#1082 Panera at E 56th Street, Indianapolis, INcrumbling curb by front entrance

I picked up my order of bagels and was walking out front door around 6:03 am 3 May. The curb by front entrance is crumbling. There were 3 cars parked and I walked in between 2 of them. Fell flat on my face after tripping over crumbling curb. My knee is torn up, bleeding. My work pants ripped. I picked up myself and food and went to car to tend to knee. Of course its dark. I had to go to work. I cleaned up my bleeding and torn knee and sewed up my pants. I did take a photo of my knee before cleaning...I want that curb repaired before someone else falls like me. Lucky I didn't break any bones. I want someone to pay for my pants. Im 65 and don't need any more stuff like this happenening to me. I did send email to the store itself. Right now I am in pain and ANGRY over what happened. I have photo

#1082 Panera at E 56th Street, Indianapolis, IN

May 03, 2017

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