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breac of contract

For breach of contract? Ok, let's begin! Back in january 2010, I moved here to east orange nj! I originally...

cable service

I have had comcast cable service for almost 2 years, I have been unable to watch any television because the cable keeps going out. I have had over 30 technicians come out, and each one tells me something different. Now the last one that came out told me that the electricity from my home was going through their cable line. So I hired and electrician to come out and check, and he found no such thing. I have all this documentation and have sent all this in to Comcast, and still to this day, the problem has not been resolved. I pay for this service every month and now feel that I am just giving my hard earned money away to comcast. They do do care about their customers, and everyone that I have spoken to that also have comcast say they have the same problem. So I am trying to find out how they can continue to stay in business and what I need to do to get my money back or credit or something. Comcast is the worst company I have ever dealt with.

fraudulent charges

it is a company that is screwing people and gets away with it from my experience, in the begining i have made...

monthly bill

I took internet connection with the commitement of $19.99 per month for 6 months started in June 2010 from Then I went for TV cable connection from same company Comcast as well in Oct 2010 with the monthly bill of $15 per month. As per online chat with customer care my monthly bill will be $35 including internet+TV Cable with no installation charges. I also have the saved chat of this as a proof that they commited. But now they are cheating me by sending high bills i.e. $76 and also saying that I have to pay $20 for installation charges also. They are not listening my words now and asking for bills that I never expected. I am totally getting harassment from Comcast. My budget is not allowing me to pay these high bills per month. Please help me to resolve this issue.

My Comcast Account Number [protected]

I have the saved chat as a proof but I cant attach it in the complaint as its only accepting the .jpg format. I can show it if you need.

-Manpreet Singh

disconnect fee

What is supposed to be a very happy moment for me, moving in with my boyfriend, has been completely ruined with one phone call. A call to Comcast to disconnect service. It will cost me $250! UNBELIEVABLE! What's even worse is they even suggested transfering my service and cancelling his to avoid the fee. We would lose multiple stations and they would lose money yet this is their suggestion? Who does business like that? Isn't it bad enough that I have to take the time off of work to wait for them to get there between the hours of 8-11? If any single person made appointments like that their business wouldn't last! Didn't I lose enough money by NOT WORKING and sitting there waiting for service 3 times because they didn't hook up the equipment correctly? NO I guess not, they get you coming and they get you going. Worst customer service I have ever experienced from any company, no compassion for thier clients whatsoever. I bet they make grieving families pay terminations fees when loved ones die!

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customer service/technicians

Comcast has the rudest, ignorant and uneducated Customer Service representatives. Spoke to three of them within a 30 minute period and not one of them could have had a sixth grade education. Instead of listening to what the problem was, they overtalk the customer and put them on hold. If the answer is not in their Handbook, they can't answer it and instead of admitting they do not know how to handle the problem, they lie. They refused to put a supervisor on the phone.

Hopefully Verizon's FiOs and DirectTV will gain more and more customers daily and the Comcast reps will be out of jobs. I doubt they would be able to sell fries with burgers at McDonald's. They certainly fit the stereotype of what they are.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Oct 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I always feel sympathy for people who are treated badly when dealing with customer service representatives. However my sysmpathy immediately goes away when someone insults the whole with something as stupid as "being without a sixth grade education."

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  • Di
    disgruntlemom40 Oct 27, 2010

    I am a Comcast customer service rep and I am sorry that you got treated badly however I have a problem with you making the comment that we are "being without a sixth grade education" we are well educated here and Comcast runs a through background check. I think you need to rethink what was said.

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  • Truth and Justice Dec 15, 2010

    I agree. "Dissassitasfied Customer" and everyone who wishes to be enlightened and well-educated should view the remarkable documentary "The Corporation" (based on the book of same title). It is said that knowledge is power. You will feel compelled to share the wealth of knowledge you gain.

