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21st mortgage not only has our payment gone up every year because of home insurance that is included in the note (they told us it was the insurance companies fault, but we soon found out they owned the insurance company), they call our neighbors, family, and call at work even though they have been told not too, we are only a month behind and they will not work with us( I asked about the loan modification and they said they do not do that), they already sent us a default letter, I have had a lower paycheck b/c of work slowing down due to the economy, but they don't care. They have pretty much said everything on the phone they could without actually cusing me out. when we bought our mobile home we bought it from another comapny but before our fist payment was due they sold it to 21st. We can't even get a copy of the contract. I think they are trying to push us out of our home. You would think that at a time like this they would be helping people instead of trying to push them out of their homes. Is there anyone who can help me deal with this people, I think we need an attorney b/c our rights have definetly been violated just at the fact they were calling everyone who lives on our street.

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  • Si
      Jun 23, 2009

    It is the policy of 21st mortgage to only address customer complaints in a confidential discussion with our customer. To appropriately respond to a complaint may require releasing confidential information, which is strictly forbidden under federal privacy regulations. We will attempt to contact the referenced customer to resolve this complaint.

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  • No
      Jun 30, 2009

    I wholeheartedly agree! 21st Mortgage engages in routine harassment and bully style threats on a routine basis! They constantly say they want to "work with you" but only on their terms. They've constantly harassed us by phone, called relatives and neighbors, and even told my little girl that she was going to be homeless if we didn't call them back immediately!!! We have been late; but it's usually paid by the end of the month and it's primarily because of their "working with us". It seems like it's encouraged by their company to be rude and bullying. They are the worst of ###!!!

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  • Je
      Sep 30, 2009

    21st Mortgage not only screws the customer but also their contractors that work on their homes. My husband is a subcontractor for them and was told the week before Labor Day that he would be getting his check. As of today September 30th - No check. I think 21st Mortgage thinks we're a bank and uses our money with no interest. I've told him to slap a lein on all the properties he hasn't been paid for...then lets see how fast he gets paid. So what do you think of 21st Mortgage now! We have mortages to pay and employees to pay. Where not talking a couple hundred of dollars...we're talking thousands...

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  • Wo
      Dec 03, 2009

    21st lies through their teeth. My pay was cut in half. So we talked to them about a loan modification. Upon talking to them they said that they would work with us. We went with a company to help us do the modification. At that time the loan modification company was told that they (21st) would work with them on it. 12 days later they sent papers to their attorney to start forclosure. All the while telling us that they has assigned someone to look over everything. and everything looked good. And then just out of the blue and left field they (21st) got really uglie and rude to the loan modification company and would not talk with them anymore. my wife and myself has been verbally abused by 21st over the phone. Had tehm show up at our home saying we didn't live here anymore. We've been told by 21st to sell everything we own and even to not pay the power and water bill to make the payment to them. And why is that when I go to make a payment and give 21st the info for the money gram over the phone. I wind up having to talk to 6 or 7 different reps. 21st Mortgage is nothing but bald face liers.

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  • Br
      Dec 12, 2009

    Roland I too am in the same bind as you my contract was sold to them and the constant harassment is unreal I finally got them to quit calling me I told them I would no longer speak over the phone all conversations would be by email or letter or fax. I told them I wanting everything in writing because I could not take a phone conversation to court haven't heard from them since, COWARDS EVERYTHING THEY DO HAS TO BE UNTRACABLE SO THEY COME OUT SMELLING LIKE A ROSE WHEN THEY ARE JUST PLAIN ###...

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  • 21
      Feb 23, 2010

    The FBI has established a Mortgage Fraud Task Force. If you feel you have evidence of fraud against 21st Mortgage Corporation please contact the nearest FBI office. An intake specialist will take your complaint. It is then forwarded to the investigatos with the Mortgage Fraud Task Force. From there, they review your complaint and determine if fraud or predatory lending occured and will iniate a case, if so. Even if your home has alraedy been foreclosed upon, it is not too late.

    It is imperative that these crooks are stopped and we need to use all available means possible to put a stop to 21st Mortgage Corporations fraudulalant activity. We are not just helping ourselves, we are saving perspective homebuyers of the future from going through the same fraudulent lending violations and fraudulant foreclosures.

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  • Or
      Sep 25, 2010

    i agree 21st mortgage is a bad mortgage comp and will refuse to wark with you in hard times stay away from this mortgage company thay are crap.

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  • Bo
      Nov 30, 2010

    I bought my mobile home through 21 mortgage in 2006 and its been pure hell ever since! I had weather damage and their insurance company refused to pay. I called every day until the did pay less than half of what the work cost. The insurance company, by the way, owned by 21 mortgage, made the check payable to myself & 21 mortgage! they say; sign the check and send it to them well, I signed the check and wrote; "payable to principal only." sent a notified letter stating; apply to mortgage!! this in fact, paid my mortgage up 5 months ahead and there was nothing they could do about it!!
    Sometimes, you have to use logic when dealing with shady companies like 21 mortgage.

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  • Victims of 21st Mortgage, PLEASE read this post to the end. I know this is lengthy, but it may hold some answers for you or a loved one.

