7-Eleven / rude, obnoxious employees

Bensalem, PA, United States

I am just wondering if it is 7-eleven’s policy to tell customers that they are out of luck when they try to return an item that was purchased in error. Worst business ever. They refused to give me my money back for an unopened item that I had purchased two days prior. I was accused of opening package, which was clearly not opened. They then said it wasn't from their store, when the receipt clearly showed it was from their store. They actually sat there and argued with me in front of other customers! They only shut up when I told them Al is the one who waited on me. I have been a regular customer for years, it's not like these guys don’t know me. By not refunding me the $27.99 for something I cannot use, they have lost a lifetime of business from me and my entire family. We’re talking about approximately $30.00 a visit 3 times a week. And that’s just me alone. They will never get another penny from me and I am spreading the word every single day. Social Media is a very powerful tool, so they have probably already lost tons of business in that area. If you ever have a problem at Wawa, you can get your money back or item replaced, and you get prompt and friendly service to boot, no questions asked.

Store # 11358
3508 Street Rd. Bensalem, PA 19020


Feb 10, 2017

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