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  • St
    stef129 Jan 23, 2011

    Listen to me. I feel the exact same way. I have had a problem for four days now and the comcast representative hung up on me! She was rude, did not care and lied about the cable being out in the neighborhood when it was not even close to being true. This corporation has THE worst customer service! Someone needs to reprimand this company and do some major straightening out.

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  • Ha
    HalHansen Sep 12, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Comcast is the worst ever. Jonathan at the store accepted my returned equipment and closed my account. I then paid the prorated amount for the current billing period. I had previously removed the billing information for the automatic bank payment and received confirmation that my account would no longer be billed. Guess what..., Comcast went ahead and debited my checking account AGAIN for the normal bill, even though I already paid in the store. The store debit came out immediately. I stopped the automatic payment before they charged me, they acknowledged it was stopped. I called customer service, escalated to supervisor, after 35 minutes on the phone, the best they can do is issue a check in 2-3 weeks. (it's already scheduled) Further escalation is possible if I am willing to wait for a call back in 1-2 weeks! The rep says they cannot refund my account (though they were able to debit it in a nano second at the Comcast store), they cannot cut a manual check to send to me. This is their policy and there is nothing no one can do...basically, it's a matter of nothing no one is WILLING to do. I feel sorry for the Comcast employees who are not given the tools or authority to help customers Comcast has screwed.

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billing errors

In Sept. 2010, Comcast overbilled my account for 3 times their new normal basic cable fee ( 3 x $49.99= $49.97). They charged me 3 x $ 49.99 for 3 cable boxes. I called and spoke with Shannon on 9/13/10. Shannon said that a mistake had been made on my bill. He told me it was not right that I was being billed 3 times the basic service charge for 3 cable boxes. I told Shannon that I had not received any notice from Comcast that they were going to do this. Shannon told me to pay $20..01 for my Sept. Bill. I paid the amount Shannon instructed me to pay, and on my Oct. bill, I noticed that I was still being overcharged at 2 times the 49.99 charge. Shannon told me on 9/13/10 that I would receive a credit for $196.73 on my Oct. bill. I only received a credit for $98.37. Comcast is now saying I am delinquent in paying these unpaid past due overage amounts. They are saying I have to pay a 10% penalty on the unpaid amount. My current bull is now $250.85. My previous monthly bills for both basic cable and basic internet service was raised in June 2010 from $77.57 to $109.07 a month. Comcast did not provide me any notice on this monthly payment change. Now it looks like they are trying to double my rate withought proper explanation again. As Comcast originally admitted that the overcharging on my account was their error, they need to fix the error and correct my current bill.

comcast ripp-off and extremely poor customer service

Comcast sent a letter of promotion to switch to high definition in Feb 2010 and i called for the promotion. Then they scheduled appointment for installation. they showed up with a wrong digital device. I called back the next day and they promised to send another technician with the proper device. But no one ever showed up. Then they increased my bills few days after that to $120 while the promotion was just $69. I called several times and could not get anywhere but since then my bill was increased for about $10 every month. I have been their customer for 8 years now and can't believe they rip me off like that. Today (1014/2010) my bill jumped to $156 without prior notifications. I disgust them and would like to do something about that.

economy protection guarantee/early termination fee

Due to a change in company direction, one of our locations is closing. I called the customer care center to close this account on Oct 12th and was told that unless I provide articles of corporate dissolution we would have to pay over two thousand dollars in early termination fees. I explained to the representative that our corporation is not closing, just our Westminster location. She insisted that we must pay these fees regardless. Needless to say, I am shocked, disappointed, and very pissed off.

In brief history we have been loyal Comcast customers for years, this location began with standard internet service provided by Comcast in 2007. In 2008 we upgraded our account to business class internet service. In 2009 I was approached by a business class salesperson, Rosin Nicholas, with the opportunity to cut our current costs by adding phone service. We also added this service to our other location in Frederick, Maryland.

