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I ordered a flower arrangement for my wife for my anniversary from online. On the day of the anniversary around 10:00 am I tried to check the status of the order and it did not pull up the order so I called the customer service. The guy said he was not able to pull the order even after searching by order number, name, email, phone, and cc number so he asked me to call back in half hour just to make sure. I called again at around noon and same thing so I asked to cancel the order and I bought the flowers from some other place.In the evening around 5:00 pm a guy showed up at our door with the stale flowers and deflated balloon and my cc was charged. So next day morning I called in to complain they said ok we will cancel the order and someone will pick up the flowers from the recipient. So at the end not only I had to go through all this ugliness but I looked like a [email protected]#$ to the recipient when the guy shows up at the door to pickup the flowers. Luckily, I had sent the flowers to just my wife and she understands. I cannot even imagine sending anything to anybody from this place ever again. I do not know why they want the flowers back; my guess is they want to send to the next customer…

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  • Jo
      Sep 11, 2007 - four days late
    United States

    I ordered flowers for my Grandmother, at over $70. They were to have been delivered on Saturday (Grandparents Day). I filled out the online form to send her an e-card letting her know that she was getting a flower delivery. Big mistake! By the following Monday, the flowers hadn't shown up yet, and she'd been waiting for them. I called on Monday and they told me that the local florist was out of the flowers I ordered. They claimed they had tried to contact me. I told them that something needed to be delivered to her that day and they said "It shouldn't be a problem". Tuesday came around, no flowers and no contact. I called back again and this time I was told that no florist had ever picked up the order, because there weren't any florists in that area that could access their system. When I asked why they accepted my money for delivery to that area, they said they have no way of knowing at the time the order is placed whether or not a local florist will be able to fill it. I will never, never, never use this florist again!

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  •   Apr 21, 2008 - don't rely on them
    United States

    I ordered a bonsai tree for my brother's birthday on He didn't get it on his birthday, a week went by and he still didn't get it.

    I called the company and they said it was still in the delivery warehouse and hadn't even been sent yet! The customer service rep was nice but had no explanation as to why it wasn't sent.

    They offered me a $10 gift certificate...gee, thanks...that doesn't even cover their shipping cost! Do not use 1800flowers, you can't rely on them to get your product delivered in time!! What else would you use a special occasion service for? They suck.

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  • Ka
      May 08, 2008

    1-800flowers sent 23 instead of 24 roses for Mother's Day. Short change Mom, will you? That's very naughty. Bad.

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  • Ma
      May 14, 2008 - authorized more than one payment for the order!
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I ordered flowers for my mother for mother's Day, I was told my credit card was declined which I knew it shouldn't, I later found out one payment was authorized and the other declined, but was told they couldn't send the flowers, after talking to my credit card company, i found that one payment was authorized, after having conference call. the next day Friday I received a call from it was stated they would send mom her flowers with the payment that was already authorized, mom did get her flowers, but another payment was authorized for the flowers.

    I had to call my credit card company so many times to get this straight, after putting the money back in my credit card over $8.00 was charged to me, every time I had to talk to a live person they were charging me, when suggested they owe me they refused even thou most of the calls was conference calls with them on the line. Mother's Day should have been a happy day for me even thou my mother lives 3, 000 miles away, I was too stressed to be happy.

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