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+61 130 030 6397 (Coles Credit Cards)
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Coles Supermarkets Australiarude service and racial profiling

Store number: 927- CS Fairy Meadow

This happened around 4pm on the 26th April 2019. The customer attendant's name was Penny.

I was wheeling my shopping to the Express paying area when I noticed Penny was staring at me. I ignored her and placed my shopping bag at the bagging area. Before I had even started to scan my items, Penny came and asked if I had a receipt for the items in the trolley.

I told her I haven't even started scanning. After I finished scanning and placed the items into my bags, I told Penny to look properly before she starts asking. She rudely said she does it to everyone.
"No you don't", I replied while she was walking off but that was ignored. I knew she didn't because I didn't hear her say that to anyone else.

I asked to speak to the manager and the store manager came. I told him about the incident and who that person was. The manage told me that it had happened before !!

This tells me Penny had intended to target me as I walked into the Express paying area. It also tells me Coles management either did not do anything about previous complaints made as she is still treating customers the same manner or she has been given warnings but she has continuously ignored them . Is that delivering good service and values people can trust?

Every person coming into a store should be treated in a dignified manner. Is that the way to treat customers patronising your store? Now that a formal complaint has been made, please ensure such people are replaced by competent people. Let other people who are have good attitudes and who willing to do a proper job or are competently trained work!!

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    • Bu
      buildere Apr 26, 2019

      How do you know that she does NOT do this to everyone.Do you witness this. You are so full of hatred for her race that you do not realise that you are the real racist. Mommy needs to give you a good slap across the face and she needs to sue you for libel for the false claim of racism. You must think very poorly of your own race to think that she is accusing you of theft. It is YOU who thinks your race are thieve not her. Maybe you are too focused on making her look racist that you did not notice that she says this to people of other races. Why not leave Australia and go back to where you came from. Though she was wrong, you have no proof that it was due to your race. IF this happened before obviously you are not being singled out. FIrst you claim that you are being singled out. Then you claim that this happened before. Make up your mind. It cannot be both ways. Either it never happened before as you stated, or it happened before and nothing was done about it. Liars like you would do anything to to make themselves look like the victim and the others look guilty. But you just said two different things and only one can be the truth.

      -2 Votes

    Coles Supermarkets Australiacustomer service

    I shopped in coles nowra on monday I took my 3 yr old nephew and as always he gets the kids trolley when available. We did our shop and always go through self-service while I pay he returned the trolley and my wife watches him. He will then go to the service counter and ask if he can get a stamp on each hand. He returned to my wife and said lady said no stamps so my wife went to the counter and asked why to which she replied "I don't know they have been moved I don't have time to look" so my wife said no to our nephew she then waited for me and said that the lady has stood behind the counter for 5 min not serving any one but could not look for a stamp for a child??

    Kev morgan [protected]

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      Coles Supermarkets Australiacustomer service

      Iam a committed coles shopper, I am so disappointed & discusted at the way that your company deals & condones with shop lifters. I watched 3 or 4 different people tonight while i was shopping steal meat personal care items & confectionery just to name a few, ( pretty much every isle). I notified the security guards which peered into her bag, they made her empty some of the products while they let her partner walk out out with god knows how much meat. I spend at least $300. 00 per week on shopping at coles HOW IS THIS ACCEPTABLE !!! So very disappointed. Please rectify this. It's not fair to your loyal customers. These people should be charged.

      Hayley Tyers

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        Coles Supermarkets Australiapampas shortcrust pastry

        Sunday 21/4/19 went to worongary supermarket 9.30am. Only a couple of staff working (as usual). One of the items I purchased shortcrust pastry I needed to use it as soon as I got home opened (live 10mins away) it first 4 or 5 sheets mildew. I had to go back and of course had to wait at counter (a very polite and efficient young man served me) I showed him and he said would you like to go get another, I said you can get it thankyou I had to drive back. He promptly went and got it and was very obliging. I decided to check it at counter - another one going mildew not as bad as the first. So I ended up purchasing coles brand which I also checked at counter. This is a health hazard. My time is also important. I am very careful with food, usually I would put it straight in freezer, just a chance I needed to use it. I understand mistakes can happen-but this is one that should not.