The length of the contract was a concern, 36 months, but I was assured by Rosin that if we closed our store (as written on our contract, see attached) that we would not be charged the early termination fees. To prove this fact, she included the “economic guarantee” and that our early termination fees would be waived if our business location closed. Our contract does not state that our corporation must be dissolved in order to terminate the contract without fees, just that the business is closed. I specifically asked at the time of sale about this exact circumstance, knowing that we would never completely dissolve our corporation even if we closed our Westminster store.

In no time in history would an “economic guarantee” be more meaningful. It seems that this was just sales gimmick.

Back to our conversation today. You indicated that I must request a waiver of these fees to Comcast corporate. As per our conversation, I am to provide a notarized letter from our business CPA indicating our account number, address, business name, and contact number, and explanation that our business location is closing and is no longer able to support current Comcast services. You were to fax the proper paperwork and letter requirements. Attached is the information received, which does not correlate to the provisions requested in our conversation.

After digging through our old files, I have located our original paperwork as supporting documentation. I tried to contact Roisin by phone but per her voice mail, she is only able to take phone calls between the hours of 1-2:30.

It seems that the “Customer Loyalty Department” is more concerned with gouging current customers and tricking new customers rather than providing ethical business practices to truly grow customer loyalty. What a joke.

The only person who has been helpful in this process is Joyce Hatcher. She agreed to sit on the phone while I spoke to you about ending our contract. I am glad that she was there as a witness to what was promised over the phone as she agrees that the paperwork provided does not correlate.

In addition, when I called the business class support center I was told that my account was already closed. Reading the paperwork, the paperwork must be filed within 30 days. Your prompt reply is appreciated.

This letter is CC to Joyce Hatcher, Business Class Manager as well as Roisin Nicholas, Sales Representative.

  • Gr
    Gr8r Technology Jan 26, 2011

    There's a solution for that., click on "providers", then click on "Comcast".

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destruction of property

To Start, I am not a customer of COMCAST Cabe! I just happen to have a cable hub in my front yard about 10...


I will try to make this brief: I have been a loyal comcast subscriber since february 2007. I have never been late on a payment, I have direct payments made through american express, my payments have never been late. For the past week, I have been getting calls on a daily basis from a collection agency called credit management [protected], I spoke with one of the collection agency's representatives, the woman told me that I had an overdue bill from comcast for over $400.00, she said that my account was closed this past march, she also stated that I have not yet returned any equipment to comcast and did I plan on doing so. I calmly asked the woman, how could I have a past-due bill when I have automatic payments made through my american express and how could my account be closed when I now currently have comcast phone, internet and cable television? She answered - "sir, I am calling to collect a debt that you owe comcast, do you plan on paying this debt?" I then said that I would get my american express statement and for her to please wait on the line, it took me less than 30 seconds to get the bill, when I got back to the phone and said hello, she had already hung up on me. Imagine, a collection agency hanging up on a call, I thought it was usually the other way around. To make a long story short; after numerous calls to comcast, speaking to overseas reps (Comcast keeps assuring me that my account is current and I have never had a late payment or failed to pay) , I still keep getting the collection calls. I am left with no choice but to march down to the local comcast payment center tomorrow and cancel my subscription, call the better business bureau, maybe even contact a lawyer to sue comcast and the collection agency, but definitely I will cancel comcast and hook all the televisions in my house to the antenna on my roof, get a different phone service and internet service. Any one know a good company that I can go with, or have they become obsolete? Phil from the hill

hidden charges and unreliable internet

I just subscribed to Comcast on their $29.99/month promotion for 12gb. I thought it was a great deal and so I switched to their service.

The first issue I had with them was when their first scheduled installation did not arrive in their specified time frame at all! I had my roommate stay home for those hours for no reason.

