7-Eleven / parking lot safety issues

store number 21391, United States Review updated:

On January 3, 2019 I was arriving at the 7-11 on Gudgell in Independence MO at 8:07 am to start my shift at 8:15 am. Upon my arrival my car hit a hole. I got out of my car to find that it was the hole to the gasoline storage tank and the cover was not place on it. My car has significant damage because it broke a tire rod hitting this. I talked to my field consultant and market manager and he told me that there was nothing that he could do because I work there. However I was not on shift at the time of the incident so technically at the time I was a visitor/customer. I am not sure why I am being denied on my claim to have 7-11 pay for my car to be fixed. 7-11 is acting very unprofessional in speaking with me about this incident. I have been told it doesn't matter because I work there, but if it were a random customer then they would fix it. Personally I am surprised to find I was the only person that hit it, otherwise this could have cause a lawsuit if anyone else would have hit it or fallen into it. As far as I know the case is still open but it has taken me calling them 19 times just to get anyone to talk to me like an actual person. And then I still get nowhere. Insurance will take care of it if 7-11 will approve it. This is making my life very stressful because I need my second car and this is causing a lot of issues with my getting my family back and forth to school while I am at work. Could someone please look into this issue again, I am tired of spending all my free time trying to get someone on the phone to help me. I am seriously considering not working for this company any longer because of how you are treating me and my family.

Jan 29, 2019
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      Jan 30, 2019

    You are making out company look bad and putting us in a bad light. As a CEO of the company I will find which location you work at and have you terminated. Guess you got your wish now.

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  •   Jan 30, 2019

    ummm… how could you not see that while driving?

    when I was learning how to drive [no drivers ed in my school] my father always taught us to NOT drive into holes that we know are there because we don't know what is in them. we don't know if there is anything that could puncture your tires or even how actually deep the hole/whatever is.

    the picture you show shows the ground as a quite light color of concrete. the hole is deep-assed black.

    pay better attention.

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