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Heather Gillespie had been selling handcrafted junks using the trademarks of Pottery Barn Kids, Olive Kid, John Lennon, and other Brand new proudcts. On february 2007, Ebay made criminal like Heather sign an agreement not to sell trademarkk infringement products, but for some reason Heather was even able to sell with more than one ebay accounts. The two accounts she used to sell her poorly made trademark infringemnt items are known to Ebay as sister's store. I guess Ebay keep allowing for criminals like Heather Gillespie to continue. Why? Heather is a gold member of Ebay which mean she makes between 10K and 25K per month. Ebay do not want to loose this kind of revenue from Ms. Heather Gillespie AKa Heather Kemmelmeier AKA 3buttonsN2hbows.

Not only is Heather a super evil and unethical creature, she is also the biggest lair, thief, and cheater of the 20th and 21th century. None of the craft itmes she mades is her orignal idea. She stole it from over 20 former ebay sellers. She is shameless and claiming most items are her original. How can a mom claim to care for her 5 kids spend so much time crafting away day and nite???? She cares more about money than her kids. She lies to some of her customers she is single mother and on welfare to gain their sympathy when she cannot ship items out on time. In 2005 she hired hired ilegals to help her wih her ilegal business. She sells thousands of junk a month and cares nothing about her children. Now this make Heather a lair, cheater, theif, and an employer of ilegals. The list can growing. Check out all her unhappy customers. Ebay had helped her to remove hundreds of negative feedbacks cuz they don't want to want to loose the high fees that Heather paid them. I feel bad about htose that lost hundreds of dollars by the hands of this super evil double faced woman. If you write her a check, she can just steal your money, so better go through Paypal if you want any of her poorly made junks. Some are even made her her children. Now this mean Heather is not only a theif, lair, cheater, employer of ilegals, but also using child labor (this is ilegal). Can anyone meet anyone that have all these great and wonderful quality as Ms. Heather Gillespie Kemmelmeier. And yes, this most ridiculous woman is married to her partner in crime named Markus Kemmelmeier ph.D. of University Of Nevada at Reno. He does all the shipping of her Trademark Infringement junks to her customers. After knowing this, I would never allow my children to be enroll into any of assoicate professor Markus Kemmelmeier's classes. I don't want my children to be taught by this person that don't know right from wrong.

Well, I should congraduate Ms. Heather Gillespie for her legal union with Markus Kemmelmeier in april of 2005 or was it 2006, after the two conceived a son and a set of twin daughter while Heather was still legally married to her former husband.

I bet the Pottery Barn Kids stockholders and Pottery Barn kids executives really love people like Ms. Heather Gillespie and Markus Kemmelmeier for making hundreds of thousands of dollars using their brand name. I know Ebay love her . Ebay allowed her to sell trademark Infringement products since November 2003 to present.

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      Apr 21, 2011

    I will be posting this comment on all the complaints against Heather, so pepole can see there are many and they are real people.

    Thanks Gotscambyheathergillespie for your PM to my complaint on Heather Gillespie . She is also known as Heather Mccready. Heather knows all the complaints on the web is true, so she cannot take them down. They are written by real people and all she can do now is directing the blame on someone else who used to sell on Ebay??? It sound like Heather is tryng to put up a smoke screen (Not surprised), but those that were scammed by her knows the true Heather Gillespie, AKA Heather Kemmelmeier or Heather McCready's true colors.
    People post on the web cuz Heather belongs to an Ebay business group (membership) and it the past helped her to remove most of her negative feedbacks. Ebay implemented a new feedback system several years ago. Negative feedbacks will always be removed 12 months from date entered. Heather did so many wrongs to people, so the only options for them is to place the truth about her on the internet and let buyers be awared!!!
    Lastly Heather is not human. I don't know what she is. A witch in the form of a human.

    After reading this person's complaint against Heather, I also doubt that PBK and all other brand names allowed Heather (anticyberbullying = Heather gillespie) and a few other handcrafters to infringe on their trademarks. NOne of us care about this other seller she is gong bah, bah, bah on. No one cares cuz she is not the one that scammed so many.
    Sorry Heather, you lies are just that!!!

    God bless Ms Heather Gillespie, AKA Heather Kemmelmeier AKA Heather McCready cuz she can't be religious at all. If she is, she would know what goes around comes around.

    2 mins ago by Shannon 2011 0 Votes

    Here is all the stuff I read about Heather on the website. On these links there are at more than 10 people telling the truth about her. I wonder if Heather is banging her head against the wall now???????

    /link removed/

    /link removed/

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