Then I got my bill claiming that I owed them $190. Of course I thought it was some simple mistake, but as you have probably read, their customer service is HORRIBLE and I had to wait for a long time to speak with a rep. The first one was decent and said that she'd credit my account $59.90, since they charged me $59.99/ month instead of the promised $29.99 (This rate took me so much trouble to secure in the first place even though it was a widely publicized promotion). But then, where did the other charges stem from?

a) Modem Rental ($5/month - fine)

b) Installation Fee ($25 - fine)

c) Modem 'SiK Charge) ($25 - ??)

d) Unreturned Equipment ($25 - what? the rep can't even explain this)

All in all, it has been so frustrating dealing with them. I tried contacting their reps online and through the phone, and I get upset just thinking about all those hours gone to waste without even coming to a resolution.

The icing on the cake is that internet has been dropping in the past few days. I had to call a technical service rep to fix this issue yesterday aside from the dubious-bill-charge calls. Oh, and my internet just dropped three times in the past two hours. No big deal...


I cancelled comcast for a better deal . They were upset do to the fact I didn't contact them first . The thing is I did and was told they do not price match . I asked for a final bill . They sent a man out to get the equipment which was 40 dollars. They sent me a bill including the 40 dollars that was supposed to be subtracted when it was returned . I sent them a letter with the paper the man gave me after he took the boxes .They still will not deduct the 40 dollars, even with proof .I think these people are a bunch of arrogant ### that thik the law does not apply to them. I would rather not watch TV if they were the only cable company left in the world .They are *** and make too much money for what they do .They sent me a collection letter stating that they will put my bill to the credit companies . It's hard to deal with bottom feeders that do not take the time to acknowledge people and there rights . So, screw them they are useless and not very smart.

  • Wo
    Won Jun Jul 10, 2009

    I moved a new apt and transfered my comcast service. The comcast service and their technician told me no charge for transfering account before the transfer, but now they sent me the bill 77.41$ for transfer & activation fee. When I called the service center, they said, sorry! they can't avoid it.. This is the biggest scam company in the State.

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  • Co
    comcastsucks99 Mar 20, 2010

    I called up for one of their deals on a tv advertisement and was told that the deal did not exist even though I had just watched it five minutes before. I signed up for the service anyway at a higher charge. When the ad came on again an hour later, I called up again and they said they would fix it. Several weeks and many phone calls later, it was fixed, but...

    I had to pay $175 to have them come out and hook it up (even though I insisted that I could do it myself) plus the $5 router rental that was not listed in the ad but they insisted I had to pay for. I came in and found that the representative had gotten on my computer, hooked it up online to the wall (not the wireless I was paying for the service and installation on), gone on facebook (yeah, I pulled up his facebook account because the ### left it open) and then just left without finishing the job. Several phone calls later I hooked it up myself. I demanded that they credit the $175 but they refused. It gets worse...

    I got two bills within the first month. I called up and stated that I would not pay a month and a half in advance and I would pay the one bill on the next month's due date (September's due on October 15). I continued doing this until this month when I noticed that my amount due and amount owed didn't match and that there was an "unbilled" amount of $7.95 listed on my bill with a misc of $8.34. I called and asked what was going on and was told I'd been getting late fees every month for not paying on time and in full. I went round and round with two reps and one supervisor about how I was told this was acceptable that I pay the monthly amount by the next month's due date instead of an additional month in advance and that it shouldn't say "unbilled" if it's being billed. I was called crazy and told it wasn't showing up on the bill that I was looking right at during the entire conversation. I was told by the supervisor that "representatives cannot make the type of arrangements to allow you to avoid late fees". So the supervisor herself admitted that they cannot stand behind the promises of comcast's "customer service". I cancelled. They don't care. They said they're going to take my $31.26 in late fees and put it in collections and then on my credit. I said I and my family will never be customers again. They still didn't care. I told them I'm never going to use their shady company again and I mean it.

