7-Elevenbad coffee, rude worker

Nov 25, 2017

I went to the 7/11 shop at the corner of Longsdale road and Swanston Street, Melbourne CBD, 3000 with one of my friends just now and wanted to buy two cups of coffee, I ordered a 2 dollar latte, but the first taste made me feel not good, the taste was unusual and really awful, I am a loyal customer of 7/11 and usually buy 5-6 cups of coffe every week, so I know this one has something wrong.
When I inquired about this issue with the worker, she was very rude and cold and just said: if you are not happy with that just leave it! I couldn't believe my ear because I have never seen a worker in 7/11 like this! She also said this is made by machine and can't do nothing. If we don't want just leave it. That's so bad we feel like the machine hasn't cleaned for a long time or something wrong with the coffee

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