    My comment is for Silverado99. I've been watching you closely for quite some time now. The problem I have with you is that you never seem to deviate from your response to any and all complaints against 21st Mortgage Corporation. We can all see that you have your copy and paste experience down to a science. To date, you have exhibited your talent with the same response at least 21 times on this particular complaint board, all of which say the same thing. As a matter of fact, having done some research, I found that your response is the same on other complaint boards as well. For example, /link removed/ What I would like to know is ... who the heck are you, and since when has 'your' corporation decided to start following federal privacy regulations? Come on now! Don't pee on me and tell me it's raining! 21st Mortgage Corporation's idea of 'resolving a complaint' is a joke at the very least. I can't believe you even have the audacity to post a response like that to the people you crap all over on a daily basis. Tell me silverado, are you seriously going to continue to defend this mortgage company, despite the fact that you are fully aware that your blowing wind up our butts? Or maybe your a victim of this company who is being forced to feed us this crap in order to keep a roof over YOUR head. If that is indeed the case, please do tell and redeem yourself here and now. In either case, you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to feed us this crappy paragraph over and over again. Maybe if you copy and paste it enough, you'll actually start believing it. Now that's a scary though, isn't it? You and this company of yours make me sick. Hence the nickname I have chosen to use on this complaint board... silverado99_sickens_me_to_death! Now, having said all that, let me share MY experience with 21st Mortgage Corporation for all who care to read it.

    Over the last 10 years, our mortgage has been sold to 3 different company's. 21st being the latest. It's been about a year and a half now, and a nightmare from day one. In this company's mind, there is no such thing as a grace period. Although it is suppose to be 20 days, if our payment was not in their hands by the 1st of the month, the calls would start. First the home phone, then the cell phones. My husband explained that we did not need their 'reminder' calls, and kindly asked them to stop. Well, that went in one ear and out the other. We finally stopped answering their calls all together, at which point they would start calling us private, blocked, and using all the numbers they had at their availability. Now mind you, we were NEVER 'late' on our payments. They were always made before the grace period. So basically, it was just a matter of harassment. Almost as if they enjoyed making our lives miserable. The calls would start at approx. 7 am and continue throughout the day until 10 pm. Now, here is the kicker. This past month, we got a certified notice in the mail from 21st, stating that our payment was short by $70. We placed a call with our financial institution and found that there had been an error on their part, and the immediately rectified the problem. By that time, the damage had already been done and 21st pulled out every naughty in the book! My husband told the woman at 21st that a check would be sent out that day. Well, needless to say, that wasn’t good enough. She told him that they would not accept that check unless it was accompanied with the telephone numbers and addresses of at least 3 different family members, in addition to at least 2 phone numbers and addresses to our nearest neighbors AND our employer's phone numbers and addresses! She proceeded to tell us that if they did not get all of this information along with the payment, they would start foreclosure on our home. My husband chuckled and threw in a few choice words and hung up on her. We sent them their check, certified, which they accepted and promptly cashed. Needless to say, they did NOT get any phone numbers or addresses from us, and to boot, we had our home phone disconnected, and put a block on our cell phones for all the numbers 21st has ever used to contact us. Jokes on you 21st!

    Victims of 21st Mortgage Company, PLEASE do your homework! Write a complaint to the BBB. Do some research. Report them to the Federal Trade Commission. Call your local AG's Office as well as calling AG's Office in Tennessee. FIGHT BACK! If we all pitch in and do our share, we can bring this company down to it's knees! Check out the following websites.
    /link removed/

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  • Cu
      Apr 30, 2011

    I wholeheartedley agree with you! Just this morning, we had yet another example of their "working with us"! It would appear that working with their customers means that we take continuous harrassment until they get their money! Even little kids are not exempt from their bullying!!! When we tried to explain this to Brad's supervisor; my wife was called a liar and was told "he wouldn't do that". I understand that they're running a business and rely on the payments; however this is a tough time throughout the whole country! So, 21st, how do you "work with your customers"? Bullying phone calls without end, threats, endless letters with dates you don't honor, telling little kids that they're going to live in cardboard boxes, oh and the ever popular "we don't offer deferments"????? Most times, people just need a little time to get back on their feet. Allowing a deferrment of a month or two doesn't hurt the bottom line; you still get paid! How about offering to lower the payments in exchange for a longer term? Nope! 21st Mortgage is a company of liars and extortionists! Plain and simple. They are no better than loan sharks who get a kick out of hurting other people's lives! As a company, they are a joke! As human beings, they are even more pitiful!!!

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  • Rd
      Jul 31, 2011

    I am happy to know that im not alone, we never let our payment go to the next month. I was told years ago by them that if my payment went into the next month they would foreclose on us, we never let it go to the next month, in june our we were unable to pay our mortgage online because 21st block us out of our account so we had to send a moneygram. july we are still blocked out of our account, so my husband went to walmart to do a moneygram 21st has blocked us from that, when they put in the information the computer said our account number was invalid my husband called me to make sure he had the right account, which he did so we had to do a moneyorder. IS THIS LEGAL

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  • Mo
      Aug 27, 2011

    i am in total agreement in regard to 21st mortgage, they have bullied me on several occasions telling me me were going to be homeless. I was told as well to sell everthing we owned including my medical equipment to pay these sharks. I am disabled and my husband works but we lost my income back at the beginning of the year and things have been hard, 21st has harrassed us and screamed at me over the phone, i only moneygram them and all paymts are made within the grace period, they always change their stories and indimidate as a means to do business. If more of us together filed complaints and maybe sue them we could finally get somewhere with this company of sharks and ruthless people.

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  • Sa
      Sep 12, 2014

    21st mortgage is very wrong in what they are doing to people i have a friend whom' wife passed away and now cant afford to pay the mortgage because he no longer can depend on his wife's income since she is gone and now they refuse to do a load modification or work with him in any kind of way now they want to take his home because of this he has been paying his mortgage for over 15 yrs 21st Mortgage you people are CROOKS he cant afford a Lawyer he is 57 yrs old if anyone knows how he can get some help with this please let me know thanks

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