    Their customer service is a joke. I asked to speak with a manager and was told I couldn't. The fact that they are all foreign and hardly speak English isn't helping matters any. There's a lack of communication not just because of the language barrier and culture barrier (I'm pretty sure they hate me for being an American), but also because they have obviously been taught that the customer is wrong or lying and to do everything they can to screw the customer over more. I've worked in call centers before and would've been fired on the spot had I spoken to any customers (even the irate ones) like they spoke to me...and I was calm the entire time just trying to get them to understand what I was saying (because you usually catch more flies with honey).

    I'm calling corporate on Monday. The number online is listed as 215-665-1700. Hopefully they speak English and are able to at least listen to me when I explain that I paid the full balance prior to the due date each month and therefore shouldn't be charged a late fee for arranging in advance not to pay more than one month ahead.

    This company is filled with scammers. Just google "comcast scam" and see all the other people who complained about similar things!

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  • Al
    Allan22 Sep 30, 2010

    for what its worth, they cannot hurt your credit rating. they can send you to collections but the credit companies will not take their claim and apply it to your credit history or of luck with them - i agree they are terrrible...

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  • Ja
    Jagg2000 Dec 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been a Comcast customer for probably 18 years. 13 through my condo which I had no dealings with, but 5 since I purchased my home. For the most part things were fine, despite the fact periodically they raised the prices or required new equipment without letting me know. On several occasions I considered switching but figured the energy in switching wasn't worth the increases.

    On 8/24/10, I contacted Comcast to see about having my bill reduced and possibly add DVR service. My friend contacted them and had her bill reduced by about 20% but of course they never do that without you asking for it. Increases are automatic, decreases you have to 'beg' for. In any event I thought it was worth a try, but also thought it was time to get on the DVR wagon.

    I entered into a Chat session with an associate and we discussed the options. Of course they were very polite. Little did I know I was entering a state of 'false sense of security.' I figured I had our transaction in writing so if anything went wrong I had 'proof.' Additionally, it allowed me to do other things. Now despite the fact this took an hour and a half (which is too long in my opinion for a consumer or for a company), I went away with a secure feeling that all was set. I triple verified the prices and asked all questions under the sun.

    Now the nightmare begins. For the last two and a half months I have nothing but headaches. Firstly, they never showed up for the appointment that I took 1/2 a day off work for. When I contacted them, they didnt have it in the system, despite the fact they had the upgrade. . .but no appointment?? We rescheduled, got a credit for the appointment. Then they didnt show up for the 2nd appointment. When I called to find out what was going on the hold message stated, you have an appointment for the 11th (it was the 4th and it was supposed to be at 11 am) The woman who came on said yes I see notes for the 4th, but maybe since it has passed it kicked it to the next week. Long story short on that, when I got the dispatch manager she told me that person lied. I wasnt in the system! What the @#$%??? She was rude, and when I called her out on that and what I have had to deal with she changed her tone.

    A tech showed up at my door 30 minutes later. Finally!

    Then the next phase of problems started, my bill was all wrong, the prices quoted where not honored and the install credit wasn't there. When I e-mailed to inquire they told me they said we don't see those prices. . .so sorry. After a solid week of e-mailing I got a supervisor call.

    He was a bit snippy with me at first and when I didn't back down he finally listened. He too told me that he doesn't know what I am talking about those prices aren't in the system and never were. I said, as I said at least 10 times, I have it in writing. He said 'oh, well' send it to me BUT it doesn't mean we can honor it. I said really?? So your sales person quotes a price, gets me to agree then you won't honor despite having it in writing??? He said I'll investigate. Well after about 5 minutes he called me back and changed his tune. He agreed to honor the price and said I should see the changes on my next bill.

    So the next bill I checked. And sure enough the credits were there, plus the price adjustments except for one. My internet was supposed to be 24.99 for 12 months not 6 months. So they, mis noted. Also there was this new charge for $7.50 for an additional outlet. That charge was never disclosed or quoted. When I inquired about it they said it was because I kept one of the once FREE digital boxes when I added the DVR. I explained I didnt know that, and I put it in a spare room just because. They should have told me. Why would I pay 9.99 for DVR and 7.50 for a spare box?? They said I needed to initiate a chat and have it removed.

