I was profiled as i visited a store 2 white men ahead a me bought 4 packs of cigarettes the cashier didnt ask any of those 2 men for an ID, as soon as i say id like a Black-N-Mild she asked for my ID. this makes no sense i wasnt greeted as i enter the store at all yall need to a training all people buying alcohol or tobacco should be required to show an ID NO MATTER THE RACE OR AGE they should be carded. I will take this to the next level as well its 2018 and its still racist people in the world!

  • Updated by Bradley817, May 30, 2018

    7-11 on west 7th Street in Fort Worth has terrible service if you are not White dont visit this location you will be treated different!

  • Updated by Bradley817, May 30, 2018

    This incident occurred at 2:35 pm on [protected] she had me on 3300 West 7th Street in Fort Worth Texas this woman needs to be fired and she should be ashamed of herself and the owner should be careful on who they hire.

    This incident made me feel that the people are trained to cater to the white people and anybody else will get treated like a pheasant.

    Yes im upset at this because I visited this location this morning and spent 5.00 bucks, as the police was looking for a suspect that had just committed a crime and i went back to spend more money and this happens!

May 30, 2018

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