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The J.G. Wentworth Companyunethical behaviour

We have contacted jg wentworth multiple times since my husband lost his job to figure out what are options were available once becoming behind on our mortgage.in december 2018 we were sent a package of information and a list of everything that needed to be sent in. We faxed in all the required documents. We received a letter jan. 10 2019 stating we needed additional info. Spoke with a rep who stated to resend everything we previously sent (as I forgot to check 1 box) plus the additional documents (employer letter contributor letter proof of occupancy). We sent them new documents on january 31st, 2019. Since jan 10th 2019 we have not received a single document or notification from them stating they still required more documents - how is that legal?. As time past we decided to call to see where we stood. This time we were told a few more documents were being requested (willingness and understanding letter, profit and loss statement and paystubs) - again we never received a document asking for any of this. So we faxed this in feb. 21st 2019. We have contacted them almost daily since. Then on feb. 26th we received a letter stating since we have not been in contact with them our loan is being sent to a foreclosure committee. So we contacted them again asking why this is the case as we have obviously been in contact. We were told they do not contact you if they are still waiting on the same documents as stated in their january 10th letter. Wtf?! We sent them those documents multiple times and when we have talked to multiple people in february not one of them stated these documents were still required. Today we were told the documents we sent in were not valid. How and when were we going to find out these documents are not valid? We still do not know why they are not valid! Everything is signed and dated. They do not contact you to tell you your documents are not valid how the f* is this legal? When you contact them they do not tell you the documents are not valid? Since this is the last week for us to make a payment before it goes to the foreclosure committee the customer service has gone so far south it's pathetic. Before this week everyone explained what we need to do and was friendly, now this week it's a bunch of well you should have done this and that so we can't do anything for you. I have documents dating every time we sent a fax, how many pages and every time we called them. We have done everything they have asked and they still give you the run around. At one point we were told we just needed to make 1 payment, now it's 2 and if we make 2 payments then we are required to make a payment plan, and all of this process we have just gone through is worthless. We are just trying to do a re modification on the loan so we can finally be on normal ground again, after being unemployed for a year, during which we paid every month, until the last 2. I feel this company is just baiting customers along until the very last second and then screwing them over and going straight to a foreclosure committee so we are now required to pay more fees. How is it legal not to send documents letting a customer know what is needed or that something is invalid? And how is it legal to be lied to over the phone - being told one thing and then last minute everything changes? I feel like everything they are doing is illegal! This company is so big nothing will be done and nothing will change - other than the second I get a chance i'm taking my home loan and transferring it to another bank! But i'm going to blast jg wentworth every where I go and I will never recommend them.

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    J.G. Wentworth — prepaid visa debit card

    They sent me a card with $200 loaded on it. It expired (which is illegal in California) but still had a...

    The J.G. Wentworth Company — treatment of veteran on short sale

    JG Wentworth hates Veterans? I am representing an owner of a home, a VETERAN that served our country, in the...

    The J.G. Wentworth Company — loan closing and compensation

    On March 16, 2018 JG Wentworth proved to be incompetent and unresponsive in getting their primary task...

    The J.G. Wentworth Company — annuity

    Biggest. rip. of. i'm. still waiting. on my. money. wen u call is. a. whole. new. story. I wouldn't. trust...

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    J.G. Wentworth — structured settlement

    I was in dire need of money from my settlement payments and I ended up taking an offer of $47, 000 for $250...

    J.G. Wentworthcall center agent bran id473357

    My husband called JGWentworth customer service, he spoke to Bran ID 473357. My husband initially told him he wanted to speak to the supervisor because our payment are not being taken out of our checking out again. We called several times, given many confirmation or reference number, talked to one of the supervisor named Ms. keys but we still have the same dilemma. This agent keep repeating the same question over and over as if he's reading out of a script. My husband already told him several times we want to talk to the supervisor, he kept on debating as if he knows what he is saying. Bran even threatened us that we could loose our house which is absurd. Totally! He kept heckling around that seems like his intention to annoy and irritate my husband more, he even said that we're being recorded, as if it's not a de facto by any call center (dull-witted!!!). The supervisor Mr. Stumpf ID3966 promised he will look into this agent. This is agent is rubbish! I hope you won't get to experience what we had with this guy.

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      J.G. Wentworth — don't return my messages

      Start with not answering my messages, the sick things is that stupid commercials the 2 guys and a girl sing...

      JG Wentworth — annuity payment

      I have done transactions with JG Wentworth. My annuity company holder sends my checks to JG and in turn they...