    Oh yeah and the 24.99 for 12 months never exhisted so they wont honor it. So again I started a chat session and there they told me that A. they can't honor it. When I told them I have it in writing, get me a supervisor, they said basically oh-well nothing we can do and no we can't transfer you to a supervisor. On the 7.50 charge, they changed their story. It is now a fee to get the DVR service. Well I am already paying for the DVR serviece and I was told there wasnt an equipment fee. Yeah, oh well, if you take that off you wont get service, even though I am paying 80 dollars for service, if I dont pay the 7.50 I wont get any. WTF??

    So I decided to write the same supervisor from before and explain the situation again, with all in writing. He has chosen to not respond to me this time. No phone calls no e-mails. I so want to send this to the newspapers. It is wrong. They quote, get me to agree then change EVERYTHING and honor only 80% but after I have to fight for 2 and 1/2 months.

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200 gift card

I signed up for Comcast Triple play in May of 2010. I did not receive my 200 gift card from Comcast. I...


Well I ordered up cable TV and High speed internet. We set up a date for them to come install it in my new apartment. I go off to work and i get a call from Comcast saying that they cant get in, and they need to redo the install date. I call my fiance and ask about why he wasn't let in. She sed he never came! I called them back and sed he wasn't there there like we are sorry let get you a new install date I sed sure thinking a close buy date. Nope its like 5days from the old one. So today roles around and he is sapost to be here between 7-9am I get a call at like 8:30 saying the technician cant get in. I look out the door there no one there! I look down to the main door for the building and still no one is there! I told them no one is here. Well turns out wrong building on the order form he by the office! I tell them that they say I need to get the address changed so I call customer service. They end up shutting down my account making a new one and guess what? A NEW INSTALL DATE!!! In order for me to keep my new job I need internet, well looks like comcast might have screwed the pooch for me on this one!

was overcharged and than tricked into a new contract

was overcharged $300.00 called customer service they said your year bundle service was over 2 month ago, so this are regular charges man with name Jesse told me I have only to pay $163. 86 to bring the account to a 0 balance I paid directly via debit card the amount

I renewed my contract and the new bill came old charges all still there I was lied to trick me into a new contract COMCAST IS A RIPP OFF COMPANY.

I called and they told me sorry for the miscommunication!! be careful record your conversation

  • Ge
    GeoRXT Aug 01, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have called TWICE to cancel cable tv services and yet I am still being charged for them!I have sent numerous emails directly to Comcast service reps to no avail! I am canceling their internet services too. Lets see how long THAT will take.

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  • Js
    jseven Feb 19, 2013

    I was offered a new promotion and was unaware that it was part of a two year contract. When I tried to downgrade my services, Comcast wanted to throw a $130 fee at me for breaking a contract. After I an hour or more on the phone with them and asking them how it is legal to bind me to a contract that I was not aware of, they finally waived the fees. I have been and am still disappointed with Comcast. Too bad they are our only option for internet where I live.

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no refund / unauthorized charges

