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I recently began trainng for 1-800-flowers. It was a week of training via conference call/webex.
You could work from home. Great, I thought. Our trainer was also working from home. She would leave us holding while she tended to her kids, did laundry, and checked her Facebook mail. It was paid training. We were on a call w/ 18 other prospect employees. At times you couldn't get a question in-too many people trying to talk. in our class was several people who shouldn't have made it past the first day. One man couldn't speak a complete sentence in English. Another woman was using a cell phone. We could hear her driving her car etc. An older lady couldn't navigate her computer well. But yet the entire crew graduated! Trainer must get some kind of bonus for that! We were all supposed to do mock orders on graduation day. Only 4 people got to to do that. We were scheduled to work that following Monday.Nobody was ready!!! More than half of the class quit. I spoke with several of them. They said they felt like they were thrown to the wolves. The only communication with a supervisor was thru aim chat rooms. Sometimes they wouldn't even give ansers back. or tell the customers to call back.etc. So now let me give some of you customers some advice. (A) You are more likely to get a "newbie" on the ph on Mondays (B) Give the cust.serv. agent your promo code ahead of time, once they go thru the whole order process-there's no going back for discounts (C) You can always call for a staus check, even if it's a couple of times a day or only a few minutes after the order-I advise it! (D)If they tell you they can only give a savings pass as compensation, that's BS. We were trained to do it in steps. 1First they offer the redelivery, savings pass, partial refund, full refund, or full refundw/savings pass . It goes in that order. Keep on them to get the full refund! (E) Once you give your cc # a hold will be put on the amount of the item(s) being purchased. Even if they are still processing the order. I canceled mine at the end of my conversation and she told me a hold would still be on that money up to 5 days!(F)They charge a $13.99 service charge and the tax depends on what the tax is in the "recipients" state-not your state, if different.(G) If you have a concern about your bill, when you call ask to speak to "Billing Dept." The person who answers is not trained well enough to handle some billing problems.We spent 10 minutes in class over this, if that. The rep will transfer your call to a more experienced person.(H) The cust.rep. gets a bonus for each call they transfer to the "Live Well" program. They try to sell you as much stuff as possible. They start with the most expensive, too. And FINALLY my advice is to use a local florist in recipients area. Ask the customer if the item is a florist or vendor item. Vendor means flowers will arrive UPS/Fedex in a box. If there is a vase you might get 2 boxes. Not very fresh. You can also use it's very helpful. ***I sincerely would like to apologize to all of you who have had a problem based on inexperienced/ill-trained cust.serv.agents. There are some good people working for them.**** Good luck!

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  • Ca
      30th of Jul, 2009
    1 - 800 - - Didn't deliver
    United States

    On Monday morning, July 6, 2009, I ordered flower from because they guaranteed same day delivery. I needed them delivered today. Price was not the issue. I placed the order, they accepted it, charged my credit card and e-mailed me a confirmation. That evening I received an e-mail stating that their florist would not be able to deliver today after all but they could deliver tomorrow and would compensate me for the inconvenience. I replied stating that only if they could deliver in the morning. I assumed if I went elsewhere I wouldn’t get it any quicker.
    I didn’t hear back from them so Tuesday the 7th I e-mailed again asking for an update. Tuesday evening I received an e-mail stating that they could deliver the flowers today if I wanted them to or I could cancel. I replied stating that I would like them to deliver if they could today but I needed confirmation.
    By 10:00 am Wednesday, I realized that this just wasn’t going to happen. I still had not received a reply. So I e-mailed them cancelling the order. It is so unfortunate that these large companies promise a service, take your money, knowing they will not be able to deliver. It’s obvious that they don’t care about the consequences to the consumer. I wonder how long it will take to get y credit. Any bets?

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  • Am
      18th of Feb, 2013
    1 800 flowers - Didn't deliver
    North Carolina
    United States

    Same complaints as everyone else. Contact the Better Business Bureau!

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