      JG Wentworthstructured settlement

      Jg Wentworth are the biggest crooks in the settlement industry! I was attempting to sell my entire settlement they lured me in with false promises of no legal fees and fast cash upfront (all lies) after I signed up it was almost impossible to hear from my rep. Always getting the run around. Anyways, have way through my transaction I get a call from Brandon Hong a settlement broker who works with private investors. He mentions that jg lies all the time and always rips people off. He gives me a quote that not only beats jg Wentworths deal it almost doubles the offer for the same payments! I thought it was too good to be true so I told him to send me the contract and I took it to my attorney and he told me he trusts this contract more than Wentworth, it clearly says they charge no fees and what I am quoted that is what I receive. My court date is Friday and I recommend Brandon 100 percent his personal cell number is [protected] he always answers any questions I have no matter what time of day It is! Call him if you decide to sell your settlement you would not be disappointed.

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        J.G. Wentworth — refinance

        On February 21, 2017 I started a refinance through the Costco website and was contacted by JG Wentworth. I...

        J.G. Wentworth — harassment

        I talked to these guys back in 2006 or around that date. I told them back them, nevermind, that they want to...

        J.G. Wentworthripped me off.

        In 1997 I received a structured settlement (from a job related accident. I had my left hand crushed by a hydraulic press machine. Lost 2 fingers on my left hand and the other fingers are paralyzed ) from fireman's fund ins of $2726 monthly payments for 25yrs and a lump sum payment of $500, 000 due to me on may 1st 2022. In 1998 jg wentworth got in touch with me via telephone calls and mail trying to convince me to sell them my monthly payments, unfortunately I gave in and sold 3yrs worth from [protected] and got $75, 000 for that transaction. Shortly after on that same year they continued to call me saying that I should sell them more payments, at one point the sale rep told me i should enjoy my money now because tomorrow I could be dead and many other things, so I sold them 2yrs from [protected] and got $31, 000. The following year (1999)I sold them 5yrs [protected] and recieved $50, 000. That same year (1999) I sold them another 3yrs from [protected] and recieved $12, 000 and a couple of months later I sold them 4yrs from [protected] and recieved $11, 000. The following year (2000) I sold them my remaining payments, 83 payment in total from [protected] and recieved $10, 000. In 2001 I declared bankruptcy. Somehow the insurance company diverted the payment for about 6months to my residence and I cashed them. Jg wentworth sued me fot this and took out a lien in a California court (I live in NY) on my $500, 000 lump sum claiming I owe them $19, 000. BTW I never saw a judge for any of these transactionsI only saw a lawyer that wentworth recommend for me to use and the lawyer never gave me advise on the transactions or anything he just said sign here, here and here and I got funded in less than a week. I was in a bad financial situation for years lost my job, my home, ect it's kinda hard to find employment due to my disability. I was desperate so I contacted wentworth so I could sell my $500, 000 I spoke to a keith mayers and he devoured me over the phone saying rude things to me and that he wasn't going to buy my lump sum and no one else could buy it because they hold a lien against and I had to wait until 2022. In 2011 Peachtree send me a post card saying they could buy my lump sum. I told them about the lien wentworth had against me so they told me "don't worry we have a good relationship with them" . The transaction took a long time because they had to cancel the lien in California and do some other legal paper work. Finally in 2012 I sold Peachtree $450, 000 and recieved $170, 000 from which jg wentworth took $19, 000. I know that the structured settlement protection act was introduced to NY in 2002 but I know they gave me pennies on the dollar and those transaction were unfair. If there's anyone who can help me, perhaps look over the contracts, and all legal paper work. please contact me [protected]@gmail.com

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          J.G. Wentworth — delay in monthly passbacks

          there is always a delay with my monthly passbacks. Original addendum states I should get my monthly monies in...

          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          JG Wentworth — unethical practice

          I was totally ripped off. My ex husband and i wanted to buy a house and were so excited. It was in December...

          J.G. Wentworth — structured settlement

          I was working with J.G. Wentworth with selling my annuity payments for my daughter that needs to go to...

