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Coles Supermarkets Australiatreatment as a former employee

Hi this is the only email platform I could find on the website so I am hoping that it will be passed on the appropriate people.

My name is Kimberley Thompson and on the 16th of June 2019 I resigned my position with Coles after 12 and a half years. As I only had 13 hrs per week and I was not given any opportunity to increase those hours unless it was in a step up program I had to seek full time employment elsewhere.

I have a few queries that I would like answers on.

1. I would like to know why it has now been 16 days since my resignation (after giving 2 weeks notice) and I am yet to receive my entitlements ( LSL payout and Annual leave payout both accrued and pro rata). I have been in touch with Fairwork ombudsman and have been informed that it all should have been paid to me within 7 days of my last shift. Instead I ring my store after 2 payrolls have been done only to find that the payroll lady doesn't work Wednesdays so then I rang head office payroll and was today that it had to be done on an off cycle and was due to be processed on Friday 28th June ( 12 days after finishing ) and would be in my acco9unt no later than Saturday morning. Its still not there (tuesday 2nd July ). In the meantime I received a txt message from my store stating that because I finished on a Sunday my paperwork did not make it into the first payroll round. I do not understand this as I finished on a Sunday every week and my pay was always on time.
2. This is about my Long Service Leave. As yet no one has been able to answer this for me.
in Feb 2018 I received my Long Service Leave entitlement. I have since used most of it but I have been told that I am not entitled to the service pack that comes with it ( the name badge, card folder for team mates to sign and the $100 giftcard ) until August 2019. No one can explain to me why I am not entitled to the service pack for 18mths after I have received my long service leave . Now I realized that I am no longer an employee of Coles but Im not sure why I should miss out on what I am entitled to.
and lastly
3. I am not sure if it is the practice of Coles to not let Team Members leave at the end of their last shift before handing over their discount card . In my 12 and half years with Coles and seeing many team members leave not once were any of them made to hand over their discount cards. If this is your policy I found it very humiliating especially after providing so many years of loyal service.

I am hoping that this email will find the correct person and that I can be provided with answers to all my queries.

Thanking you.
Kimberley Thompson

I patiently await a response.

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    Coles Supermarkets Australiaonline shopping

    Order number
    Hi there
    Last week I had the worst experience with Coles online shopping.
    So it all started with me ordering $235 worth of shopping that was meant to be delivered the next day between 2-4pm.i texted them at 7am that day to ask if I could click and collect instead because I ended having the day off work because I was sick so I wanted to see if I could grab it earlier they messaged me saying no worries it will be ready by 12pm to pick at 12pm I drove to my local Coles only to find out the Coles lady telling me my order wasn't at that shop it was at a shop 25km from where I she was talking to customer service depot they told me to go home and wait for it to be delivered between 2-4pm for your food.(please keep in mind I had NO FOOD in my cupboards for me and my family)so I got home and kept checking for updates on my delivery then it said UNABLE TO I rung customer service his name was Mark he informed me that there was a crack in one of my products it had to be taken off the truck.he then said there's a 90% we can put it on the other van for delivery and that he'll call me back.WELL HE NEVER CALLED ME BACK so I messaged them about my order then they said 2 options you can come and get it or we will cancel the delivery for the next by this time my partner has already gone to work for the car.I was on my last nappie for my son also stressing out because we had no I had to UBER to get my shopping which cost me $48 for a return trip.I am absolutely disgusted in how my situation was handled I was actually crying on my way to pick my food up.the guy that gave me my food was not remorseful or sympathetic as he must not have known what I went through that day but there was just no communication at all .The customer service could have been better.And the quality of my food was not good.i bought $12 worth of chicken thighs and the chicken was not pink it was a purple off I had to throw it away.there was also a crack in my body washes and 2 eggs were broken.where do I go from here?

    online shopping
    online shopping
    online shopping

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      Jun 30, 2019 — fresh food containers.

      Hi for three days I visited my local coles (Miranda Westfield)store to shop and get the containers but alway...

      Coles Supermarkets Australiacontainer promotion

      Like many, I visited my local Coles (Bathurst, NSW) store three times last week only to be told each time that the promotion stand with the reusable containers was not there due to it being re-stocked. I have an email saying that the promotion ends tomorrow (2nd July) and the points can be redeemed for containers until the 16th of July.

      The cashier, when asked when more stock will be in simply replied "sorry we are out". Therefore, am I to expect that my current 31 points will be all for nothing?

      Have been a long time shopper at Coles and Liquorland. Trust me, you will never see another cent of my money as this is the worst case of false advertising I have seen in a long time.

