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About 2 weeks ago I was working with my employee named Atul(30yrs old) and I'm 19 yrs old and he had asked me to the movies. I said no because i have a boyfriend and he acted fine towards me and told me to fill the kooler twice and take garbage out so I did. The next day my manager told me that Atul said I didn't do any work that day, which i thought was rediculous because i was constantly working that day. I talked to my store owner Sagar about it and he told me he could easily find someone else for the job and he told me I had to apologize to Atul.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Sterling Heights, MIAtul had also tried to kiss my coworker Heather and told her he loved her and wanted to marry her but he said no because she has a boyfriend with two children. This week I was only given 24 hours when i normally get 32-40 hours of work. I believe this is very unfair but I can not talk to my boss any farther about this. If there is something i can do please let me know because at this point I am stuck in a very unfair situation and I do not know how to resolve this without quitting the job. Thank and please get back to me.
Jaclyn Clayton
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  • Jo
      Dec 15, 2010

    you need to consult a lawyer...this is sexual harassment...workplace sexual harassment.also start writing things down. time, date and place where the events occurred. write down what was said and who said it. write down anything they did to you. it wont cost you anything to talk to a lawyer. consultations are usually free. if the lawyer takes the case and wins then 7-11 has to pay the fees. and you wont have to worry about working there. 7-11 will settle and you'll get a few hundred thousand dollars.

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  • Ba
      Sep 06, 2011

    Just sent this email to some people at corporate. Figured I'd pass it along.


    (I want to start this by saying that I am unsure of whom I am supposed to send this email to)

    My name is Benjamin Anderson, and I was employed at a 7-Eleven store (2605 Silver Star Road, Orlando, FL location) for several months during the year of 2010. I have put this email off for some time because of my busy school and work schedule. There were several reasons why I ended my employment with the company, but the primary reason was the store manager, Andrew. He was inconsiderate, and immature. I was working one night and noticed that there were an unusually large amount of waste sandwiches. (In excess of 30) I saw that it was company policy that we were supposed to donate them, but we always just threw everything away. But when I began ringing in all of the sandwiches, I started to feel really guilty for throwing it all away. So I asked a coworker, who asked Andrew, if I could contact a homeless shelter or something so that the food wouldn't go to waste. He told me if I liked my job, I would throw it all away. This kind of corporate waste makes me sick, and is one of the biggest reasons why I am writing.

    The second reason I am writing is because this was the final straw for my continued employment. Before I began working there, I let Andrew know that my college education came first. I was going to a nearby school (Full Sail University) where I was going to school 8 hours a day roughly five days a week. One day, I came in and I was scheduled for shift that would require me to go 24 hours on about 3 hours of sleep and this went on for over a week. I told Andrew that this was going to be impossible for me and that my school had priority. His response was "But it doesn't conflict with your schedule". Which was correct, but it didn't allow me enough sleep. When I told him that I needed to be able to be sleep of I wouldn't be able to perform my job or school work, he replied, "You can sleep when you're dead." This was the very minute I quit. I have not spoken with him since this day.

    Sorry if this is directed to the wrong person, but I couldn't find the proper email address.

    Thanks for your time and understanding,

    Benjamin Anderson"""""

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  • Ed
      Sep 29, 2011

    SINCE when is it okay for an employer to shove an employee

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  • Ed
      Sep 29, 2011


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