Coles Supermarkets Australiacustomer service

R Jul 16, 2019

Today I visited Coles Supermarket in Thornton and as I was coming through the 12 Item Checkout there was a lady in front of me that had about 30 odd items so I had 17 items and I know it was a 12 item checkout I thought that it would be ok as all the other checkouts had a lot of people waiting at it. The lady in front of me went through and was being served and The lady behind the checkout turned to me in a very stern voice and said next time you visit coles you use the other checkouts as this is a 12 item lane. Every one that was in the line stopped and looked at me I felt like a small child being scolded. I said oh ok then she realized that the big load that was on the conveyor belt was the lady in front of me but no sorry or nothing . I felt that I have the choice in this area of going to coles or woolworths and I have chose coles well with the sour staff that you have in the Thornton store maybe I will just shop at Woolworths. I own my own business in the area and if my staff spoke to our customers the way she did I am sure people wouldn't come back and I wouldn't allow my staff to speak the way she did. Just so you know her name was Angela on Register 004 the time was 3.10 and my Receipt number was 9816 the Date is 16/07/19 Rhonda Reeve [protected]

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