoiment department is incomptent. Service technicain don't know what they are doing. Overall it is very bad experience.
    Save yourself the trouble, and avoid them if you can.

  • Ro
      28th of Dec, 2007
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    I bought a Rrigidiare range from Lowes. I have had it 3 month's and about half that time it has not worked. Now the oven do is off. Ii has been off 3 week's and the part's are still not here. They have me set up for Jan 11th if the part's come in. Had the same problem last time. Don't know who is worse Fridgidiare or A and E factory. Someone need's to do somwthing about both of these people.

  • Li
      26th of Jan, 2008
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    I have the same complaint. I am on my 9th service call with A & E since October 2007. I purchased a Haier front load washer dryer combo . The dryer quit working last October while still under warranty. Haier referred me to A & E as their authorized service rep. The first guy who showed up exclaimed " I've never seen one of these things let alone worked on one" and then promptly left. Everytime an A & E rep shows up something else goes wrong. After the 4th or 5th visit the timer stopped working on the washer (the dryer still had not been fixed). On the 8th visit the rep broke the front panel on the unit and the soap dispenser (still the dryer and timer had not been fixed) and after he left I tried to start it up and it was completely dead. We'll see what happens today as the rep is scheduled to be here sometime between 8a and 5p (we'll see if that happens as I've been stood up by them and one time showed up around 7:30p after telling me the appointment was between 12p and 5p. NEVER BUY A HAIER PRODUCT AND NEVER USE A&E IF YOU WANT ANYTHING REPAIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Su
      25th of Apr, 2008
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    I called Magic Chef to schedule a repair (burner replacement) to my 9 yr old Magic Chef range assuming that this would guarantee the repairperson who arrived @ my door would be knowledgeable about Magic Chef and ranges in general. I provided all requested information + calling A & E directly to provide additional information and to request they bring the part on the first trip since my ability to stay home from work is limited.

    WRONG. My clueless tech 1st informed me he couldn't find my model in his database and I must have given an incorrect model number. WRONG. As he spent over an hour on the phone w/ his office and his tech support, I found not only my model number on the internet but also schmatics of my model and the part number needed. Tech ignored the info I provided and informed me the part is no longer made and my so my range could not be paired. For this he actually expected to receive payment. He said the service he had provided was to let me know the range could not be repaired.

    Before he hit the sidewalk I was on the phone w/ Magic Chef registering a complaint, confirming my part # was correct & getting names of other companies in Phoenix that could repair my range. They even said they hoped I hadn't paid for such lack of service.

    Next I called A & E and, when the phone was answered "Sears" asked if this was not the A & E number and was told No but they did business w/ A & E occasionally. In addition I wastold they would have to take a message for the Phoenix office because they had an outgoing phone system only. In other words, I was told it was not possible to call in to the Phoenix office. WRONG. I watched my tech call in to his manager several times. I was also assured there was no supervisor in the Customer Service Call Center. Surprise. Surprise. I've not heard from them.

  • De
      11th of May, 2008
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    I know this is supposed to be a Complaints Board, but I promised my tech that I would write about my experience, which fortunately, was better than most of what I've read here. I was apprehensive after reading so much negativity, but I have an extended warranty on my Maytag Neptune washer & dryer and am at the mercy of Circuit City and who they send out to repair the Neptune. Because my lovely Neptune breaks down with regularity, I've had a whole parade of different repair persons from different companies fixing it. So I can say the A and E tech, although apparently younger and more inexperienced was scheduled in a timely manner, came on time or called when he was going to be late, and called another tech and their tech line for help when he needed it. You can't really expect that the techs can have every part for every available make and model on the truck, and of course the policy is to start with the least expensive part that might fix the problem. Unfortunately, it took 3 tries to find that the main circuit board was bad. That was $400+ but covered under the extended warranty. I know they tell you never to spend $$$ for the extended warranty, but in this case, my 10 year old Neptune has been worked on almost every year and the warranty has saved us money on parts & labor.