      I will take my $20K + annual spend to either Woolworths (which we have two of) IGA, Aldi or Foodworks for now on.

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        Jun 27, 2019

        Coles Supermarkets Australia — staff

        Twice in one week I have been ignored by staff- on both occasions I was waiting to be served- the first...

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        Jun 27, 2019

        Coles Supermarkets Australia — safety hazard

        Shopped in Belmont Store Weds 26/6/19 - I approached he meat section and you will see from the photos below...

        Coles Supermarkets Australiafree container with credits

        So i just redeemed my container credits for 2 containers & was charged for them? Isnt this false advertising?? Its says *free* but 1 was $12 & I received $11.40 off that price & the other was $16 & I received $15.20 off that price? I know its only a small amount- but i still feel this is wrong & false advertising... considering how much money i spend at coles this is really disappointing

        free container with credits

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          Coles Supermarkets Australiapromotional containers & the pump all gone & I definitely need the pump

          Drove about 24kms to shop at Coles today & was very disappointed when told your container promotional containers were gone even though it was still being broadcast over the stores PA, & I especially needed the Pump& they were all gone too. therefore it renders my containers useless for the purpose I needed them for.I like Coles but it, s a long way to drive just so I can shop with you & I really made the effort today to drive there to collect another container + the pump as the promotion wasn, t due to finish until tomorrow??DISAPPOINTED"

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            • Updated by julie Bruce · Jun 26, 2019

              look at the above comments

            Coles Supermarkets Australiaservice

            On holidays... I was in Cairns

            Today at around 10:30am I walked out of your store dissatisfied.

            At Centrals plaza at 10:00am in Cairns I got my period, so I went to Coles that is in the plaza to get pads and tampons. I went to the express lane, there was one lady serving. I was not servied but yet everyone at the cigarettes counter were served even though I was standing and waiting. I was obviously standing and waiting and yes the lady did see me. This would be around 10:20/30am.

            I did not want to use self serve, I do mot come to Coles to serve myself. 

            I wanted to get my tampons and pads so I could go and use them as I just got my period. 

            I was coming back to do groceries.

            To top it off your staff people skills where appalling. 

            So I walked out empty handed and took my business elsewhere. 

            I have never been to a more poor service Coles in my life. 

            This is NOT GOOD enough.

            The coles where I live in Nambour is ran 100% better. 

            I well have no problem sharing my story with family and friends of my experience in Cairns at your store. 

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              • Updated by Melody Lindsay · Jun 25, 2019

                I apologise, I did not mention that I stand for a lengthy time and did observe numerous new comers go to the cigarette counter and be served before me.

              Coles Supermarkets Australiare: customer service

              Hi, Today 25th June 2019 around 13.50 I was at Coles Inglewood Perth. I waited my turn in queue to withdraw cash. The lady in front of me was collecting her container and the CSO said it was likely the last delivery. Then I was served and said I don't know if I have enough points to collect mine. The withdrawal was transacted and then he says he will serve the lady in queue behind me, I replied you haven't helped with the container points yet, there were containers on the counter close to him too. He says it won't take a minute and I replied "I was first". The female customer didn't hesitate to take the oppurtunity to be served and wanted cigarettes as well. The CSO laughed it off saying he was trying to do the right thing, I replied now I have to wait. I got one container that didn't take long. There was no apology given. Why was I not fully served when it was my turn in line? So dismissive and unattentive. I'm letting you know what a horrible experience that was especially in front of other customers and why wasn't I worth the service given to the customer behind me? Yes and I would like a reply. Kind Regards, Linzi

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                Coles Supermarkets Australiacheck out

                To whom it may concern,

                I visited Coles at Broadway shopping centre in Sydney on Sunday 23/06/2019 around 16:15 to 16:30 and was served by this checkout lady and her name is Palpasa.

                I was shocked with the service was provided by her. Her attitude was wrong let alone the way she rolled her eyes was just despicable.

                She did not even bag the items properly. Instead, Shen just threw them in my shopping bag. And I'm a regular Coles customer, normally the checkout team member would place the receipt in the bag and say "receipt in the bag" with a friendly smile. However, palpasa on the other hand was rolling her eyes at me after sliding the items through the scan machine recklessly, then threw them in the bag, and slammed the receipt on the counter.

                I was shocked with the service and I looked at her a few times with my shocking face expression.

                It's very disappointing and I won't be visiting Coles at Broadway anymore.

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                  Jun 23, 2019

                  Coles Supermarkets Australia — refund for chicken which was out of date and off

                  Recieved a Chicken which was off, contacted Coles, have been told three time that the refund has been...

