7-Eleven / an employee

I was in the 7-11 store in east windsor yesterday. Store 27890. And I was.15 short the lady let me go I told her I will bring her the change back. I go in there today to get my coffee and I was going to get a few other things and also to give the lady the.15 cents I owed her but a geltman with glass and a beard I don't know his name but as soon as I walked in I went to look at the breakfast stuff he was standing right behind the counter watching me. Now I ask him if there's a reason he's watching me he said no. So I move to go look at the drinks and I turn around and he is standing there watching me again so therefore I say something again cause at this point it is just rude he's following me. I go to the counter tell the lady I have the.15 cents I owed her she didn't say anything cause the guy came over and started saying you owe me. So at this point in highly upset cause not only was he watching me even though there were about 6 people in that store. But he wasn't listening to what I said to the lady and just started talking so of corse I get upset and I yelled at him and asked him is that why he's following me around the store. He didn't say anything so obviously it was and over.15 cents that I clearly just told the lady about. I am in the e. Windsor at least 2-3 times a day. This upsets me because i'm at this store every single day and he has the nerve to follow me and watch me the whole time. I don't know if I would go back to that store at least while he is there. No one should be watched and followed in the store if they are not doing anything wrong and clear I wasn't.

Nov 26, 2016

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