  • Fr
      8th of Jul, 2008
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    I waited around all day for these people! I am LIVID! When I made the appointment to have my dishwasher repaired, they asked if I wanted morning or afternoon. I told them morning, so they said between 8 and 12. then yesterday I got their reminder call, and they said I was scheduled between 1 and 5 pm. I had a drs appointment to be at at 4p.m. I called them back and said I needed the morning. they said "sorry, no can do". I cancelled the appointment for today and made it for saturday (which I didn't want to do as I am having out of town guests for the weekend) I made arrangements for my roommate to be home for this afternoon, so I called them back to see if I could get back on the schedule. (this was within about a 10 minute window) The guy I got when I called back said they had an opening in the morning between 8 and 12, which is what I wanted but was told couldn't happen. I said great. So...I stayed at home this morning and waited. I called A&E around 10:30 to find out what time they were going to arrive. They said I wasn't on the schedule! Here I am on vacation, plus my mom is very ill - and I wasted all morning staying home waiting for a company that didn't even put me on their schedule. I was furious, so they said they could get me in in the afternoon between 1 and 5p.m. I called to see if my roommate could make arrangements to be home while I went to my drs appt. So again I waited...By 3:30 when I had to leave for my appt, they still hadn't arrived. When i got home at 5p.m., my roommate said they had called to say they were running about 2 hours behind and for me to call back to let them know if they should still come, which I did. I didn't care what time they arrived at this point, I just didn't want to waste another day. Again, I waited. At 8:30p.m. I called again. This time I got their answering service, who said that the office was closed! All techs had gone home! They didn't even have the courtesy to call!

    I am so furious right now, I can't see straight. I am calling sears tomorrow and they better send someone out ON MY TIME SCHEDULE, or they WILL BE SUED! I need to be with my Mom today, but I wasted this entire day - like my time is important. I am really tired of companies, doctors, and all other businessess acting like MY TIME ISN''T VALUABLE.

  • De
      16th of Jul, 2008
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    I called to get a price estimate of which they wouldn't give me. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told that a supervisor could not help me. When I said that I wanted to speak to a supervisor again she said no and hung up on me. I would rather go by a new refrigerator than use them.

  • Mo
      22nd of Jul, 2009
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    I'd LOVE to sue A and E in NY! I have been w/o a REFRIGERATOR FOR TWELVE DAYS! They cancelled on me twice and on the 3rd day, after waiting for 3 hrs., had the nerve to call me and say "we have to reschedule"-I went ballistic over the phone-demanded to talk to someone in authority-telephone person is only at an answering service. After my persistance they finally put me through to someone-after an HOUR on the phone, they told me someone would show, but 2 hrs. after my time frame (1 - 5), so it's now 6:30 and I have still not seen a repairman! Does someone know the proper procedure for suing for my lost wages? I do plan on reporting them to the Better Business Bureau as soon as I have a WORKING fridge.

  • Un
      25th of Feb, 2010
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    My experience with A&E is the worst customer service experience in my life!! It has been 6 going on 7 weeks since I contacted A&E and requested a service call on my Samsung washer.
    They have shipped the wrong part 2 times and lost the part one time. Every time I call them I get the run-around and they tell me it's not there fault and they are doing the best they can. The sad thing about it is that after tons of phone calls and research, A&E is the only appliance repair company out there that can get Samsung parts so, no body eles can work on Samsung. A word of WARRNING DO NOT BUY any Samsung appliance because you will not be able to get it worked on.

  • Cr
      19th of Apr, 2011
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    As I see, A&E treats all their customers equally...EQUALLY BAD! I scheduled a service call through for my dryer. The technician came out, unplugged my dryer from the outlet, unplugged all the control board devices, plugged them all back in, plugged in my dryer to the outlet. It worked when he left so he charged me $140 for the visit!

    The problem? It didn't fix it. I am again having the same problem! Now someone else looked at it and said it's the motor!!! (Don't you think he should've figured that out when he was here?) I WILL NOT go through A&E this time as it is impossible to actually speak to a technician who knows what they are doing. I will take it to the local repair shop and have them fix it, even if it's more money.

  • Ca
      1st of Sep, 2018
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    A&E Factory Service - Service truck
    United States

    On your trucks you have the american flag, which I am glad to see that. But the flag on the right side of truck is on backwards, the right way is the stars to be to the front of the truck. I hope you correct this.

    Carl Ziegler

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