Coles Supermarkets Australiayour employees accusations and customer service

Y Aug 06, 2019

I had completed a shop at your Casula Mall supermarket and was in the process of using the self-serve to checkout when I needed assistance from the female employee on duty as my Lindor Chocolate bar had not been recognised after scanning. I had already scanned a few items through which I had place back into my trolley, as there is limited room at the checkout and I had further items to scan through which, I was unable to do due to the Lindor bar not being recognised. This employee came over and could see what was happening and prior to doing anything she canvassed my trolley and asked me to explain to her which items had been scanned and which had not, insinuating that I was going to be stealing/shoplifting the further products in my trolley. Now, I took great offence at this and I expressed this to her, I also said that I was having a very bad day and she should leave me alone. to which she said ' well, don't take it out on me' to which I said don't accuse my of stealing. I then turned back to continue processing my items to see she had done nothing to correct what I needed assistance with?! I turned to her and said you have not done anything it is still the same and she just said that's right and walked away. I was absolutely fuming at this and tokk my 8 month old daughter in my arms and my 3.5 year old son and pushed the trolley in her to direction telling her she could fXXk off and I would shop at Woolworths. I think she sad that's good and you have a nice day and an extremely smug/smart alec manner to which I then turned around and said I would be having a great day as I would not have to deal with any more people like you. I then walked off and decide to go back to which another staff member asked me what happened and I asked her for the girls name as I would be complaining and she believed it was Natasha. I shop regularly at Coles Casula, I would say most days I am there for one thing or another and I know some of the staff very well. I have never been accused of such things and I have never been so insulted. If I had processed all of the items in my trolleys and upon walking out the door I was asked to show my receipt as proof of what I had purchased in my trolley then that would have been fair enough but, to have looked in my trolley mid checkout when I was trying to control my 3.5 years old son who was trying to take items out of the trolley and playing with the eftpos machine etc and also I had my 8 month old daughter in the trolley seat to keep n eye on also, the last thing I needed was to have some smart arse Coles employee dong what she did. Is this how you encourage you people in your employment during the induction process to treat you valued customers. Woolworths Supermarket is equal distance from my home and from mow on they will be reaping the satisfaction of my business as I am absolutely disgusted at the treatment I received today. Just to note also, the items I was purchasing were things like discounted sanitary pads, soft drinks, tim tams, ice- creams, piksters, cornflakes, tissues etc...items of such immense value that it had me hooking up to the fastest Wi-Fi connection to out them up on EBAY!!! I mean this sorry episode was absolutely ridiculous and completely uncalled for and unnecessary and I believe that this member of staff need to have further training provided and the true meaning of what customer service is and how it should be performed needs to be explained and shown to her in detail.

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