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A Jul 20, 2019

HI Coles
I went shopping today at your MtBarker Store here in Soth Australia .I have gotten in to a habit of checking my receipt due to having had a number of things overcharged for at supermarkets . Today I am left scratching my head completely baffled at how 1 item from the service deli has changed its Price and Weight on my receipt. I brought some Ham which was on special getting home I noticed the wrapping had charged me at $24kg -0.214net weight- $5.14 Total Price yet my receipt says it was $19kg the weight has jumped to 0.271net weight - $5.14 Total Price.
I did ring the store to enquire at the difference but the lady had disconnected me when putting me through to the Deli . I am also disappointed to know now not only do we need to check our receipts it now seems our Deli items need to also have to be checked as well . Thank you and am looking to hear from you soon . Anna Bird PO Box 653 Nairne 5252. [protected]

deli and checkout, service desk

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