Coles Supermarkets Australiaservice

S Jul 21, 2019

I work for a delivery service which supplies a product to Coles supermarket I am a truck driver of course. I have done this job for 4 weeks and have experience and nasty women that works as a manager of the bakery in Coles her name is Karen. I have been hassled by this women for this period of time and not letting up at any time soon. I try to do everything that I have been taught and what I can but she speaks to me like a piece of dirt I have done nothing to this women and this is the way I get treated my boss has been informed about this but have heard nothing at all as yet. I qringe every time I go there and wished I didn't have to but I do have to. Nothing you do for this women make her happy. Many of worker there said she treats them the same way. No one at all needs to be spoken to like that never lees me as a delivery driver she not my boss and never will be and far as I'm concern should be in this position there. Like this morning I pack the shelve yes we have to do that as well and not get payed after 7:30am for doing this but we was told by the suppler we have to. I want something done about this women I have been a very patient person but when it's almost everyday I go in there I'm sick of it now this is my second last resort got one more and no one will like it so I'm am asking you to do something about this women and I want a apology letter sent or give to me from her personally with out her attitude if I spoke like this to anyone I would not have a job adapter a week.
From shane saunders

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