          JG Wentworthmortgage

          I am a REO Realtor for the past 9 years. REO means foreclosure basically. I receive foreclosed homes, I check for occupancy, offer cash to the occupants from the bank to have move, etc, etc, etc. So I have heard many stories from tenants and owners on why they lost their home. Now I see why. My mortgage company was originally WestStar Mortgage and they were awesome. Many of my buyers used them to buy homes. JG bought them out last year sometime right around the time Weststar worked with me to get my rate lower as well as my mortgage. I had 1 contact named Joe. Always returned my calls and emails. Just a great smooth experience. Then JG steps in and I can't believe how incredible awful they are. The past year or so I had 2 big deaths in my family and for the last 4-5 months I have been traveling back and forth from CT to NJ trying to wrap up my mothers affairs since we buried her in March. And about 8 months ago, my upstairs tenant stop paying me. So my finances took a big turn around in the last year. Being self employed as a Realtor, I need to be home in CT working! Anyway, I try to speak to JG everyday to keep them updated, and of course, its always a different contact. I can even begin to tell you the issues they have caused me the past year. I would be writing for days. I am sick to my stomach every day. But hers the kicker, , , , on 5/31/16, at this point I owed 5 mortgage payments which totaled around 3300. I somehow managed to get it together and i also now have tenants who have just signed a lease and will be moving in next moth, they will pay me 800 a month. That will cover my mortgage so i will be almost back on my feet again. JG refused to take my money because they wanted was is now due, 6 payments. So they refused my 5 payments. What gets me is, people sometimes go through a hard time and get back on their feet again like me. And they wont take my money but foreclose?????????? This is why many people loose their homes, I have heard these similar stories many many times in the past few years. Oh and by the way, I sent them 2 payments in March. I spoke to a rep who gave me the correct total for 2 payments, I sent it the next day. Whew, now i only owe 2 payments to get up!! Yeah right, about a week later I call JG and they said I never made payments. I asked what happen to the 2 payments I sent March 10th? Apparently, it was short for 2 payments so they applied it to something that was short of money, escrow etc from last June or something. I still have not figured it out. Again, I am trying but I am to the point of nervous breakdown and have no one to turn to. I busted my butt as a single hard working women. They have mentally destroyed. I am thinking about getting an attorney but the energy has been drained from me. I have owned my house for 5 years now and I am 45. If I loose my house, I will never have an opportunity again to have the so called American Dream. I will never recommend JG to any of my buyers ever.

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            • El
              Elissa Gigliotti Jun 15, 2017
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              I am the original person who wrote the complaint. Since I wrote that, I finally did have a nervous break down and in August of last year, I ran my car into a pole and totaled it. It has been a long year of recovery. Just so happens that a Auction sign was put in front of my home today, , , like I have not been through enough now I am humiliated by all that drive by. Thank you JG, , , you have made my life a living hell the past 2 years. They are the worst!!

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            • Na
              nailbuf Mar 27, 2017

              Wow! After reading the comments on this page, I AM SOOO GLAD I DIDN'T REFINANCE WITH JG WENTWORTH. We started the process, but nothing went easy. Being self employed we had to send them document after document, and then they wanted more documentation. Rolfe, the agent I started with was nice and polite, and pretty much told me it should be "no problem" for us to get a loan, but they insisted that without a home appraisal, we couldn't move forward. We had the appraisal done, at our expense and everything was looking good. Then the deal we thought we were getting, drastically changed. Now they tell us the debt to income ratio is too high and they have to re-figure the loan. Seems that they could eliminate some of our debt by suggesting we pay off a 26, 000 truck loan. WHAT?? No that's not eliminating the debt, it's just moving it around. At that point I told them to forget it, we went into this wanting a better interest rate and to lower our monthly house pmt., but the way they refigured, it was only going to save us $200 a month. Not worth it! We feel we were not treated fairly, they were incompetent in the way the situation was handled, and I would NEVER refer anyone to that company. I want others to be aware too.

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            • Re
              Regular Person 777 Sep 19, 2016

              Doing the same to me. And lying. They put my house up for auction and told me the day before by regular mail. Getting lawyer today. Like I have the money.

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            • Se
              Sellstate Jun 07, 2016
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              I do not want to have JG carry my mortgage any longer.

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            JG Wentworth — structured settlement

            I received a letter in the mail from JG Wentworth regarding the selling of my Structured Settlement. I...

            J.G. Wentworthbought our mortgage

            J. G. Wentworth bought our mortgage and we've had nothing but trouble ever since! We got behind due to me being laid off work, so we resigned an agreement to lower payments and extend term to get caught up. We've been making payments for 6 months now and they still are sending threatening foreclosure letters monthly, saying we're 2 months behind! You know it's bad when their own employees are embarrassed by their lack of professionalism and poor record keeping!

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              J.G. Wentworth — structured settlement purchase

              I called in from after needing some fast cash after loosing my job. I got a quote for selling a little le...

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