Comcast$2 downgrade service fee - downfall of the usa

I am forced to use Comcast as our building has a contract with them. We are not allowed to put a satellite dish up as part of our HOA. We actually pay a portion of our HOA monthly fees to Comcast for Basic TV. No choice... gotta do it.

This is minor in comparison to many of the posts I have read, so I am sorry to offend those that have gone through much more than this.

I am just wondering why you would charge your customers an upgrade service fee or a downgrade service fee? I had requested the NFL Channel since I am an NFL nut. Now that the season is over, I don't watch the channel and won't until next season.

The NFL Channel is only offered in the Sports Tier. Of which I don't have any use for the other channels forced on me.

Anyhow, long story short, I called today to drop the sports tier from my TV package. I was charged a downgrade fee to do it. $2.00... yes, I know it is only $2 but come on... these guys have nickle and dimed me for almost a year now.

They couldn't get a cable card to work with my brand new TV... yes it is compatible etc... I made sure other folks had been able to get it to work with the model prior to getting it. Anyhow, I got stuck paying a $10 monthly fee to have some crappy box I don't want. I left it alone, as they had 4 techs in out of the house fumbling with 8-10 cable cards trying to get it to work. How hard can it be?

Anyhow... my complaint is pro-customer. Why would you clip your customer at every turn? Handling customers should be built into your package prices. Looking for additional revenue streams should be at the core of their services model not at the customer touch point. Is this what it has come to in the great USA now?

1. Offer limited services
2. Provide less than mediocre customer service
3. Politicize non-innovations as Innovations (Xfinity for example - joke because it is exactly the same damn thing they have always had. Cable, TV, and Phone)
4. Charge ridiculous fees that are just enough that someone just agrees to it to get off the phone with your service folks
5. Monopolize your customer so they can't use another provider

Yes $2... but as an unloyal and forced customer, you have no choice but to pay it. Right to the bottom line... this is the problem, produce nothing, do nothing, and generate revenue from nothing. No wonder we are in such a mess here in the USA.

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