                  Coles Supermarkets Australiafresh prawns from delicatessen

                  I bought prawns fresh from the Balaclava store on 22nd June Saturday night. when i came home they smelt so fishy and old. I was unable to use them.

                  Will never buy fish or seafood from /coles again.They were $34 per kilogram. it is obvious your stores down know how to handled seafood.

                  My fish attempt buying seafood from Coles and my last.

                  Lisa O'shannessy

                  7 Lempriere Avenue
                  St kilda East 3183

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                    Coles Supermarkets Australiasausage

                    You may have already received this as the page crashed as I sent the previous message.

                    I purchased this pack of sausages from Coles Bridgewater on Friday 21/06 and cooked them this morning.

                    When I took a bit a piece of bone in the sausage cracked my tooth which required an emergency repair at the dentists this morning.

                    The dentist has advised that repair is a temporary measure and longer term she recommends root canal treatment and a crown.

                    My wife also found a piece of bone in her sausage, of significant size. I would suggest a product recall is appropriate.

                    Could you provide the necessary paperwork for the compensation claim.


                    Carl Parr
                    8a kincardine avenue
                    St George's
                    SA 5064



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                      Coles Supermarkets Australiacontainer promotion

                      I have been doing my shopping at coles to gain points for the containers. Last week I was told that there wasn't any left and they would not be getting anymore in. The advertising says they were available until the 1st July. The promotion should not be put on if Coles cannot meet the demand.

                      Can you please let me know if any other stores have them or if the girl at Coles was wrong and you are sending more to stores?

                      Thank you for your reply


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                        Coles Supermarkets Australiaemployee and manager

                        I am writing to you to complain about an employee and manager in your Coles store in Cowra NSW.

                        I recently complained about a young lady who was very rude, when I mentioned this to the store manager he laughed it off. I later found out that the young lady and the store manager are married. Isn't this a conflict of interest?

                        The employee name is Emma Gill and the Coles Manager is Heylen Waqavesi.

                        I hope that you deal with this kind of behaviour, if not I will be taking my business else where and will take my friends and family with me.

                        employee and manager
                        employee and manager

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                          Jun 19, 2019

                          Coles Supermarkets Australia — don polish sausage - lack of availability

                          I am disappointed that our local Coles has stopped stocking Don Polish Sausage in our Deli section. It wa...

                          Coles Supermarkets Australiafile folder

                          18 June 2019, Stanhope Gardens Coles
                          I bought a 3$ displayed ring file folder. At the counter they charged 5$. I asked for an explanation. They went to check and said it was not a red deal. The manager was called in because I requested to honour the price as displayed. File folders were fully placed on top of the " 3$ ring file folder" label. There were no empty spaces. When I requested
                          the Manager, a file folder that was worth and matched 3$ he could not help or provide me a raincheck. He did not know about it. Instead, he was angry and said it was out of stock and you can make a complaint.

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                            Coles Supermarkets Australiadeli meats

                            I am extremely disappointed with the fact that Coles has failed to provide an Australian produced bacon, there was one product that was 98% Australian and it was only slightly more expensive than the imported products and a tasty product, for some reason it has been discontinued in Coles stores, I would like to know why this is, I would also like to know how a product like bacon can be 25% Australian, considering it is only one product and not a blend of ingredients, I can only guess that it is injected with water and chemicals for fast curing times and added weight. I would like to see more local products in your store in general, especially in the deli and meat sections..

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                              • Sa
                                [email protected] Jul 10, 2019
                                This comment was posted by
                                a verified customer
                                Verified customer

                                Coles will not allow me to receice my deli food without plastic wrapping. I even offered to supply my own re usable container. If I buy pre packaged food it has twice the plastic.
                                If Coles is not just crapping on about saving plasic they would find a solution.
                                I know personally of 9 friends who will no longer buy from Coles.

                                0 Votes

                              Coles Supermarkets Australialatina fresh spinach and ricotta tortellini

                              I bought this product from your St Agnes store in SA on Saturday 15th June 2019 to use on Sunday 16th June 2019.

                              I had cooked up all the ingredients required for my recipe I was going to use and was just about to add the Tortellini to find mold all the way through the pack!!!
                              It was revolting!

                              I had to replace it as I had people coming for dinner.

                              When I rang up I was asked to bring it back to St Agnes, that I did.

                              I was totally blown away when I was not even offered a refund for the item I purchased!

                              Just an exchange!

                              Considering the hundreds of dollars I spend at your St Agnes store every week I find this a very unacceptable business practice!

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