7-Eleven / 7-11 store management at malaysia

bukit kuda klangselangor malaysia, MY

Sir. Madam..

I have neice who.. Is working at 7-11 stor at malaysia location bukit kuda klang
I had several question to which I help farther of my neice to ask..

1) is true whereby employee need to pay for uniform provide by 7-11. When the he question that they cant answer.. Coz her pay roll is not big. Just below rm80/month.

2) why does employee need to pay for fire extringusher for fire or safety purpose.. Dont it should be provide by 7-11.. Each time been collect rm120.
As I m safety manager for pvt sector.. I never come here this issue or any law saying it should be collect from employee.?

3) the most ridicilous story or management I come to across..
Once it happen been robbery at place she working.. And with a sword those robbery enter and rob 7-11.. Even police came and saw cctv provide show that it truely robbery.. But why does employee need to pay for the robbery cost.
Dont 7-11 should provide safety percaution to employee. Coz they was told to keep door open for this case whos fault is it.. How is the life was taken what will 7-11 do about it.. And there are sevral employee been hurt before but non was dont anything from 7-11. I had ask local 7-11 management but they didnt provide any asnwer..

I hope some1 could asnwer me for this.. Before I put on newpaper for further action been taken.. I can be reach thru my email... [protected]

Apr 03, 2017

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