Coles Supermarkets Australia / purchase of pork roast from meat department at coles, carindale. brisbane qld.


On Tuesday I purchased a "Port Leg Roast Boneless" from your Meat Department at Coles Carindale shop in Brisbane.
As described this piece was boneless, therefore a rolled piece of pork.
I cooked the Roast for dinner that same evening as per instructions on the packaging.
After the Roast was cooked I let sit for approx 10-15 mins and then proceeded to
slice the Roast Meat for dinner. When I sliced the meat, one slice in there was a large blood clot contained in the roll of pork, approx 2.5 cm in diameter.
I am sure this would have been noticed when the Meat was being prepared for sale.
As a result, I had to discard approx half of the piece pork roast. Very disappointing.
I know this can happen from time to time but considering this blood clot was sitting in the middle of the roll, I am sure it would or should have been noticed.
I have been disappointed before with purchases of meat from Coles Supermarkets and now unsure if I will ever purchase meat from this Supplier ever again.
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Jul 11, 2019

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