7-Elevenstaff was overtly inconsiderate and rude

The lady working at about 10 pm was incredibly pushy, rude, and just outright &*!#-y to me for trying to simply bring my bicycle into the store. To add a little detail here, I know that many others have caused problems on the past with bikes at gas stations ( though the specifics evade me) and yet every time I bring my bike into a store, I make sure to not get mud/dirt on anything or knock something over, and I always set it in an out of the way place to avoid interrupting the routine of other customers. I have had 6 bikes stolen and since my current one is fairly nice and my only mode of transportation, I just want some potential thief to have to go on camera and REALLY want to steal it. Locks don't matter to most thieves these days.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Denver, CO

There's no posted sign on any gas station in my neighborhood saying that you must leave it outside or that bikes aren't allowed and this station (& even this particular clerk) has never expressed a problem in the past. Tonight she was overly rude, interrupting my statement of how I have had several stolen and was not trying to disrespect the store or intensify her job, only protect myself. I was only after a bottle of gatorade and had the cash for it ready to go.

She held up to customers who had nothing to do with the situation even though they were polite about it, and she called 911 and said I was threatening her. I grabbed my bike and left, asking one of the bystanders if I had said anything out of line or threatening, and he said not that he'd noticed, so I peddled on to the next location that sold it.

Regardless of how crappy your personal life is, don't take it out on people who frequent your business. It's not our fault that whatever is going on in your life, and we have our own problems to worry about without you trying to get a criminal record for someone who was thirsty after a workout.

Jan 09, 2017

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