1800Flowers.comdoesn't deliver, then lies

12/21/08 - ordered christmas arrangement from 1-800 flowers to be delivered in dallas, tx before christmas.

12/26/2008 - we verify the arrangement was not received by the recipient.

12/27/08 - called customer service: they provide fake emailed confirmation stating the arrangement was delivered on 12/22/08. We call back and dispute it. They first restate the lie... Then keep talking... Then they claim the arrangement was delivered at 11:00am on 12/27/08 and signed for... Although they can not confirm or make out the signature name. They offer a 20% discount, my wife asks for 50% since it was so late, they agree to do it.

12/27/2008 - 1:00pm - we confirm there was no delivery as they claimed. Call customer service again: they now admit there was no delivery. My wife asks for a full refund since the christmas arrangement is now a joke. They say ok... But it will take 6-7 business days to process the refund. (On a credit card purchase) we're very concerned the refund will not be issued. We'll monitor and contact our credit card company to dispute the charge if necessary.

We understand things happen in life and sometimes a delivery is late. But a company that misrepresents, lies and then holds your money after the acknowledged deception should be considered fraudulent.

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