This horror story involves a series of errors Comcast made. I called on May 27, 2010 and cancelled all Comcast services. At the time, I was told we would receive a refund in the amount of $120.30 within 3-6 weeks. We still await this refund as I write this, almost three months later, despite many, many phone calls, misinformation from varied Comcast employees, and tremendous frustration on our part. In fact, Comcast last week promised it would arrive by Wednesday. I was told this at least five times by three different Comcast reps. When it did not arrive, I called and was told that, in fact, it would be here between Wednesday and Friday (this was the first mention of a Thursday or Friday arrival – and at least the 14th phone call regarding this matter). Even more alarming, despite the cancellation, Comcast initiated an electronic funds withdrawal from our checking account a month later for almost $300. This unauthorized charge to our account was well after our service was cancelled, and after all Comcast equipment was returned. Even worse, Comcast never provided notice to us that it was going to, or in fact did, remove these funds from our account. As a result, our account was short the following month and we were charged overdraft fees resulting in an additional $408.00 billed to our account.
Despite our efforts, the bank is only willing to waive $70.00 of these fees; we were directed back to the responsible merchant (Comcast) regarding the balance. As such, Comcast’s series of errors has caused our family direct damages in the amount of $727.77. Comcast is responsible for reimbursing us not only the original refund amount ($120.30), and the erroneous charge in June ($269.47), but all incurred bank charges due to the unauthorized taking of our funds ($338.00).
We were loyal Comcast customers for almost five years. During this time, we never missed a payment and always paid on time. The way this situation has affected our finances, with little or no sympathy or action on Comcast’s part, is both disgusting and disheartening; at a minimum, it is actionable. We will have to see how all of this plays out, but I will avoid all things Comcast from now, and strongly suggest everyone do the same. This is no way to treat customers, and enough is enough. If you have experienced anything similar, post and let everyone know. I smell class-action suits in the air!

  • So
    so horrified Aug 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i am happy to report that comcast FINALLY paid back the money they owed me. while i appreciate that i was able to find ONE person over there to do their job, it stinks that it took SOOOO much work/effort on my part -- to get what was mine in the first place. i still hate comcast, but at least i can be done with them for once and for all!

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cable goes out all the time for 3 months now.

I got my service with Comcast in February 2010 after moving into another house. My problem started in June 2010 when I lost have the channels I had been getting. We have one box on the main TV and then just regular cable for the three TV's upstairs (just basic cable for $26 a month). When we lost the channels I called customer service and they said if you want the channels you had you will have to up your package, so I did and now it is costing me $39.99 for 6 months and then goes up to $74.90. After I did this none of the TV's upstairs would work. I ended up having to get adapters for each TV. For the downstairs TV with the box it started going to a blank screen with an error code of S0A00 saying "One moment please, this channel should be available shortly". This would happen all the time. Staying on for 5-10 minutes and then blinking out again. I called customer service and they resent the signal to the box. This did not fix the problem so I called again. They decided to send a Technician out to the house. The Tech couldn't find anything wrong inside and of coarse the problem didn't happen when he was here. Then he left. The problem continued so I called again. They sent out another technician. This time he looked inside and outside on the pole. He couldn't find anything wrong and said he would have to put in a maintenance ticket. Well two weeks later I called again as the TV was still blinking out with the same error message. They put in a ticket for another Tech to come to the house. This time I drilled the Tech after he messed with the TV, went into the attic and looked at the boxes outside. Come to find out the we aren't the only ones having this problem and he has been going house to house in our area. He said the problems were on Yeager Rd., Dorsett and even on McDuff. That neighbors would even flag him down when he was at another house. He said he was going to put in a maintenance ticket and they will, have to respond to the ticket within 24 hours. He gave me his cell phone and told me to call in 3 days if the problem was still going on and he would find out about the problem. So I called 3 days later as the problem didn't go away, left him a message and he never called back. So we were watching TV last night and for an hour the cable would stay on for 1 minute and then bleep out for 1 minute. So now I am really getting upset as my problem still hasn't been fixed since June. I call Comcast again. I told him to pull up my record and read it and you WILL KNOW WHY I AM CALLING AND I WANT IT FIXED NOW!! So he reviews it and ask "When the Tech's have come out has anyone ever replaced the cable box that the TV is connected to"? I say no. He said "I'm 90% sure that if we replace the box then your problem will be fixed". I said to him that this would be fine but this is your last chance and I am going somewhere else and that I am sick and tired of yawl saying it's going to be fixed. He's says I understand. Let me set up a ticket for a Tech to come out with a new box and exchange it. Then he comes back on the phone and says I can't schedule a Tech to come out since you are behind one month on your bill. I told him why do you think I haven't paid it. I keep being promised that this is going to be fixed. Now I am getting upset so I told him according to the Consumer Protection Agency you are to provide a service and I provide the payment and I am not getting the service that you are suppose to provide. He says let me talk to a manager to be sure. He comes back and says I am scheduling a Tech to come out. So a Tech will be here today 8/25 between 2pm-5pm to bring a new box. So we will see if this will fix the problem. I did ask him about the maintenance ticket that was opened two weeks ago and he said it was still open and nothing done with it. He said maybe each of these complaints is having to get a new box and that may be why it is still open. So my final words on this is if the box doesn't fix the problem then I am going with another company. If the box fixes the problem and they don't give me some kind of credit for me paying for a service for 3 months and not getting it then I am going with another company. I can't be the only person in Douglasville, GA frustrated with Comcast.

