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those people are big time crooks...
I've chosen for a trial (30 days free of charge) day Website Builder Plus. After 2 weeks I tried cancel it myself, it was impossible to do it on my own... so I contacted them via email. They instructed me to call them (every call is over 10 min with every simple things, call center is in Philipines and their 'English' is almost impossible to understand, and it's over 2 pounds for every single call; not mobile though!)
I called them and gentleman confirmed cancellation, said I won't be charged. I asked for a confirmation email, he promised to do so, and I never got it. Week later those [protected]@@@@@s sent me an invoice for over 17 pounds !!! I am in the middle of struggle, but be aware !

1 and 1 is a phony company and their practices are unlawful.
keep away of them

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  • Gu
      Nov 26, 2009

    here is they answer :

    Dear Mr ...

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Regarding on your concern, I have read your concern and I understand
    that you have completed the cancellation. Just to confirm the Website
    Builder Plus feature is already cancelled from your account. This is
    something that you need to check with our billing as to why you've been
    charged for this feature that you have cancelled. As much as I would
    like to help you with this but I can find any detailed informations
    about payment as we don't have full access. With this please be advised
    to contact our Billing Department at this number [protected] option
    4 or send an email to [protected] . Billing is only open from
    Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM except on Holidays.

    Thank you for bearing with us.

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Geralyn Jacalan
    Technical Support
    1&1 Internet Limited

    – Registered at Cardiff, Company number 3953678 - VAT No GB [protected]
    Aquasulis House, 10-14 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 3SA, United

    isn't it hilarious ????? not us, other department etc...

    BE AWARE 1 and 1 !!!

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  • Or
      Dec 04, 2009

    Orchard credit card company or also know as HSBC IS A RIP OFF!!!
    They call over and over again even when you have made payment arrangements. I was called two time during our Sunday Morning worship service. We had already made arrangements to pay on tue. They called again three times on Mon. Then when I called back to make a payment they said they could not talk to me because I was not the primary cardholder. Funny they had been calling my no. for a week about the same account. They when we called to make a payment they said our debit card would not go through. I called the bank the money was there and there was no reason it should have not gone through. Just another way to collect more late fees.

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  • Or
      Dec 04, 2009

    feel this is a rip off

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  • Bj
      May 20, 2012

    This company charged my account and activated their service under my name without my authorization!!! The person i spoke to stated the account is under my name and my address and they are waiting for further details for the website??? Wtf i never signed up for anything or any service from them. They mentioned i had to contact billing to close my account?? I never opened the account... i said multiple times...eventually he hung up on me. Now i'm heading to the band after a weekend of canceling my debit card...Funny thing is i just used this card the other day for the first time...and this company shows up on my bank statement.

    Crooked company

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  • Re
      Oct 25, 2015

    I registered a web domain name at for 99 cents for first year, and $20 per year thereafter. A salesperson signed me up for an expensive web hosting plan without my permission. When I found an unauthorized $240 charge on my credit card, I cancelled my account and asked for a refund. They refused to refund my money, claiming that “the refund period has expired”.

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