Coldwell Banker Mystic Connecticutsue johnson

C Aug 03, 2018

I feel it is unethical and immoral for an agent to gossip among agents to prevent a family from obtaining a rental property. Sue's actions have caused our family to be unable to obtain housing at a critical time. Her actions may lead us to become homeless. Because she has made us look like we are unfit to rent someone's property which is the furthest from the truth. If agents make this a common practice I feel they should be stripped of their license to sell or advocate an real estate transactions. My family has been through enough this year the last thing we needed was someone that does not even know us to be causing I to be black listed from renting property's. We have sufficient income and clear background as well as clean eviction reports our problem is credit scoring is to low which does not clearly show a person as they are it is a number and there are many reasons those numbers are where they are and it is no-ones business why unless we chose to disclose that information. Our current situation is dire and her actions have caused irreversible consequences to our reputation. I wanted to let you know what is going on and inform you that we may be seeking legal representation for slander and defamation of character after we finally get settled into a home if that happens. I am sicken by her actions and have to tell my family that we may be homeless. I pray she is never in this situation it is very painful to say the least. No-one should ever have to feel the way I am feeling right now. It is heart breaking to know such actions are being to taken to hurt someone in this way or any way for that matter.

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