        Yours sincerely,
        Cheree cox

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          Coles Supermarkets Australiaonline

          I would like to make a formal complaint in regards to an online order
          I ordered on 17th April for delivery on the 18th
          I selected a window of 6pm -9pm and received a confirmation on the 18th to say my delivery was scheduled for between 8pm-9pm
          At 9.45pm I checked online via Track my delivery, and was advised the order would arrive between 11.40pm and 12.40am
          At 11.17pm, I received a text message advising
          "due to a breakdown, my order would not be delivered" I phoned the number given and was told it could be delivered on Saturday 20th April. The issue was that the majority of the order was for Good Friday lunch the next day for 30 guests. To say I am disappointed and dissatisfied with the service is an understatement. I was not offered any solution to rectify the immediate problem, I was only told it could not be delivered until Saturday and that my order would be cancelled. At this point I have NOT received a refund, and also had to buy more food from IGA on Friday as this was the only shop open on Good Friday. I would appreciate this being investigated and would like some sort of compensation. This service is not acceptable and at this stage will not be placing another online order with Coles
          The online order number is a39771873
          My contact number is [protected]
          Robyn Avery

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            Coles Supermarkets Australiatreatment by staff

            Good morning,
            I would like to make a complaint in regards to a couple of incidents that have occurred in the Labrador Park Coles store, Gold Coast.
            On the 18th April 2019, around mid afternoon I required a couple of items from Coles. Whilst waiting to be served I had a lady in front of me that was checking her change (elderly); I said excuse me have you finished so I can put my stuff through, the cashier say, in a very rude manner, she is counting her money, I said that's fine but she is finished, the cashier then said, what's your problem, are you in a hurry, and I said yes, she then glared at me and thrust my shopping at me, I walked away and said nothing.
            Then I go to the smoke counter, there is a man on the phone trying to organise his money to go through to his account, and does not move for others to be served, then a lady walks in with a dog in her handbag and gets stopped by the staff, which is ok, but then argues with the staff, which meant another 5 minutes goes by and then they serve her as she thrusts her items at them, so after standing there waiting for that another person gets served in front of me and then the staff member says don't get aggressive to us. So eventually I get served after waiting for 15 minutes. I left the shop with smokes and drinks.
            Today 21st April at 9.30am I go to the same Coles, get my items and as I am walking to the smoke counter, the same cashier that was onThursday, at the smokes counter, is serving a customer and nice and loudly says to me, "I need to have a word to you", not thinking anything of it I waited. She then comes to me in front of other customers and proceeds to tell me that I had taken someone else's smokes by accident, and they had checked on security camera and saw that I had taken them by accident, I said to her that I didn't realise and did not look at what I had picked up. She then told me that I had to pay for them, they had been someone else's. I apologised but said I did not know they were wrong as I do not always look at the smokes I buy.
            I felt embarrassed and belittled by this staff member and felt that I was being accused of being a thief, which I am not.
            I have been going to the same Coles store for years and go there for convenience plus the majority of staff are nice. I am really upset and do not believe I should have to pay for this mistake which clearly was not my fault.
            I am not after anything but an apology from Coles. As a nurse I work hard to look after patients and would never speak to anyone like I have been spoken and treated this way by staff at Coles.
            My email address is Sylvia.[protected]
            I would appreciate a response in regards to this.
            Thank you
            Sylvia Henigan

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              Coles Supermarkets Australiacarton milk

              Hi, this not so much a complaint but a question. At this time when there is so much care placed on protecting products from people that may try to contaminate a product, why is it nolonger done with these cartons, once you could take the cap off and see that it hadn't been touched, now you have no indication, I understand why as the new caps make it a lot easier to open but when you do you can't tell if it was already open.

