SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / avoid at all costs 1and1 free trial & tribulation.

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Hi, please read this.

I have somehow received a free trial from 1&1. It may have been triggered from a sales call from the usa. It resulted in an e-mail welcoming me to a free trial. The e-mail ended up unbeknown to me in my spam folder. And there it stayed. I am now being charged & pound;70.00 per quarter for a service I did not ask for. I only became aware of this charge when I inspected my pay-pal account and saw the 1&1 debit. Incredulous as to the source of the charge I searched my mail account for 1&1 related e-mails. It was then I located the free trial details in my spam folder.

At the foot of the 'free trial' introduction was a number to call should one choose not to use the service offered. Failure to call the number to cancel the trial within the specified time period automatically gives 1&1 the right to charge for the service. As I have an existing domain 1&1 have my payment details.

I am pretty devastated this has happened and the sharp practice used appears legal.

So, my message is 1and1 are using stealth & sharp practice to sucker people into useless services at an outrageous cost. I call it white collared theft.

I asked for a refund as the package is unused, no contract has been signed and no invoice received by me. They rejected my request and here I am on this forum joining you as a disillusioned fellow victim. I am going to attack 1and1 in any way I legally can.

Watchdog next.

The cat

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  • Et
      24th of Aug, 2012

    I am a victim too of this horrid bunch of Sharks 1&1 they claim I did not cancel my account within the trial period so I owe them over £50.00 for nothing. They took £18.00 set up fee even though I decided very quickly they are not good enough to be my webstie provider. Avoid them at all cost. All they do is harrass me for money for nothing, and insist I have to pay.
    They need sorting out Watchdog next as well.

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  • Th
      24th of Aug, 2012

    Yep, bunch of scammers paying for tv adverts and desperate. The whole deal is absolute pants. The service is ultimately designed to keep you suckling at their commercial udder. Still fuming about it.

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  • Ju
      3rd of Dec, 2012

    Exact same thing here. Seem's like theft to me, offering a free trial and then charging for the service even if you didn't use it or want it.

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  • Th
      4th of Dec, 2012

    1&1 create your own web-page service is appalling, the service is amateurish. They pass the details on to a debt collecting agency who then chase. No contract signed, not even able to produce one either. Avoid 1&1 at all costs. Unless you actually want a money sucking website that is. Go to Big Commerce. I could not recommend that web solution highly enough.

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