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    Tambo1969 Aug 27, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Well...Comcast replaced the box and guess what started again today. I am sick of Comcast and their promises to fix the problem. I'm gonna have to find a new service

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    freecase96 Mar 16, 2014

    Same here in texas every night everywhere in my neighborhood from anywhere from 12am until up to as long as to5 in the morning i will defenitly spread what you say about the consumer laws and not paying if they dont hold up there end of the deal. Im sure there will be much switches. I am also an editor of a local paper and this topic will defenitly be brought to puplic awareness of comcast and its every day/night illegal screwover. thank you

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fees and lies

Gripe #1

I signed a 2 year contract for service and after year 1 my plan for cable jumps $20 and there is NO cancellation fee. I called Comcast to change my cable lineup to reduce my cost since I don't watch much tv. The 1st person I spoke with told me it would cost $75 to change because I was in a 2 year contract. Lie #1--my contract cancellation fee cancels on Sept. 9th.
After I priced out Dish and Directtv and decided to call back and see if I could get a better price and double check on the cost to cancel. The next agent told me I had a $150 cancellation fee. He claimed he was reading my contract and that's what it says. I called his bluff and asked for the cancellation department. I went ahead and canceled and the lady said I had NO cancellation fee.
Since there was no cancellation fee I called just to see what I could negotiate and this next agent once again lied to me. He told me the cancellation agent was mistaken and I have a $150 cancellation fee.
I ended up finding a copy of my contract--NO cancellation fee...LIARS

Gripe #2
So I am getting rid of Cable TV but I have to keep internet with Comcast because there are NO other options except satellite which has poor speeds. Comcast is sending someone out to cap the cable line and they are charging me $10. You got to be kidding me--I no longer want cable TV and I get charged $10.
I find it unbelievable that I have to pay for them to send someone out when I no longer want there product--I can't believe this is legal.

Since Comcast decided to charge me $10 I looked at my bill for additional savings (all I have is internet now) and decided to buy a modem. Comcast is charging me $5 a month so at least Comcast will lose $5 a month income from me thanks to their crappy customer service and policies!!

I cannot wait to completely get rid of Comcast!!!

bait and switch

I spent roughly 20 minutes on-line upgrading my cable and internet to include phone service. I made it through the entire process and received a final price (w/Install) of $79 the 1st bill and 24.99 each month from there on out+ taxes and fees. Once I finished and agreed to the pricing and conditions along with scheduling the set up the on-line chat screen came up. After approximately 40 minutes of going through the switching of my phone # etc.. I get a response from the onsite representative that the 1st bill would be $179. I told her that was not correct and I was quote $79. The online representative pulled $29 off and said I could split the bill in 2 payments. I just spend an 1.5 hours to be bait and switched. Unbelievable from a company whom I have been with over 15 years. Why would I switch from the phone service I have now to pay for this type of service that will take me a year to recoup the set-up fees. Answer: I wouldn't and I didn't. Now I have to reconsider my cable and internet.

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