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                Coles Supermarkets Australiacoles pork leg boneless

                Today ie20/04/19, I bought pork leg Boneless from Southern River Coles Perth . Price per kilo was$ 8.50. I bought the prepackaged 3.546 kg pork, ie $30.14 total price
                I have paid the amount at the till
                As I was going out I just weighed the pork out side the Butchers shop it was shocking as it is weighing only 2.22kg. Coles is cheating the customer with wrong measures.
                As a I went back to the customer care after long waiting and chatting they refund me $11.41 without any guilty or apology
                I just wonder how many of the customers you are cheating like this !

                If I have not weighed I could be loser

                Don't shop coles

                coles pork leg boneless
                coles pork leg boneless

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                  Coles Supermarkets Australiabad service not enough staff

                  Gone are the days when you could duck into coles on your way home from work to grab a few thins for dinner. It is the busiest time of the day and there is no staff to serve waiting customers it can take 5 min. To get your things and 15 to 20 min. To get served. It is not the staffs fault it is just bad management. I shop at coles at the entrance on the central coast nsw which is a tourist place for holiday periods and there is nothing done where the population doubles in these times and there is still nothing done to serve the waiting customers. There are three check outs in the 12 items or less section with only one person serving plus attending to the front counter. I hope something can be done as I am thinking shopping elsewhere. Thank for you time

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                    Coles Supermarkets Australiacold meat department - prosciutto parma

                    I do love my proscuitto so I' m buying on reg bases only to get disappointed again, most times it has been cut perfectly thin, — but all stacked on top of each other not seperated by some paper and tightly flattened whilst wrapping, — there was only 1 person a mature Lady ever who used to do it propperly and without asking that was at Nerang qld. — it would be fantastic if smallgood workers would be trained to pack and wrap prosciutto right way, on paper side by side with paper between layers,
                    many thanks Vera

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                      Coles Supermarkets Australiacatalogue emails

                      I have been getting weekly product emails for many years . Now because the catalogues are downloaded by mobile phone apps I am unable to download the catalogues by my PC and see the weekly specials . Not happy Coles . I want my weekly specials .
                      You need to go back to the old system for those of us who do not use apps . I know it is a technology world but please your ongoing customers .

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                        Coles Supermarkets Australiaoak chocolate milk 2 ltr

                        Once again I cannot buy the oak chocolate milk 2ltr in coles mundaring 6073 or midland 6056 in wa.. And woolworths don't sell it here at all.
                        This happens regularly!!!

                        I sent an email to parmalat the producers of oak milk and that categorically said that the issue is with coles ordering department!!!

                        It's ridiculous you can't buy a product consistently in a supermarket. Someone in the coles ordering department needs a swift kick up the butt!!!

                        oak chocolate milk 2 ltr

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                          Apr 14, 2019

                          Coles Supermarkets Australia — bakery

                          Hi, firstly I'd like to say I love Coles and have been a customer of Coles for at least 25yrs. On my weekly...

                          Apr 13, 2019

                          Coles Supermarkets Australia — hygiene

                          My mother has no immune system during chemo treatment and my father is a Renal Patient also has a compromise...

                          Apr 13, 2019

                          Coles Supermarkets Australia — new fruit and veg shelving installed

                          Hi ther yesterday i was shopping with my mother in law as i often do, when she went to get some potatoes off...

                          Apr 08, 2019

                          Coles Supermarkets Australia — a customer service worker at port augusta coles store

                          Customer service worker by the name of Shirley, I don't know her last name, I was about to put all my...

                          Apr 05, 2019

                          Coles — self serve checkout; security; team member harassment

                          My partner and I visited this store on Sunday the 31st of March, we brought in some old pots in an old cole...

                          Apr 02, 2019

                          Stickeez campaign — stickeesz

                          Hi, I thought the recent stickeez campaign was a mastermind idea. Getting kids to be excited about fruit and...

                          Apr 02, 2019

                          Coles Supermarkets Australia — purpose of a security officer

                          Hello, I am a regular shopper in this store as l live only block away. I have just been shopping and...

                          Coles Supermarkets Australiacoles online delivery service

                          I have been a coles online customer for the last 16 that time I have spent $11, 176. After showing you loyalty as a shopper you have decided to dump me as a customer and have terminated my account.

                          My expectations were to receive fresh undamaged products in the delivery timeframe chosen. Unfortunately you gave me many reasons to complain. I have received meat products that were old, some with only 2 days remaining on the use by date which your online representative told me met the coles standard) and once receiving a meat product with no use by date as the label was half torn off. I received fruit and vegetables with the flesh exposed which looked to me like a thumbnail having pierced the skin. I received tinned food with dents and on one occasion 3 of the 4 tins I had received in one order were dented. I received products from the freezer which were partially thawed and on one occasion, ice-cream tubs that were liquid inside. Bread ordered was constantly old. Usually 2 days old and sometimes as much as 4 days old. When items were bagged you would typically pack cleaning and laundry items and pest sprays with food items. I have had iced donuts delivered to me upside down so they were no longer iced as the icing was stuck to the packaging. The list goes on. Yet I persisted with your service as I enjoyed the convenience of online shopping. I requested on many occasions that you amend your website to enable customers to request what they would accept as a use by date. I was told this was being reviewed, however this never happened.

                          I suspect that coles online shoppers are often given flawed or old products that personal shoppers would not buy.

                          As an online shopper I got to choose a delivery window however it was normal practice for you to not meet that delivery window. I was given excuses such as the truck broke down which I was later told by a coles online representative that was just a code used when deliveries were delayed.

                          For the last delivery I complained about, my window was 4 to 5 pm, but your delivery did not happen until 5:30 that order there was a sticky substance over many of the items which smelt like some sort of cleaning fluid (it was nothing I had ordered so I can only assume someone else's product had leaked onto my tray) and there was one box of rice crackers where the packaging was damaged and one frozen product for which the box was partially thawed and damaged.

                          This last order I complained about was 3 weeks ago and even though you have collected the damaged items I have still not received a refund for them.

                          I have photos for some of the complaints I have made and had offered to send pictures of damaged products when making my complaints but I was told they were not required.

                          Instead of fixing your issues you send me an email with the following

                          "thank you for your custom with coles online.

                          We have reviewed your recent activity with coles online, and we believe that the coles online service is no longer suitable for your shopping needs. It seems that we were unable to satisfy your shopping needs with our service and goods.

                          Accordingly, we have suspended your account effective immediately.

                          This means that your shopping privileges have been revoked and you will not be able to place further orders with coles online.

                          This suspension is in accordance with clause 20. And 21. Of our customer agreement as detailed below.

                          Customer agreement
                          20. Termination;
                          Coles online may terminate or suspend this agreement at any time by delivering notice (as specified in clause 20 and 21) or by sending you a message advising that your shopping privileges have been removed. Termination of this agreement is effective the day notice is received, or such later date as specified in the notice. Coles online may remove anyone from the system or refuse to deliver to a particular address at any time. You may cease placing orders at coles online at any time.

                          21. Notices;
                          Coles online may give notice to you by email, conventional mail or notice on the coles online site. You may give notice to coles online by email to online. [protected] Au

                          Yours sincerely,

                          Priority support - coles online
                          [protected] Au
                          Telephone [protected] | facsimile [protected]"

                          As a loyal customer i'm disappointed with what you see as a solution to the problem. Dump the customer. You are still bombarding me with emails telling me to shop online and in which you guarantee your freshness and quality of food, yet when I complained of genuine problems with your products you choose to cancel my service because you "we were unable to satisfy your shopping needs with our service and goods."

                          Why turn away a paying customer who is making valid complaints, I will continue to shop but it just wont be with you so I guess you lose, someone else will be getting my dollars. Many of the delivery drivers I have spoken to agreed there are problems as they see them first hand. Fix your issues so I cant complain!

                          As a shareholder i'm enraged that a customer is treated so badly and turned away. So many dollars are spent on advertising, what's the point advertising a product if your product is of so poor quality. Instead of dumping your customer fix your issues coles, without your customer you have no business!!

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